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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 19, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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May 19, 2019


Author, Producer and Screenwriter Bryce Zabel Talks About the Late Stanton T. Friedman on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Former CNN correspondent, writer and producer Bryce Zabel returns to The Paracast to speak of his friendship with the late Stanton T. Friedman, who died on May 13, 2019 on his way home from a UFO lecture. Bryce will also discuss his plans for a film featuring Friedman as one of the main characters, along with some fascinating anecdotes about one of the UFO field’s most interesting public figures. Bryce’s book “A.D. After Disclosure” with Richard Dolan is considered a classic of UFO literature, and he talks about his feeling that some sort of disclosure may already be at hand, even if the revelations come slowly.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on May 19: Gene and Randall present UFO investigator and atmospheric scientist William Puckett for his weekly segment on recent and compelling UFO cases. But in this episode he also describes a sighting from the 1970s that he just learned about, in which somebody’s car apparently stopped in the presence of a UFO. There’s also an unexpected discussion about William receiving some yellowed documents that may be similar or identical to the infamous MJ-12 papers that described an alleged government working group focusing on UFOs, including Roswell, and its curious, but maybe not unexpected, fate.

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Another Disclosure Rant
By Gene Steinberg

As most of you know, I do not buy the constant crying wolf about UFO disclosure. Stephen Bassett and others have been making almost annual predictions that the U.S. government is close to revealing what it really knows about those strange flying things that have perplexed so many of us for so many years.

Sure, I’d love to learn the answer, but I’m getting on in years, and I really don’t expect it to happen in my lifetime; well, unless something begins to happen soon. But the habit of making regular failed predictions doesn’t enhance one’s credibility. Even if such an event truly occurs, you can hardly take disclosure advocates seriously.

After all, the very same hopes and dreams have been expressed for nearly seven decades now. As much as some people do not appreciate my references to the past, there are lessons to be learned. After all, UFO advocate and author Major Donald E. Keyhoe wrote about disclosure in some of his books beginning in the 1950s, referring to a Silence Group within the U.S. government that held the secret closely.

If you accept the implications, it would mean that our government, and/or those of other countries, have known the truth about UFOs since the 1940s, that they represent visits by beings from other planets. Somehow the secret has been kept all these years, as the populace was fed cover stories that they represent conventional aircraft or phenomena and present no threat to our national security.

Researchers are quick to poke holes in government excuses as to why this, that, or the other sighting — and don’t forget Roswell — are nothing strange.

But you have to wonder how such a secret can be kept for so long. In an environment where there are endless reveals of possible government scandals and other goings on, it’s hard to believe that the word “secret” is in anyone’s lexicon.

Yet it’s true that some secrets survive. Not all of the U.S. government’s documents and evidence about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy have been released.

But that represents a murder case, and maybe there are still national security considerations even if the deed was done, as claimed, by a lone gunman.

Now consider if a spaceship really crashed at Roswell, NM in 1947, or that some other event convinced the government that ET was present. Even if there are no crashed saucers and deceased alien pilots held in secret laboratories at Area 51 or somewhere, that doesn’t mean that evidence of UFO reality is lacking.

If civilian researchers can assemble a compelling case that something really strange is going on, what about governments that have to protect a nation’s security? There have certainly been reports over the years of pilot encounters with UFOs, and strange objects observed in the vicinity of nuclear installations. That would seem to be sufficient to demonstrate that the truth is not just out there but in the hands of the authorities.

It has been suggested that evidence may have been funneled to private industry under deep cover, funded with Black Project money. That would give the governments plausible deniability when they claim to have no evidence whatever of UFO reality.

If true, just what would trigger disclosure, assuming there was any intention of revealing this incredible truth?

The oh-so-obvious answer is a massed landing of spacecraft in a public location, or over major cities around the world. Not as it was done in the 1996 sci-fi film, “Independence Day” one hopes. After all, that represented an alien invasion.

But if ET had a peaceful intent, why are they so elusive? Other than showing up at inopportune times to tantalize, and sometimes frighten, Earthlings, it doesn’t seem that they have made much or any moves towards revealing themselves. Well, except for those who claim to have met up with them either in the desert, though an abduction experience, or via channeling. Such cases, however, have their own problems and remain controversial.

So if ET is among us, what are their motives anyway, and why the cat and mouse games?

Now it may well be that ET has already communicated with Earth governments and worked out a program to reveal themselves with as little disruption to our civilization as possible. Consider what has happened when our explorers visited more primitive peoples and essentially destroyed their culture.

So perhaps the best course of action is to reveal the secret gradually, over a period of years, so the final disclosure doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Indeed, I have on occasion suggested that very thing, even though I am a disclosure skeptic.

Consider what has happened. In recent years, scientists have discovered a growing number of planets orbiting distant stars. Some of these worlds may be regarded as “Goldilocks” or Class M, thus representing possible candidates for life, perhaps life as we know it.

If life-bearing planets are plentiful, it makes a great deal of sense that civilizations more advanced than ours have flourished out there. If they are far ahead of Earth in their scientific development, surely they have perfected transport to the stars. That they’d seek out counterparts around the galaxy would seem a given. After all, we are explorers, so why should ET be any different?

This assumes, of course, that such life, even if intelligent, is something that we would recognize and would be, for whatever reason, interested in what’s happening here.

While some have suggested our experiments with nuclear weapons have attracted them, you wonder why beings from far-off worlds would care how we manage our civilization. Indeed, that may, instead, point to an answer that’s closer to our home. Maybe our tests have unexpected consequences, such as ripping holes in the fabric of reality, thus opening up or damaging dimensional portals.

Or maybe our visitors come from the future, here to prevent us from destroying ourselves. But if that’s the goal, they sure seem feckless in achieving success. Even if ET wishes to do us harm, they could have long ago conquered us, and there’d be nothing we could do about it.

As much as I remain a skeptic, the recent revelations of a Pentagon UFO study along with serious coverage of flying saucers in such publications as The New York Times and the Washington Post, may just indicate that something is afoot.

Or maybe it’s just a red herring, and we’ll soon return to where we were, chasing the flying saucers with little to show for the effort.

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Good newsletter . Gene,
Now disclosure will not occur in the way folks would like. It very plausible a private group would announce some form of contact for example communication, meteor or organic sample from Mars or Uranus ( look at the old flyover conference in 1952). Maybe snippets of real encounters occur with A.I example within some of the media sector ? Another maybe Mr Lazar records become open soruce and remember during WW2 Invasion of Japan estimates of causalties were over a million not told to the public years after the war. There plenty of top secret WW2 programs still under wraps. No doubt.