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Your Paracast Newsletter — March 10, 2019

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
March 10, 2019

Explore the Highways and Byways of the UFO Field with Stephen Erdmann on The Paracast

The Paracast
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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall are joined by long-time paranormal researcher Stephen Erdmann, someone who has active in these fields since the 1960s. He brings along a lifetime of studies of our strange world with a major focus on UFOs and possible conspiracy theories. In some respects, it’s a “blast from the past,” as Stephen explores older cases and provides informed commentaries on the state of UFO research, and the possible meaning behind such events. He has also taken a special interest in possible government surveillance of individuals involved in UFO research, and alleged ongoing efforts to observe and control the populace.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

Stephen Erdmann's Blog: https://wordpresscom507.wordpress.com

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on March 10: In which veteran paranormal researcher Stephen Erdmann rejoins Gene and Randall as they cover the highways and byways of UFO research and related topics. Among the subjects discussed: The 1957 Ubatuba UFO Fragments case from Brazil, and the controversial claims of the recovery of magnesium purer than anything that could be produced at the time, strange aircraft in clouds, and the possibility that certain people have been subjected to years of surveillance by unknown parties for unknown reasons.

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A Brief Recap
By Gene Steinberg

From time to time, The Paracast is accused of covering the same old ground when it comes to UFOs and other offbeat topics. A familiar range of guests are selected, although it’s important to note that some newcomers to the show have appeared recently.

But all in all, they are covering similar ground. UFOs may be spaceships, visitors from other dimensions or the future, and don’t ignore the possibility of a collective unconscious with or without human participation. Ghosts can only be a manifestation of life after death, and Bigfoot?

Well, you get the picture.

But one thing is sure: Nobody has found a solution to any of it. But it’s not for want of trying. Some researchers have spent decades on the quest, but they often seem to be repeating the same old mistakes, or maybe they are just collecting evidence hoping someday to make sense of it.

The criticisms are the same. Skeptics will maintain that there are always conventional explanations, assuming people aren’t just imagining things. Some scientists pay attention, but they are a rare breed.

All of this phenomena appears to still be present, although they appear to come in waves.

So over the years, it seemed as if the number of UFO sightings had abated, but recent surveys reveal a consistent pattern. Perhaps those waves are the result of the “publicity flap,” where one or more sightings gets attention from the news media, inspiring others to report their experiences. Certainly increased skywatching can’t hurt.

I remember how it was in the early 1970s. Caveat Emptor, the magazine I edited and published with Geneva Hagen, had debuted, but it seemed as if there was little to report about the flying saucers. There wasn’t much coverage and some regular publications had folded. Maybe we arrived just a little too late?

Segue to 1973, when I was paying the bills as News Director of a radio station in the suburban Philadelphia area. One fine day, I caught a reference in a wire service report about a UFO sighting in a nearby town.

I hesitated for a moment wondering whether the station manager, who sometimes had a tendency to micromanage news coverage, would insist that I focus on what he regarded as real and not fanciful events.

But that didn’t stop me. I ran the story, and did a little digging to provide additional coverage. Soon there were more and more sightings to report, and I often managed to stick in a story or two about them when I had the excuse.

Through all this, management never complained, and listeners never complained either. Well, maybe the morning disk jockey did, because he resented the fact that my major morning newscast sometimes ran overtime. But that was precisely what I was told to do, focus on the news first and not worry if fewer records would be played.

My experience in the field has ebbed and flowed over the years. By the mid-1970s, with a failing marriage, I had run out of cash. My business partner and I decided to temporarily suspend publication of the magazine. For a while, I hooked up with the publisher of a newsstand UFO magazine, and helped with editing and production.

While that gig didn’t last very long, it helped cement my plans to return to the New York area. So I sold my interest in the business and spent a number of years plying my trade in the prepress industry.

I kept tabs on the goings on in the UFO field, attended a convention or two, and had a few articles published in various magazines. But after a few years, as work hours increased, I found that I no longer had the time.

By the late 1980s, I got the bug and reestablished Caveat Emptor with many of the same people who wrote for the magazine in its heyday. Even after dwindling finances resulted in the inevitable decision to halt publication for good, I continued to observe the lack of progress in various paranormal pursuits.

In addition to broadcasting, writing was a passion. So I had begun to write books and magazine articles covering consumer electronics, and by the early 2000s, returned to my original profession, broadcasting. Before there was such a thing as a podcast, I hosted an online radio program, The Tech Night Owl LIVE. At first my son, Grayson, cohosted, but when he departed to a college dormitory and worked towards his degree, he no longer had the time to help.

I began to feature guests that included tech industry representatives from Apple, Microsoft and other companies, but eventually focused on fellow journalists. As you might imagine, company representatives were more interested in selling product and sticking to rehearsed talking points than answering serious and probing questions.

By 2006, I teamed up with one of my regular tech show guests, David Biedny, and we introduced The Paracast. The very first episode featured two old friends, Jim Moseley and Brad Steiger.

In fact, it was Steiger who guided us towards selecting a name for the show. I had considered other names, but he said it must be Paracast. He was right.

David left us in 2010, and after a string of guest cohosts, Christopher O’Brien indicated that he’d like to do it on a permanent basis. With his departure, J. Randall Murphy, an occasional guest cohost, took over that post.

Going into our fourteenth year, some people marvel at the fact that I have never missed a show and never run a repeat, something I do from time to time with the tech show.

With the introduction of The Paracast+ in October of 2014, I soon added an exclusive podcast for paid subscribers, After The Paracast. While it started as a sort of wrap-up show, it soon took on a wider focus. Regular show guests remained to continue the discussion, and, from time to time, we featured exclusive guests, such as Monte Shriver, a retired engineer.

I learned of him from a series of articles he wrote for Kevin Randle’s A Different Perspective blog.

Shriver, you see, put the nail in the coffin, more or less, on the 1948 Aztec, NM UFO crash myth. He lived in that town then, and he remembered nothing about any sighting or crash. When he attended a class reunion in recent years, he asked his friends if they had any recollection of something strange during that period, and they didn’t. Indeed, there is no contemporaneous record of such an episode. It all began, it seems, with a story in Frank Scully’s 1950 book, “Behind the Flying Saucers.”

Lest we forget, Scully was a gossip columnist, not a reporter. He attributed the tale to individuals that were later exposed as con men. And that, as they say, was that.

It’s 2019, and The Paracast is still here, as we continue to present compelling discussions about our strange paranormal world. While progress in the field seems to come in tiny drips, if we stay at it, maybe, just maybe, we’ll move one step closer to finding some real answers.

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