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Your Paracast Newsletter — October 18, 2015

Discussion in 'The Paracast Newsletter' started by Gene Steinberg, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Gene Steinberg

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    October 18, 2015

    Dr. David Jacobs Warns of a Possible Alien Takeover on The Paracast

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    This Week's Episode: Gene and Chris present noted UFO abduction researcher, Dr. David Jacobs, author of “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.” In his 1998 book, “The Threat,” Jacobs uncovered disconcerting reports about aliens’ plans for the future of Earth. He reported that a “change” is coming; a future when very human-like hybrids would intermingle with humans in everyday life. “Soon we will all be together,” the aliens said. “Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place.” So are there really human/alien hybrids among us? What are their motives? What are the implications?

    Chris O’Brien’s Site: Our Strange Planet

    Dr. Jacobs’ Site: International Center for Abduction Research

    After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on October 18: Gene and Chris discuss the implications of the appearance of Dr. David Jacobs on The Paracast. We flesh out the questions we have about his methodology, such as the extent to which he might be leading witnesses by his well-known focus on hybrid aliens. Are such methods, in the end, compromising their research? Even if his methods are aboveboard, do these views attract only abductees whose experiences confirm to those beliefs? We also question why so little effort is made, not just by Dr. Jacobs, but other abduction researchers, to place recording devices in the homes of experiencers to see just what is happening when they undergo these abductions. Gene also mentions to troubling aspects of UFO abduction lore that warrant further investigation. And what about interesting a new generation of UFO researchers in finding better ways to learn the truth behind such experiences?

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    An ET Takeover?
    By Gene Steinberg

    In the 1950’s, it was pretty common for sci-fi movies to depict attempts by evil aliens to take over our planet. Movie studios rarely committed large budgets for such fare, so production values, such as acting, scripts, direction and special effects were all threadbare. Only a few films, such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” in 1951, and “Forbidden Planet,” in 1956, managed to offer an A-list cast, believable special effects, and a credible story.

    Some films occasionally transcended a low budget, such as “Earth Versus the Flying Saucers,” also from 1956, which was very loosely based on a book by Major Donald Keyhoe. This film managed to deliver state-of-the-art special effects courtesy of stop-motion wizard Ray Harryhausen.

    By the 1970s, sci-fi and super hero films had become big budget blockbusters. While Star Wars and Star Trek demonstrated that not all aliens were hostile, “Independence Day,” in 1996, was in many respects a throwback to a 1950’s sci-fi B-film where the aliens on the loose meant us harm.

    In some respects, “Independence Day” was not dissimilar to “War of the Worlds,” based on an H.G. Wells novel. In both stories, the aliens were unstoppable. In the latter, however, after causing extensive damage, they succumbed to Earthly viruses. In other words, they caught colds. In the former, the aliens were fed a different sort of virus, a computer virus, which allowed our intrepid heroes to pierce impenetrable shields and destroy the alien spaceships with conventional missiles.

    That’s the stuff of fiction.

    In our real world, the prevailing opinion has it that UFOs are extraterrestrial, that they either do not care about us, or are trying to persuade humans to get their acts together. Or maybe they are following some sort of prime directive not to interfere with the populace on what might be a primitive planet.

    While there have been scattered reports of UFOs responding to attempts to shoot them down, there doesn’t seem to be any real evidence of overt hostility. Indeed, we really don’t know the true motives of our visitors. Even when experiencers claim to be in communication with “space brothers” who are here to help us rather than to harm us, why believe those beings?

    It’s not as if hostile aliens would necessarily admit their intent. It might even be part of the plan to misdirect humans so we do not attempt to defend ourselves. But one reason given for the alleged failure of our governments to reveal what some believe to be the truth about UFOs is that they know they plan to invade us. Perhaps they are working on some sort of defense, or maybe there is no defense, but they do not want to tell us what’s going on and cause a worldwide panic. At least until it’s all over for us.

    That’s just speculation.

    One researcher who believes in hostile UFOs is Dr. David Jacobs, a retired history professor and a well-known and controversial UFO abduction researcher. His recent books, including “The Threat,” in 1998, and his latest work, “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity,” claim that the aliens have created a hybrid race of beings that can pass for human. These creatures are quietly infiltrating our society. At some time in the uncertain future, they will have achieved their goal of taking control of the human race.

    This alleged plot goes largely unnoticed mainly because it is happening so gradually. Dr. Jacobs suggests that over 100 years have passed since the early abductions occurred, and there’s no way of knowing how long it’ll take for ET to take over. If they have very long lives, nobody here today will be around to see the final realization of their mission.

    It’s fair to say that this theory will strike many of you as outrageous. Dr. Jacobs’ approach to researching UFO abductions has its detractors. He has also been severely attacked as the result of a fallout with one of the subjects of his research, but it’s certain that one appearance on The Paracast is not apt to persuade you one way or the other.

    Critics will suggest that Dr. Jacobs is simply not qualified to perform hypnosis on abductees because he is basically self-taught. Thus it is feared that he is asking leading questions or otherwise engaging in behavior that colors the recollections of the subjects of his research. He learned his craft working with the late Budd Hopkins, and his conclusion that abductions are widespread, and the abductors are hostile, echoes that of his mentor.

    Other abduction researchers present a far less menacing picture of our alleged visitors. But if these abductions are physical experiences, the mere act of kidnapping humans, and subjecting them to sometimes painful experiments, would appear to demonstrate a callus disregard for our personal freedoms.

    But that assumes that the abductors are actually physical beings performing physical actions on their subjects — us. But what if these experiences were all or mostly mental rather than physical? If video cameras and motion detectors were present during an abduction, what would they record?

    Unfortunately, there really aren’t that many people investigating UFO abductions, or at least specializing in such research. Indeed, it’s not at all certain at this point what the best methodology for such research ought to be. Is it a matter of just performing the right kind of hypnosis? Does it require the presence of mental health professionals with knowledge of abductions, or does it require a practitioner who is not tainted by UFOs and UFO lore?

    What is certain is that a lot of people have been severely traumatized by their abduction experiences. Yet others, curiously, appear to welcome their captors, and have come to believe the experience, however painful, was actually a good thing. Is that a matter of mind control, or just the efforts of our own subconscious to make sense of something that, at the end of the day, doesn’t make any sense?

    But I wonder: If ET wanted to take control, would they land with weapons blazing to destroy our world, or would the takeover by quiet, stealthy? Would it all happen so gradually that we would awaken one fine day to discover that it was already too late?

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    Always appreciate the column Gene.

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