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Your Paracast Newsletter — November 20, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
November 20, 2022

UFO Film Documentary Director James Fox Reveals Details About the Amazing 1996 UFO Crash and Creature Sightings in Varginha, Brazil on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present documentary producer James Fox, who will discuss his latest film, "Moment of Contact," an exploration of possible alien encounters centered on a series of events in 1996 when citizens of Varginha, Brazil, reported seeing a UFO crash and one or more strange creatures. As a filmmaker, writer, director, and producer for more than two decades, Fox has focused his career on what he's come to call the “parallel history“ of UFOs. Again and again, he has discovered that there’s far more to these unexplained sightings and encounters than most people realize. He finished and sold his first UFO documentary to Discovery Communications by the time he was 28. He has since completed films for the likes of Sci-Fi, Learning and History Channel.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on November 20: More details on the UFO documentary, “Moment of Content,” about the 1996 UFO crash and creature sightings in Varginha, Brazil. Director James Fox tells Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing attempts to gather more evidence about this sensational case. He also discusses his future plans, and his views about possible outreach efforts on UAPs by the U.S. government, and how much the authorities might really know. As a filmmaker, writer, director, and producer for more than two decades, Fox has focused his career on what he’s come to call the “parallel history“ of UFOs. Again and again, he has discovered that there’s far more to these unexplained sightings and encounters than most people realize.

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Is a 1996 UFO Crash/Retrieval Brazil’s Roswell?
By Gene Steinberg

Over the years, I’ve interviewed documentary film producer James Fox on several occasions. We have also met up briefly at UFO conventions, such as the recent International UFO Congress, held in 2022 in Mesa, AZ.

This year, he was there to promote his latest film, “Moment of Contact,” an extensive study of a reported landing involving a UFO crash and creature sightings that occurred in 1996 in Varginha, Brazil.

With a 2020 population of over 136,000, the city is regarded as a major center for coffee production.

The incident was one of the more sensational cases in the UFO world, involving not just a crashed cigar-shaped object but the sighting and possible retrieval of several brown-skinned aliens with huge eyes and shiny skin.

According to James, the object and its occupants — or at least some of them — were transported from the landing site by the Brazilian military, but the U.S. got their hands dirty by soon picking up this material for their own purposes.

The film features a number of eyewitness reports but provides minimal evidence that American authorities were actually involved, although the possibility shouldn’t be ignored.

Regardless, James says that he was, at first, skeptical of the case, and found it too extreme to include in his documentaries. Only when he was exposed to some of the evidence did he decide to engage his film crew and make the movie. In all, it involved 12 years of work from beginning to end.

Indeed, some of the people featured are no longer alive, such as American UFO investigators Stanton T. Friedman and Dr. Roger Leir, the latter a podiatrist who specialized in examining cases involving possible alien implants.

“Moment of Contact” is a pretty straightforward affair without elaborate special effects. The accompanying music is simple. Actor and voice specialist Peter Coyote, a regular in films by James Fox, is back with his authoritative delivery.

Here, James serves as the guide, as he travels in or near the vicinity of the crash to get eyewitness descriptions. It gets hairy at one point when a soldier who allegedly transported one of the creatures in a motor vehicle is located, only to refuse to talk to James and his crew.

In fact, he threatens to shoot them if they continue to bother him. Obviously they stage an orderly retreat.

What is most troubling about whole affair is that one of the soldiers who grabbed ahold of one of them soon developed a serious infection and died in a hospital.

So is ET dangerous to your health? With reports by some eyewitnesses that a one of the creatures somehow indicated that it was frightened, you might wonder if this was some sort of alien defense mechanism that is employed when it feels threatened.

Now I understand James’ reluctance to focus on this case. The details are sensational, extreme in some ways, and it’s naturally difficult to take it all seriously.

Since it is compared to Roswell — and sometimes described as Brazil’s Roswell — it’s important to realize that most of the witnesses are still alive. Rather than sit on the back burner of inattention for decades, after being debunked by the authorities, as was the case for Roswell, the story was given play in the media right away.

With Roswell, it took over 30 years for key details to be revealed, where memories were flawed and, as expected, some people manufactured tales out of whole cloth to appear to be involved.

From the very first, UFO investigators have continued to focus on what might have occurred in Brazil.

The Paracast first began to feature discussions of the Varginha crash beginning in 2006 with the first of several appearances by Brazilian UFO investigator A.J. Gevaerd. He is, by the way, also featured briefly in “Moment of Content.”

But the most compelling parts of the film involve those who say they actually saw something. One witness to the crash, Carlos de Souza, guides James and crew to the site. It’s over two decades since it happened, and he misdirects them at first until he hones in on the exact locale. When he sees it, he rapidly exits the car, runs to the spot where the object crashed and literally bursts into tears.

Unless de Souza is one of the great actors of our time, it’s clear to me that something strange did occur and that it haunts him to this very day.

Now as with the Roswell incident, getting to the bottom of this case may not be terribly easy, although James tells Paracast listeners that his investigation did not end with the release of his film.

If American authorities did take control of the evidence, there’s little indication that anything about it will ever be revealed. In that sense, it is very much like Roswell.

While the existence of alien bodies at the Roswell crash site remains controversial as alleged witnesses over the years have provided less-than-compelling testimony about them, the Varginha case is very different. Here, the possible existence of alien crew members traveling around the countryside is a key part of this case.

Long and short, the testimony seems remarkably consistent, though it’s hared to know how much of the footage ending up on the cutting room floor. Since most of the witnesses only speak Portuguese, James provides easy reading subtitles rather than a simultaneous translation. That way you can better focus on the people who tell their stories, their body language and facial expressions, rather than turn away while listening to an overdub.

Honestly I don’t know what to make of Varginha. I don’t expect the film to get quite the coverage as James’ previous film, “The Phenomenon,” but the case deserves your attention and the attention of anyone seriously interested in getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery.

Whether you believe in the reality of the Varginha case or not, I recommend that you see this film. At $3.99 rental, in the U.S., it is never less than intriguing. If you buy the digital download, it’s best to get it from Apple or Vimeo to benefit from two hours of additional material.

So just what did happen in Varginha, Brazil in 1996? Was it precisely as described, a garbled interpretation of a government experiment gone wrong, or what?

And what about those alien creatures?

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