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Your Paracast Newsletter — March 11, 2018

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
March 11, 2018

The Paracast Explores UFOs, UFO Propulsion Systems and Advanced Physics with Robert Schroeder

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This Week's Episode: Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present Robert Schroeder, author of Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs. Among the theories being tested is one called Warped Geometry by a Harvard physicist, which may allow for fast interstellar travel in the extra dimensions. Spectrographic data from actual UFO sightings would confirm if these craft are using technology we are now on the cusp of unraveling ourselves. Robert Schroeder recently spoke at the International UFO Congress in February 2018. He retired from Hewlett-Packard after 26 years in operations and product management, has a BA in math from Rutgers University, an AS in aerospace engineering and a MBA.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on March 11: Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy are joined by guests Robert Schroeder and Greg Bishop, host of “Radio Misterioso,” discussing multiverse theories to explain how to travel across interstellar space in amazingly short periods of time. Two different methods are discussed, one based on Star Trek’s warp drive concept. But first there’s a brief discussion about why Greg has pizza for breakfast. A recent Washington Post story about the lack of an organized project to investigate UFOs is discussed, and whether the column, from a former Clinton and Bush administration official now associated with rocker Tom Delonge, confirms that the authorities really don’t have a serious interest in conducting ongoing investigations into the phenomenon. And what about alien humor?

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Revisiting an Old Theory
By Gene Steinberg

As much as UFO researchers have come to believe they might have some new ideas, it doesn’t always seem that way. Almost every time I hear about someone’s bright idea as to the solution to the mystery, it seems little more than a warmed over version of what’s come before.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any intriguing answers out there, but I suppose it would help if more people would take the time to check things out to see what’s come before. Otherwise, it’s a case of repeating the same old things again.

That said, it doesn’t mean those older theories don’t have value. Certainly the extraterrestrial theory isn’t new, and, though I’m skeptical, I’m not against it. It may be correct after all. The fact that there are anomalies in such explanations may simply mean that we just don’t understand as much as we might think we do about our “visitors.” If they are thousands of years ahead of us, we might be mostly unable to understand what they are, their motives, their modes of travel and so on.

But I can’t help but revisit some old theories from time to time. One of those theories is something that I used to be criticized for repeating from time to time.

Not because it had no value, but because people had heard it before, even though it hadn’t been considered very often.

I first read about it in the 1960s from controversial sci-fi editor, publisher and paranormal writer Ray Palmer. He had a knack for writing provocative editorials, columns sure to generate lots of discussion. And since Ray — or RAP as he signed his articles — was only too happy to get into it with readers and extend the discussion, it all made for interesting reads.

So there was this one column years ago that only began a discussion that Ray kept opaque to some degree over the years. So when asked what he thought about the flying saucers — we didn’t refer to them as UFOs so much then — he said that they were here to make us think.

Sometimes he’d add the question he thought people should ask, “Think about what?”

About the future of our society, of our culture? What?

Did the 1897 airships, for example, help encourage thought about heavier-than-air craft? Did we suddenly decide to build airplanes as a result, or did those airships merely reflect the state of our culture, showing us the way, pointing us one step beyond?

I suppose I could point to the early contacts involving peaceful aliens warning us of the follies of nuclear war in the years after World War II, but that may well have involved tailoring the message to reflect the state of our society. Or perhaps the purpose of making such claims was largely to present personal messages using higher beings to give them credibility, or so they believed.

But the common image of the flying saucer was of some sort of rapidly moving aircraft, capable of pinpoint turns, instant starts and stops, and sometimes the ability to appear and disappear in an instant. What with large mother ships and the much smaller scout craft that sometimes emerged from them, we were seeing the image of how our own interstellar travel might manifest itself in our future.

We were put on the path to expect space travel.

Well, maybe not, because after our initial flurry of success with moon landings, we mostly receded to orbital travel above the Earth and unmanned explorations elsewhere. Maybe the message just didn’t sink in.

But what if the presence of UFOs signaled an imperative for humans to exit Earth en route to the stars? What if we were meant to be a spacefaring race, perhaps in the spirit of distant ancestors who migrated here from other worlds in the distant past?

Were the UFOs, by their very existence, conveying a message about our future and our goals? Or just somehow expanding our consciousness?

But if the UFOs are spaceships, do they really want to convey a message of importance to us, or are they more or less agnostic to us and our needs? Why should we believe that aliens would care a whit about our existence beyond satisfying their curiosity? Would it make a difference to them if our civilization lived or died?

When aliens present some sort of message to us about abandoning the instruments of war, does it even matter to them? How do we presume to understand alien logic anyway, or alien motivations to travel to the stars? What if we are little more than a test laboratory to them?

Indeed, is it possible there’s a long-range plan to take us over? Make us comfortable, at first, with their presence so they could take control without firing a phaser when the time was right? But our image of space space invaders usually involves what we understand as traditional warfare, only with more advanced weaponry.

When the insect-like aliens in the movie “Independence Day” attack Earth, it’s with full firepower to exterminate us as quickly as possible and take the place over. Indeed, when there is communication with the aliens, we learn they will plunder a planet of all its resources and leave it behind in waste only to seek a new home elsewhere. It’s a massive waste of resources. to be sure, but why assume they are into efficiencies? Perhaps the few casualties they’ll suffer along the way are meant to wean the populace of unworthy beings.

So one possible reason why governments may want to hide the truth about UFOs, if they know any truth, is to shield us from a terrible truth about an impending invasion. But that hardly seems logical in the way they usually treat the subject, which is more about benign neglect. UFOs do not evince evidence of being a threat to planetary security, so why bother?

Or is the existence of UFOs about the message rather than the medium? It doesn’t matter if they are spaceships, a product of conscious co-creation or something we cannot even imagine. Just what are they telling us anyway, and should we listen?

What happens to us if we don’t? Why isn’t such a possibility even being discussed? Right, it’s based on an old theory, but so is the ETH.

Besides, one of Ray Palmer’s close friends, Otto Binder, famous for sci-fi stories and comic book continuity (Shazam and as the creator of Supergirl, the Legion of Super Heroes and other characters), once told me that RAP wrote all those provocative editorials just to get his readers talking. That was all!

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