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Your Paracast Newsletter — March 3, 2019

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
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March 3, 2019

Take a Journey and Explore Strange Encounters Through the Ages with Kevin Ian Beegle on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present folklorist Kevin Ian Beegle, who takes us on a fascinating journey covering amazing experiences through the ages involving strange beings, strange flying ships and more. You'll also hear about Kevin's lifetime of personal encounters. Kevin Ian Beegle is an Irish-American folklorist who lectures on paranormal experiences and the correlation to ancient stories and legends. Holding a Master’s Degree in Education, Kevin’s thesis was focused on Native American Educational Outcomes and using Folklore and legends to show common human experiences. A contributor to several books on history and Bigfoot. He weaves together personal experience, ancient culture and current paranormal research into a presentation that takes both quantum physics and shamanistic explanations to allow the participate to come to their own conclusion or give additional areas to personally research.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on March 3: IIn which Gene and Randall explore UFOs and folklore before moving on to childhood experiences, such as “imaginary friends,” as Gene mentions that it happened to him when he was quite young. Gene goes on to mention one episode in which a friend saw a UFO within a strange cloud formation. Other topics include a possible origin of early MID reports and recent sightings.

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Revisiting UFOs and the Holodeck
By Gene Steinberg

When the origin of UFOs is considered, one factor taken for granted is their physicality. The appear to be actual spaceships from other planets. You can see them, hear them, sometimes smell them and, on rare occasions, touch them.

Thus they are, to all intents and purposes, real; well, at least in the way we understand reality.

Among the strange characteristics is their apparent ability to turn on a dime and suddenly disappear, as if they rapidly accelerated. While scientists might be skeptical that such a craft can perform such amazing feats of maneuverability, that the pilots might be crushed by g-forces, there might be other explanations.

So perhaps the craft carries its own gravitation field, thus insulating its crew from such effects. It might even employ scientific concepts that are, as yet, unknown to us.

Yet another possibility is that they aren’t exactly real in the sense that we interpret as real. That would take us to the theory of a collective unconscious, and its related theory of co-creation. That’s where we play a part in what we see.

One exotic possibility is that, when UFOs appear, we are really witnessing an event that somehow spilled over from another dimension. But how, then, would we be able to physically react to them, and what about trace evidence?

They could, of course, be passing through dimensional portals, which might explain the sudden appearances and disappearances. They are just going back where they came from.

Now if you consider the conventional wisdom about UFOs, that they are spaceships perhaps coming here from planets that orbit another star system, you might wonder just how far advanced they are. Would the achievements of such a civilization strike us as magic? Consider how our rocket ships would impact someone in the 15th century as an example.

In other words, the spacecraft developed by a civilization hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us might not even be recognizable in any way that we would accept. They would also be able to hide or cloak themselves if they wish to be hidden, and we might not even be able to interpret their presence except in the most peripheral way.

Maybe they are using humans as guinea pigs to explore our reactions to their presence without actually revealing themselves to us, even if we could accept them as the truly are.

Or maybe, just maybe, the UFOs that we can see, hear, smell and touch are holograms, projections generated by our visitors.

Certainly the concept has been considered in sci-fi. One well-known example is the “holodeck” from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” So a holodeck was a large room or chamber on a starship in which an advanced virtual reality program could be run.

For all intents and purposes it would be real, not just how it impacts our senses. You could, for example, enjoy a meal, but what would you be eating? Or maybe you’d think you were consuming some sort of edible.

Fortunately, if things got out of hand, the ship’s onboard computer would be instructed to change or end the program. Of course, some episodes depicted the consequences if the system suddenly got out of control.

In the Star Trek universe, the holodeck is generally used for such purposes as recreation, meditation, and perhaps even a way for the crew to test possible battle scenarios before engaging a hostile vessel.

To get a basic example of how it might work, just put on some VR goggles,. But the experience is so far limited to sight and sound.

But what about the “holographic doctor,” who could act as any physical doctor in the sense of examining and treating patients?

Now the original Star Trek series was developed in the 1960s, and we have made great strides since then.

Today’s smartphones and smartwatches combine the communicator and tricorder with other features, and thus are far more advanced than the gadgets imagined for the 23rd century. Indeed, even transporters and warp drives are being considered, if only on the theoretical level. But the Star Trek canon describes the development of warp drive by humans in the mid-21st century. Such a prospect might actually make sense.

It stands to reason, then, that our VR capabilities might encompass a greater degree of reality in the not-too-distant future. The major technology companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, are hard at work to advance VR. It’s always possible that a small startup somewhere will take us close to the concept of a holodeck and thus take over the market, or perhaps be acquired by one of those multinational corporations.

So if we will be able to perform such feats of “magic” soon, it is very likely that ET has been doing it for quite some time. Instead of confining the experience to goggles, a video display, or even a specially designed room, the projections can appear anywhere. They’d suddenly show up in the sky, and seem to land in a cornfield somewhere, leaving evidence that a heavy craft of some kind left circular holes in the ground, where the landing gear struck the surface.

All for our benefit?

But this idea posits physical aliens from another planet that are coming here in some sort of physical aircraft. While it’s hard to imagine what alien motives might be, perhaps they are performing psychological experiments to see how we’d react to their presence.

When individuals encounter ET, perhaps in the form of Space Brothers, those beings might not even be there. The message they convey, usually of world peace, is nothing more than a ploy to see what primitive Earthlings would do with such information. Channeling may be the result of someone or something projecting 3D images to the experiencer’s brain.

Abductions? Are there any photos of someone actually being transported from the sanctity of their bedrooms or from some other locale and taken to a nearby spacecraft? It seems whenever photographic equipment is set up, the experiencer appears to turn it off without knowing it, or it develops some mysterious malfunction that prevents it from capturing a photo or video of the event.

Or maybe ET is doing all that with their advanced technology, while watching us from their spacecraft and recording our behavior. Or laughing out loud at our silly reactions.

So when it comes to the existence of UFOs, something is going on, but maybe nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.

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