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Your Paracast Newsletter — November 22, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
November 22, 2020

Explore UFOs from the Collective Unconscious with David Halperin and Morgan Knudsen on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present religious scholar and UFO investigator David Halperin, who expands his views that the phenomenon is caused, not by visitors from other planets, but by our collective unconscious. During this interview, he reflects on the possible causes of three key cases depicted in the James Fox UFO documentary, "The Phenomenon," and why he feels his theory more closely confirms to the facts. David sees the UFO phenomenon as a reflection of our hopes, longings, and terrors. Some of it is emerging …With messages for us? Perhaps. We just need to learn to decode them. During the latter part of the interview, we are also joined by paranormal investigator Morgan Knudsen. As host and co-creator of the sold out dinner galas, as well as in-depth walking classroom tours that give people hands on experience with the investigative field. Morgan's team brings a professional edge to everything they touch.

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Morgan Knudsens Blog: EntitySeeker Paranormal / Morgan Knudsen

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on November 22: Paranormal researcher and lecturer Morgan Knudsen continues the discussion that began on the November 22, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He discusses David Halperin's theory attributing UFOs to the collective unconscious, possible causes of some UFO abductions, whether we live in a "Matrix" reality, a simulation, and whether paranormal visitors may be positive or negative. Award-winning founder of Entityseeker Paranormal Research & Teachings (the evolution of The Association for Psychical Research in Canada, 1918) as well as the world-renowned Teaching the Living program for clients, Morgan brings classes and presentations on this phenomenon to a new level.

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The Pentagon’s Collective Unconscious Task Force

By Gene Steinberg

Let me make this perfectly clear: No, the government hasn’t changed the name or focus of its alleged program to look into the UAP phenomenon. But I pose this alternative because I want to broaden our search for a source, and consider something that probably wouldn’t occur to them.

Now most of you know that it’s the conventional wisdom that UFOs, or UAPs, if real, are visitors from another planet. The betting is that they are interstellar since there don’t seem to be any planets in our solar system that might have an advanced civilization. Or if they did, it’s no longer there. And that means, for example, Mars.

By the same token, nothing stops ET from seeing up a base on the Moon or Mars, or elsewhere in these parts, and via terraforming or constructions with a controlled environment, they are able to live normal lives. Well, normal to them.

I think of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “Total Recall,” loosely based on a short story from Philip K. Dick.

Now in that movie, Mars had been colonized and the inhabitants lived in domes that had their own atmosphere. Not mentioned were the consequences of lower gravity, about 38% that of Earth. While the Schwarzenegger character is strong, he is not super human, nor does he leap about to take advantage of the situation, very unlike John Carter in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars novels.

In any case, the main theory about UFOs is that it’s about ET; we look at them in light of our own experiences and hopes and plans to colonize other planets.

If the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force succeeds in what it’s investigating — beyond confirming whether the objects present a threat to national security — it is hoped by disclosure advocates that it will be the revelation that we have off-world visitors. How could it be otherwise?

Clearly the choices presented by this group might point in that direction, that if it’s not physical aircraft from other countries, it has to be extraterrestrial.

Even if UFOs come from other dimensions — or realities — or from another time, the basic assumptions would apply. They are real, they fly at speeds the exceed the capabilities of Earthly aircraft. That sort of thing.

I suspect that if you asked a government bureaucrat about other theories that present a solution that does not encompass something physical, it wouldn’t be on their radar. Or if the possibility has been considered, they’d be reluctant to admit it.

Now the concept of a collective unconscious, based on the writings of the late Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung, were described in his book, “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky.” Jung argued that they are what he calls “visionary rumors,” carriers of technological and salvationist fantasies. They are, in brief, psychic projections.

The idea is intriguing and certainly there are reasons to think there may some be truth to it. But it’s notable that, when the book was first published in 1979, one of the more famous UFO/disclosure advocates of the time, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, somehow got Jung to admit that this theory isn’t meant to disprove, or deny, the existence of physical flying saucers.

It’s certainly reasonable to suggest that there may be several causes for UFOs. Some might indeed represent physical aircraft. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a visionary explanation too. Even if it’s all physical in the way we regard as physical doesn’t mean they all come from the same place.

Thus, Earth might be a cosmic watering hole — or training facility — where beings from lots of places might visit us from time to time.

But when we get into the possibilities of a non-physical explanation, I can see where many will assume that Jung is suggesting they are just illusions, even though that’s just too simple.

It’s certainly possible that UFOs — whatever they are — take advantage of our cultural conditioning. So we see them ways that are consistent with our expectations. So, for over 70 years, it’s been about spaceships. In the late 19th century, it might have been airships, representing our conception of earlier experiments with flying machines.

In ancient times, such phenomena might have been regarded as representing visitors from heaven.

In saying that, 100 years from now, if UFOs remain unexplained, we might consider them differently in terms of our culture. But we sort of expect it would only involve more advanced spacecraft rather than something we cannot yet consider.

At the same time, it may be true that the way UFOs appear to us is deliberate. They want us to see them as extraterrestrial, and even if they are, the objects themselves might be quite different from the visual presentation.

So it might be about projecting holograms that make them fit our expectations. Maybe it’s felt that their true appearance might present something that’s beyond our understanding.

As I’ve mentioned from time to time, I think of the way a possible ET presented itself to the protagonist in the 1997 movie, “Contact,” where some sort of spacecraft was constructed in accordance with the blueprints they sent to us.

So when the Jodi Foster character meets up with one of these entities, it tells her that it appears in the image of her late father because she could not accept its true appearance. And you can stretch your imagination in any way you want. Maybe she’d be frightened by grotesque multi-tentacled beings, and it certainly seemed like a creditable plot device for its time.

But I also think of the beings depicted in the 2016 movie, “Arrival.” There a linguistics professor, played by Amy Adams, tries to communicate with the seven-limbed entities that appear in 12 locations around the Earth. Evidently the producers of “Arrival” didn’t think that the public would be frightened, or otherwise treat their appearance negatively.

Or maybe ET represents some sort of “pure energy” race capable of taking on any shape it wants to meet the needs and expectations of the local populace. Welcome to the “Q Continuum” for Star Trek fans.

Any of these theories might fit within the scope of the Pentagon UAP Task Force.

The collective unconscious? No, no way would that possibility be on their radar, true or not.

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The alleged Pentagon Task Force has only revealed a snippet of its operations and yes declassified papers which great researchers like 'The Black Vault' have shown it not all clear and cut on the UAP (Flying Saucers -UFO's ) ultimate gain. U.S. Air Force has not revealed it cards nor the U.S Army only the U.S. Navy .

Great researchers like Nick Redfern has argued MJ -12 is a defection and muddy the filed agree on the fake elements which has trashed this field since the 1947 . However, there is elements of MJ-12 which is in the Archives that matches late Stanton Friedman excellent work (don't give a rats ass about the negative comments on his work) and like said before all researchers material is held not with the classified material either. MJ-12 elements credible and more will show in coming months.

Scholar Nick Pope has gone on record about military eyewitness and has kept back plenty . Going on the 'Star Trek' theory of a UN type Space Force is the ultimate gold with the 'New Reset' Eco-Corporation -Fascism led by future King of a European Monarchy - one must ask is UAP Pentagon Task Force related to the 'Davos' with the new U.S Administration ? Another element to the likely-hood they are many different life forms of so called ET already interacting with humanity on many levels going on eyewitness accounts, data open-classified and many hundreds of military -police eyewitness .

If these life forms -Avatars are so interested in the World Nuclear Weapons Systems and other logistical bases as stated in the excellent special release New Dawn Vol 14.No 1. paper on longtime researcher Robert Hastings by Scholar Dr. T. J. Coles 'UFO'S INTERFERING WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS? : AUTHOR & FILMMAKER ROBERT HASTINGS DISCUSSES THE EVIDENCE & GIVES HIS TAKE ON THE COVER-UP' ((2020). In this very important paper by Dr. T.J. Coles discuss the ongoing harassment by UFO's on Nuclear Bases and other sensitive areas. Does not sound like a its that friendly as some researchers would have us believe .

Furthermore, the constant harassment -intimidation towards researchers and eyewitness can't be glossed over by UAP Pentagon Task Force while seeking a deal with authorities and have doubts one U.S. administration will come totally clean on the UFO -Flying Saucers -UAP is World 'phenomena' and its not controlled by one nation either.

The 'Pure Energy' theory is interesting and just one element to this ongoing steps towards Artificial Intelligence now being introduce at 'Davos' Eco-Corporation Fascism this year and the re-shaping of the 'New World Order' during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. This will push the UFO field into another political and social change and disclosure (shit word) has already happened in 1947 and 1950s -60s-70s-80s-90s-2020 military eyewitness have stated on the record about Nuclear Weapons interference on many bases.

Hundreds of hours of combat footage and classified material are their in the Archives which matches the Hundreds of Military & Police eyewitness have seen 'Flying Saucers' -UFO's -UAP's at sea, in the air and on land and witness other 'phenomena' we are not alone in the Solar System and that's good enough for me. Those who think its all bullshit are bat shit crazy and will never accept higher intelligence no matter the evidence.
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