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Your Paracast Newsletter -- May 15, 2010

Gene Steinberg

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Ancient Astronauts and Latin American UFOs Featured on The Paracast

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Sunday, May 16, 2010: The Paracast covers a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions across the planet.

Set Up: The Paracast hosts interview long-time researchers in the field, to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join us as we explore the realms of the known and unknown, and hear great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Week's Episode: Co-host Christopher O’Brien welcomes UFO historian Antonio Huneeus, co-author of the Laurance Rockefeller-funded “UFO Briefing Document — The Best Available Evidence.” He has covered the UFO field from an international perspective for over 30 years and we will examine the significance of historical UFO reports from around the world.

Christopher O'Brien's site: Home - Our Strange Planet

Antonio Huneeus' bio: J. Antonio People

Coming May 23: Co-host Paul Kimball presents author and TV personality Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government’s UFO Project. You’ll hear Nick’s views about ongoing disclosures of UFO evidence by the UK government, significant UFO cases and lots more.</p>Paul Kimball's site: The Other Side of Truth

Nick Pope's site: Nick Pope

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Remember, Folks, They Are Still UFOs

The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt headed the Air Force Project Blue in the 1950s when the term “unidentified flying object” or UFO, was coined. The phrase fully defines itself, particularly the word “unidentified.”

Unfortunately, that definition has become polluted over the years to mean intelligently controlled vehicles from another planet, and that’s unfortunate. You can hardly call them UFOs when you are already certain what they really are.

Certainly the extraterrestrial hypothesis, or ETH, is without doubt the most common theory to explain what’s behind the phenomenon. The evidence certainly appears to point in that direction. You have aircraft that appears solid, yet displays a level of maneuverability far beyond what you’d expect of any conventional aircraft. More to the point, you can trace UFOs way back to our early history, so they are clearly not one of ours.

Indeed, the ETH is basically a process of elimination theory. You list the things they aren’t, such as natural phenomena, optical illusions or mistaken conventional objects, and you assume they must be spaceships, because what else could they possibly be?

The problem here is that we really have no proof there is intelligent life on any other planet, hence no way to confirm that one of those lifeforms is smart enough to build spaceships to send here.

This isn’t to say we are alone in the universe. As we continue to discover evidence of possible Earth-like planets circling other star systems, it seems perfectly logical to expect that our belief or theories about ET will some day be proven.

However, we seldom or perhaps never actually see UFOs in space. They are usualy right here on Earth or aloft in our skies. Not out there, although there are reports that astronauts may have seen UFOs in space. Even then, they are surely in our celestial neighborhood.

Back in the 1950s, it was easy for people to believe that UFOs -- or flying saucers as they were known at first -- came from planets in our own solar system. We then learned that Venus was too hot, and while there’s a slight possibility an advanced lifeform existed on Mars millions or billions of years ago, these days you’d be lucky to find some microbes below the icy soil. The same holds true for the Moon.

Unfortunately positing the existence of another advanced civilization here on Earth seems a stretch. Certainly it wouldn’t suit our egos to think we are coexisting with a race that’s somehow superior to humans. At the same time, consider that UFOs have been observed throughout recorded history. They are always here, not out there. Doesn’t that mean something?

Yes, there are other possibilities. Maybe there is another dimension, a parallel universe, which you can enter by employing the proper technology, or by some mental leap of one sort or another. That would surely make it far easier to get from here to there and back again, especially if “there” is in our own backyard. How wonderfully convenient.

Indeed, some paranormal investigators have written extensively about so-called “window areas,” where far higher percentages of strange things regularly occur. It’s as if they are more sensitive to this unusual form of transportation. Of course, there’s always a “Stargate,” the fictional concept that inspired a movie and three TV series.

But regardless of what you believe about the origin of UFOs, don’t forget the word “unidentified,” because, despite what you may have heard, that’s what they still are.