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Your Paracast Newsletter — October 13, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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October 13, 2019


Kevin D. Randle Offers Straight Talk on UFO Abductions and Other Topics on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present a Paracast favorite, author and researcher Kevin D. Randle. During this episode, he discusses Calvin Parker and the 1973 Pascagoula UFO abduction, and how his memories might have been altered through the misapplication of hypnotic regression. Kevin goes on to talk about his efforts to "chase the footnotes" and take a new look at some of the key evidence for the Roswell UFO crash. Kevin has written more than 80 fact and fiction books, including a recent work, "Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro," which recounts the classic 1964 sighting. He also served for years in the military, which included deployments during the Vietnam War and the second Gulf War. He retired from the Iowa National Guard as a lieutenant colonel in 2009.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on October 13: Gene and Randall present an extended episode featuring Special Correspondent William Puckett, who presents four cases, two of which clearly involve UFOs. First there's the report of a man finding a perfect pattern of red dots on his forehead, as reported on October 8, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A report of a woman waking up with wounds on her arm, which evidently occurred during the first week of June, 2019 in Billings, Montana, may even involve a possible UFO abduction. William also presents the sighting of a bright red mushroom-shaped object on October 1, 2019 in Millinocket, Maine, and the description of multiple white objects descending from a crescent-shaped object on August 2, 2019 in Cameron, New York. The wide-ranging discussion also recalls how the threat of a possible nuclear war was dealt with decades ago with emergency drills in schools, and the construction of fallout shelters.

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Two — or More — Different Worlds
By Gene Steinberg

I recall reading about an eyewitness experiment, often staged in law schools, in which some unexpected event occurs, and the students are asked to write down what they remember. As you might expect, the descriptions vary significantly, particularly when something occurs without warning.

There is also that famous joke test conducted by TV talk show pioneer Steve Allen and others, in which a comedian whispers a joke to one person, who, in turn, whispers it to the next, and so it goes.

You can probably guess the result. What is recited by the last person in the chain hardly resembles the original joke. You can surely imagine that, when gossip is spread, things can get out of control really quick!

Now consider something that may have happened to you years ago. It might have made a huge impact at the time, but as the decades pass, living your life, experiencing all the cultural changes, is apt to color your recollection. Indeed, it’s not unusual for two family members, or friends, to remember things quite differently. Sometimes things get a little heated as the parties attempt to reconcile the differences.

Then there’s the natural tendency embellish a story as it’s repeated, which takes it further along the path from fact to fiction. When something important happens, something that gains attention in the news media, or social media nowadays, there’s a tendency for some people want to get in on the action. So they weave a fanciful tale in which they play a part.

Clearly a UFO sighting, or other paranormal event, is usually quite unexpected, and it might even be frightening. Even if a witness tries hard to remember all the details, it’s very likely another witness will see things differently. So the basic facts might be the same, but absolute accuracy is not in the cards.

Speaking as a long-time journalist, I’d like to think that we can remember things better than most people. Of course we often have the benefit of notes, written and recorded, with which to refresh our memories.

Then there is a curious phenomenon, the Mandela Effect, where there are alternate collective memories of a significant episode. Now I doubt that anyone reading this article will dispute the fact that John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX.

Sure, there has been speculation on how things might have turned out had he survived the shooting and lived on. A 2013 book, “Surrounded by Enemies: What If Kennedy Survived Dallas?” from Bryce Zabel, proposes the alternate reality and its consequences.

Indeed, Bryce discussed that book during the November 3, 2013 episode of The Paracast. Here’s a link in case I’ve excited your curiosity: November 3, 2013 — Bryce Zabel | The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

Obviously, it’s a work of fiction. But what if our collective memories of an event in the real world differ substantially?

That’s where the Mandela Effect comes in.

So some people will swear that they recall Nelson Mandela dying in prison. They can even tell you that they read about his funeral in the newspapers of the time. Yet history records that the noted anti-apartheid political leader was not only freed from prison, but he become President of South Africa in 1994, and served for five years. He died in 2013.

And what about Jaws, the popular villain introduced in 1977 in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” one of Roger Moore’s outings as James Bond, 007? Played by Richard Kiel, a gentle actor standing 7 feet 2 inches tall, he was outfitted with a lethal set of braces.

The character was popular enough to return in a less threatening fashion in another Bond film, “Moonraker,” from 1979. But this time he had a girlfriend, Dolly, portrayed by Blanche Ravalec, who may or may not have sported a similar set of braces.

Indeed, that’s how I recall the character. But, in actual photos from the film, she exhibits a broad smile and perfectly normal teeth. Now I suppose the similarities between her expression and those of Jaws might account for the belief that she had a matching set of braces.

I’ll grant that.

But those differing recollections of a key event in the life of Mandela, whether he survived his prison sentence, is another matter entirely. It’s not about the fine details that may routinely differ in one’s memories, or how descriptions may vary as they are conveyed orally from one person to another. This is about an entire set of events that evidently never took place.

So what’s at work here?

Is it possible there was a similar episode involving another historical figure that was conflated with the life and fate of Mandela?

Some suggest a more intriguing — and surely entertaining — solution. It’s about the multiverse, alternate realities. Consider another Earth, for example, where the same people have different lives.

So maybe some of you first lived in one reality, but you somehow entered a different reality along the way. Don’t ask me how this is supposed to play out.

The concept served as a plot device in “Mirror, Mirror,” a 1967 episode of “Star Trek: The Original Series.” I recall how, as the evil twin of Captain Kirk, actor William Shatner overacted with abandon.

This plot device also became an important part in a prequel series, “Star Trek: Discovery,” which premiered in 2017, and is streamed by CBS All Access. A third season is expected in 2020.

And fans of DC Comics characters, both in the comic books and TV shows, have read stories about different versions of Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and others who reside in separate universes. For the so-called “Arrowverse” TV shows on The CW network, there will be five crossover episodes, the first airing in December of 2019, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” where a major cataclysm evidently results in the merger of those realities.

Based on the 12-issue comic book series of the same name, it’s being done to simplify stories of the various super heroes, and make it easier for new fans to follow the action.

Before the realities come together, the forthcoming TV episodes will introduce no less than three versions of Superman, two versions of Lois Lane, two versions of Flash. Well you get the picture.

Of course, super hero yarns are pure fun. But is it at all possible that something similar can and does occur in our real universe(s)? So are there other Gene Steinbergs out there residing on parallel worlds? I’d think just one of me would be more than enough!

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