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Your Paracast Newsletter -- October 17, 2009

Gene Steinberg

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Your Paracast Newsletter

October 17, 2009

The Press and UFOs Featured on The Paracast

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Flash Notice: Sunday, October 18, 2009: The Paracast, with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, covers a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions across the planet.

Set Up: The Paracast hosts interview long-time researchers in the field, to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join Gene and David as they explore the realms of the known and unknown, and hear great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Week's Episode: UFOs and the press explored by investigative journalist Leslie Kean, from The Coalition for Freedom of Information, and reporter Billy Cox. In the second hour, Leslie is joined by James Fox, director and host of the UFO documentary, ?I Know What I Saw.?

Leslie Kean's Site: http://www.freedomofinfo.org/

Billy Cox's Blog: De Void

Coming October 25: The government of Brazil has released a wealth of UFO documents. A. J. Gevaerd, Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine, returns to The Paracast to sort things out.</p>The Brazilian UFO Magazine's Site: PORTAL UFO__Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

Coming November 1: Getting the goods on claims of life-after-death communication with Dr. Stephen Rorke. You’ll also hear some actual audio clips so you can decide whether it’s real or fake.</p>Dr. Stephen Rorke's Site: Spiricom or Spiriconspiracy

Note: </b>Archives of previous episodes are available for free download direct from the site or via a Podcast directory, such as Apple iTunes.

Reminder: Don't forget to visit our active Discussion Forums for the latest news/views/debates on all things paranormal (and note our new Internet address): https://www.theparacast.com/forum/</p> Do Governments Know the Secret of the UFOs?

When the late Major Donald E. Keyhoe wrote the book, ?The Flying Saucer Conspiracy? over 50 years ago, it?s a sure thing that he believed the government knew for certain that we were being visited by ET and that they just needed a little push from the people they supposedly represent to reveal the truth.

In those days, Keyhoe posited the existence of a ?Silence Group? that managed UFO information. He was also sure those strange craft came from other planets, based on their superior maneuverability. As an aviation writer, he was confident his sources would tell him if they represented some sort of secret weapon built by a terrestrial government.

Since Keyhoe is long gone, it?s not possible to know just how good his military contacts actually were, but it doesn?t seem that his work had any long-lasting impact, though he did clearly influence a number of UFO enthusiasts and organizations to follow in his footsteps.

Unfortunately, Keyhoe wrote his books in a breezy, pulp fiction style that made you wonder if perhaps some of it WAS actually fiction. This may have been the outgrowth of the fact that he wrote lots of articles for men?s adventure magazines, where that approach was acceptable. In retrospect, I met Keyhoe on several occasions during the 1960s and 1970s, and he never seemed less than fully sincere, so I?ll grant him his choices.

But the larger issue of government secrecy is still present, along with loads and loads of issues that accompany that theory. If ET is here, have we been in touch with them? If their craft -- no doubt constructed by the lowest bidder or the one contributing to the right political cause as occurs here on Earth -- crashes from time to time, have we truly retrieved the wreckage?

Certainly if the Roswell case and a few others around the world are to be accepted as authentic, the answer is a resounding yes. But having alien hardware doesn?t mean we have a clue about how that stuff works. All right, readers of ?The Day After Roswell? were told that the late Philip Corso was one of a number of bag men (and possibly women) who delivered alien technology to private industry under cover of darkness. Or at least he didn?t let the recipients know the real origins of the material that allegedly led to the invention of integrated circuits and other achievements we now take for granted.

If all or some of this is true, then the U.S. Government and perhaps others around the world know an awful lot. But even when UFO sightings are actually released, the details are no more illuminating than most of the cases you?ve read about over the years. There are no smoking guns to indicate that anyone knows anything significant.

Governments are also in a bind. It?s not as if they can admit they are confronting a possible enemy that they have no defense against. If UFOs can truly fly rings around our own aircraft, where does that leave us if they prove hostile?

A line by actor Bill Pullman, who played the president in the 1990s disaster flick, ?Independence Day,? comes to mind: ?God help us.?

Perhaps the elder politicians and military leaders also recall the fearful reaction that accompanied that infamous radio broadcast of the H.G. Wells science fiction novel, ?War of the Worlds,? in 1938. There was literally panic in the streets, and these officials might truly believe that, even in the 21st century, humans would react in a similar fashion if they were confronted by an unknown force, perhaps hostile, from out there.

Now the people who believe in Exopolitics and other questionable movements might remind us that ET is friendly. Regardless of where UFOs originate, the simple answer is that we kist don?t know. It?s not as if you could take their word for it, and I don?t need to remind you of the TV series, ?V,? which will be revived next month, where the aliens turned out to be evil reptile-type creatures who only wanted to take over. Who is to say that situation cannot happen in the real world?

At the end of the day, it?s not at all certain that governments know anything at all. It may even be easier to sweep all this stuff under the rug, and be done with it. Maybe there is evidence of an advanced technology hidden in some dusty ?Warehouse 13? somewhere. Or perhaps western governments are engaged in a conspiracy to feed disinformation to muddy the waters and keep us from knowing the truth.

Or they just don?t know what?s really going on and that?s something they simply will not admit!

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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