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Your Paracast Newsletter — May 14, 2017

Discussion in 'The Paracast Newsletter' started by Gene Steinberg, May 13, 2017.

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    May 14, 2017

    Nick Redfern Reveals an Incredible Tale of Human Experimentation in Roswell, NM on The Paracast

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    This Week's Episode: We’ve asked the question: There's rarely a time when there's not a recent book from Nick Redfern to talk about. As much as we want to avoid bringing up Roswell, Nick has reopened the subject in a big way with "The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking And Sinister Secret." It's the long-awaited sequel to one of his previous thought-provoking volumes, "Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story" In short, Nick says that the reports of wrecked flying saucers and dead aliens in Roswell were actually cover stories to hide "the far more disturbing picture of what really happened…" It's a fascinating journey into what may have occurred in the years after World War II, and how the truth has been buried all these years.

    Chris O’Brien’s Site: Our Strange Planet

    Nick Redfern’s Blog: Nick Redfern's World of Whatever...

    After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on May 14: We present Monte Shriver, an Aztec, NM resident when the alleged flying saucer crash at Hart Canyon occurred on March 25, 1948. He never heard of the case until 52 years later, when he was visiting his mom and heard news of an Aztec symposium. And after an intensive year-long investigation of the details of the case, Shriver, a retired college professor and accountant, concludes that it never happened and explains why in exquisite detail. His findings are also covered in a multipart post for Kevin D. Randle’s blog, A Different Perspective.

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    The UFO Field’s Murky Past
    By Gene Steinberg

    When Nick Redfern’s blockbuster book, “Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story,” was published in 2005, people in the UFO field gave it a mixed — sometimes hostile — reaction. You see, Nick had poked huge holes into the theory that the Roswell crash of 1947 involved a flying saucer that carried a crew of space people.

    Instead, Nick said that the initial press report that the episode involved a crashed flying disk, and the subsequent revisionist version, that it was a simple balloon accident, were both cover stories that concealed a dirty secret.

    You see, in the days after World War II, the U.S. authorities were engaged in sometimes questionable experiments with technology captured from the enemy. Nick presented the disturbing theory “that the crash-site discovery of prototype military aircraft would expose a damning secret — a highly confidential, U.S. government-sanctioned program to conduct medical experiments on deformed, handicapped, disfigured, and diseased Japanese POWs, exploited as ‘expendable’ victims by their captors.”

    Twelve years after the book was published, Nick has released the sequel, “The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking and Sinister Secret,” which fleshes out the story and provides further evidence that this is what really happened in the New Mexico desert in 1947.

    In the years after the Roswell crash became the stuff of legend, beginning in the late 1970s, it has become a virtual linchpin of UFO reality. It’s all a part of pop culture now, and it almost seems as if the entire edifice of the field rests on this one case. So if it falls apart, does that mean that the UFO mystery is no longer a genuine enigma that deserves further study?

    Not at all. UFOs continue to be seen around the world, and the sheer numbers are far beyond what you’d expect from tests of secret aircraft by various countries.

    But that doesn’t mean that the flying saucers haven’t been used as tools for the authorities to deflect and obfuscate what is really going on. Indeed, the dual explanations for Roswell kept the story essentially buried for some three decades. Other than a brief mention in a Frank Edwards UFO book in the 1960s, there wasn’t much talk about Roswell; well, except for the people who were there when the crash occurred.

    It didn’t achieve widespread public recognition until UFO researchers Stanton T. Friedman and William Moore began to look into the case. They found dozens and dozens of potential eyewitnesses to talk to, and their work was published in a 1980 book, “The Roswell Incident,” by Charles Berlitz and William Moore. Although Friedman did a lot of work for that book, his contribution was scarcely recognized. I just hope he shared in the royalties

    Any success the book had lies in the fame and fortune Berlitz achieved as author of two best-sellers, “The Bermuda Triangle” and “The Philadelphia Experiment.” In passing, both books were based on stories that were just not so. So the legends of mysterious forces at work in causing aircraft and ship crashes in the triangle area have long since been shown to be more legend than fact. The Philadelphia Experiment was little more than someone’s fanciful tale.

    After the Roswell book was published, other researchers jumped into the fray. The standard working theory had it that the crash involved a spaceship, and that its dead or dying crew was recovered with the wreckage. But what if the awful truth described by Nick was discovered? How would the authorities manage the disclosure of such a radical and unethical experiment involving human test subjects?

    What about a disinformation campaign, to draw attention to the extraterrestrial theory and away from the terrible secret? This may explain why the MJ-12 and other faked documents describing alleged government programs to look into the Roswell crash and the flying saucer mystery were created. Both Moore and Friedman touted MJ-12. Stan continues to maintain that this and similar documents discovered over the years are genuine.

    Now Roswell may be far from the first or only attempt to use flying saucers as a cover for a government experiment of some sort. It may well be that a number of those classic sightings in 1947 and subsequent years represented test aircraft and balloons, and not visitors from other planets. It may well be that one or more of the UFO contacts or abductions of the period were also government experiments.

    It’s also possible that some researchers may have been used as unwitting tools to advance the saucer legend.

    One possible example is Major Donald E. Keyhoe, a retired Marine who also gained a reputation as a pulp fiction and aviation writer. He had loads of contacts in the military, and when the flying saucers arrived and became a public sensation, he mined those contacts to get the goods on sightings involving military personnel.

    His books read like pulp cloak-and-dagger tales, in which Keyhoe, through his smarts and just plain luck, convinces his contacts to reveal the secret details behind important sightings.

    Indeed, all of the shibboleths of modern UFO lore were hatched in Keyhoe’s books. The saucers are spaceships, and the authorities have been engaged in a decades-long conspiracy to keep the truth from the public. Keyhoe went on to lobby for disclosure, claiming that, regardless of the facts, the truth must be revealed.

    Today’s disclosure movement is heavily based on the theories originally propounded by Keyhoe.

    Now it was very common in those days for some of us to suspect that Keyhoe may have been a government tool. This feeling was enhanced by his questionable — or naive — decision to install a number of ex-military figures on the governing board of his UFO group, NICAP. Indeed, one of those people was the first head of the CIA, Rear Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, an old buddy of Keyhoe.

    As far as appearances went, NICAP’s activities seemed more than a little suspicious to people who believed in Keyhoe’s own theory about a government conspiracy to hide the truth about the UFOs. So was it possible that NICAP was set up as a means to monitor activity in the field, to hide aircraft experiments from the public by claiming they were sightings of flying saucers? Did Keyhoe knowingly publish disinformation, or did he unwittingly serve as a convenient useful idiot to preserve secrets?

    That governments used the UFO mystery as disinformation, to hide what they were really up to, doesn’t mean there are no real flying saucers out there. The mystery didn’t begin with Kenneth Arnold’s June 24, 1947 sighting of nine ellipsoid objects near Mount Rainier. Strange objects have been seen around the world for hundreds or thousands of years. While most sightings have perfectly conventional explanations involving airplanes, stars, planets and natural phenomena, there is a genuine mystery that cries out for an answer.

    But the possibility of government involvement in manipulating the early UFO legend only means that we have to redouble our efforts to separate the wheat from the chaff, to identify the conventional from the unconventional.

    On the other hand, if some of those early UFO cases involved test aircraft and other experiments with sometimes nasty outcomes, that makes for a compelling story that ought to be revealed once and for all.

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