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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 20, 2018

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Gene Steinberg

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May 20, 2018

Exploring Incredible Paranormal Events with Brent Raynes, of Alternate Perceptions Magazine, on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost Goggs Mackay introduce long-time paranormal researcher Brent Raynes. He is the editor of an online monthly magazine entitled Alternate Perceptions, and the author of "Visitors From Hidden Realms" (2004) and "On The Edge of Reality" (2009). Raynes has a third book coming out later in 2018, to be published by Visionary Living Publishing and tentatively entitled" John A. Keel: The Man, Myths and Mysteries." Raynes' journey into paranormal research was heavily influenced by John Keel early on. They shared correspondence that began back in October 1969. He was also heavily influenced by Jacques Vallee and Brad Steiger.

Chris O’Brien’s Blog: Our Strange Planet

Alternate Perceptions Magazine: AP Magazine

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 20: Gene and guest cohost Goggs Mackay, who is a resident of Scotland, chat briefly about the royal wedding, before Goggs answers a question about the royal family and the paranormal. There’s also a discussion of EVP sound clips and whether it’s a genuine phenomenon that reflects audio from an otherworldly or afterlife origin. A discussion about the lack of substantial results from Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the apparent lack of new investors. Gene talks about Chris O’Brien’s campaign, via Patreon (Christopher OBrien is creating The San Luis Valley Camera/Monitoring Project | Patreon) to raise funds for his camera/UFO detector project.

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Are Supposedly Different Paranormal Events Related?
By Gene Steinberg

It’s fair to say that most paranormal researchers are specialists. Some focus on UFOs, others on ghosts, and still others devote their time to investigating cryptids, such as Bigfoot, not to mention other strange events.

The theories of the origin of such events are very different. UFOs appear to represent visits by aliens from other star systems, or at least that’s the prevailing view. Ghosts, poltergeists and similar phenomena may represent encounters with the spirits of the dead. Bigfoot? Maybe an offshoot of an early hominid loosely related to humans that ended up on an evolutionary dead-end. Or maybe, just maybe, they are visitors that came here via a time or dimensional portal.

So we have people running in different directions to find answers, so far without meaningful results. There are all those strange and sometimes frightening events that largely remain anecdotal. People see and hear unusual things, but there’s precious little physical evidence of what’s really happening. Even then, that evidence may be hotly disputed.

Whatever the origins, we don’t seem to be making much progress towards solutions. If you enjoy a good story, there are plenty to consider, if only for the entertainment value.

But what can we do about any of this?

If UFOs are extraterrestrial, dealing with it is very much beyond our control. Sure, if the governments of Earth have guilty knowledge about the origin and purpose of UFOs, we can feel assured that there are answers, and we might get those answers if only we can persuade the powers-that-be to disclose what they know.

But what if their presence here represents a threat to national security, what if they are hostile, or their purpose remains unknown but still a potential threat? Do you really believe anyone in authority is going to let us in on the secret? What if that truth may cause a panic, or seriously disrupt significant portions of our economy?

On the other hand, if the claim that UFOs don’t represent a potential threat, then we can be assured that, despite their presence, they aren’t causing any harm. So we can sit by the campfire and enjoy the stories. Sure, there are those who advocate for disclosure, but that unfulfilled dream has persisted for over 60 years. Even the latest chit-chat about the so-called Pentagon UFO Study has failed to yield any significant new information.

When it comes to ghosts, whatever they are, it’s not that a group of scientists or FBI agents are going to capture them and submit them to interrogation of scientific examination. If they are real, they still remain nonphysical. We might see and hear them, maybe even smell them, but there is a lack of demonstrable physical evidence of their existence. Maybe they are there, maybe they aren’t.

But what can be possibly do about it?

Bigfoot also remains elusive. There may be some evidence, but what about DNA proving the existence of a previously undiscovered species? Could we actually capture one and bring it to scientists to dissect or otherwise examine?

Sure, there are reports about such DNA, footprints and other potential evidence, intriguing possibilities, but no smoking gun. They might as well be ghosts when it comes to unequivocal physical evidence.

Regardless, it appears we are dealing with different events, having different sources. How can they possibly be related?

Normally UFO researchers treat sightings as separate external events. Their presence is little different in that respect from a car or a plane passing us by. They are physical transportation devices, at least when they aren’t thought of as possible living creatures, in the spirit of the sci-fi cult drama, “Farscape.”

However, when you ask some witnesses as to whether they have had other strange things happen to them, members of their families or friends, you may find things rather more involved. Some may report ghosts, sightings of strange creatures, perhaps more UFOs. Although you don’t hear about it much these days, unknown numbers of people claim to have been captured or otherwise come in contact with possible aliens.

You’ve heard the stories, that they are taken aboard a spaceship and sometimes subjected to painful physical exams. You’d think that ET would have enough respect or compassion to make such encounters as painless as possible. Consider that my dog, Teddy Bear, doesn’t appear to suffer pain when he receives a vaccine inoculation to protect him from possible infections. If we treat our canine friends in a humane fashion, because we care about them, what does that say about the way the Space Brothers regard us? Are we less than animals to them?

Chris O’Brien and other researchers have devoted a large portion of their time investigating strange events involving so-called dimensional portals or window areas, places that seem to attract a much larger number of paranormal events. Is it possible that there are surface or atmospheric conditions in such places as the so-called Mysterious Valley that make them susceptible to encounters with the unknown?

If that’s true, does it imply that all of this phenomena is somehow related? If UFO sightings occur in higher percentages, does that mean that other weird events are present in such regions? That appears to are the case, so focusing on such places has the potential to yield much more evidence to evaluate.

Now the concept of a “unified field theory” for paranormal phenomena may be highly disputed. That people may have different types of experiences doesn’t necessarily mean they are somehow connected. For whatever reason, maybe the odds are stacked in their favor. Or it’s just one of those things.

Maybe it’s true that so-called window areas aren’t really different from other places. Perhaps frequent events attract more intense study, which, in turn, involves contacting more potential witnesses with stories to tell. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever the cause, it always seems as if we are just beginning a study that should have delivered more meaningful results by now. Thousands upon thousands of intriguing reports to explore, but precious little evidence about what is really going on.

But if there’s at least the potential of finding more evidence in certain locales, that’s an intriguing starting point.

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