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Your Paracast Newsletter — June 9, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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June 9, 2019


MUFON Executive Director Jan C. Harzan Featured on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene is joined by special guest host Mark Jackson as we present MUFON's Executive Director, Jan C. Harzan. This wide-ranging discussion focuses on possible UFO disclosure, whether it's already in progress, the recent controversy over the credentials of alleged government whistleblower Luis Elizondo, the future of UFO research, advanced propulsion systems and other fascinating topics. There will also be a brief segment about Jan's friendship with the late Santon T. Friedman. Jan is a 37-year veteran at IBM, and holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. He has headed MUFON since 2013.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on June 9: Gene and Randall present the weekly UFO sighting segment featuring UFO investigator and atmospheric scientist William Puckett. In addition to talking about a 2002 incident involving NORAD, he reports on a possible sighting from Fairmount, Georgia that he describes as an IFO. There’s also news about a sighting in Portugal that occurred on June 4, 2019. In the second segment, guest cohost Mark Jackson joins the team as cutting-edge blogger Red Pill Junkie discusses the possibilities of waiting for disclosure in light of major newspapers, at long last, taking the UFO mystery seriously. Or have we been there before?

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Reality — Or a Dream?
By Gene Steinberg

Way too many UFO articles mention the promise or the imminence of disclosure, with the revelation that those flying things in our skies are spaceships from other worlds. It’s an assumption that is so widely repeated, many accept it as fact.

To be sure, things are certainly changing in the UFO field, and there may be reason to be optimistic at long last. Well make that somewhat optimistic.

When, on December 16, 2017, the “old gray lady,” The New York Times, carried a pair of stories about UFOs — make that UAPs — you just had to pay attention.

Rather than take the usual approach by the mainstream media, to make the subject into a joke, these articles were deadly serious.

The first, entitled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program,” bore bylines from Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and, yes, Leslie Kean. Leslie is, of course, well known to listeners of The Paracast, having been a guest on several episodes over the years.

In that story, we learned of the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), and the $22 million devoted to the project by the Defense Department. AATIP was, indeed, focused on UFO investigation.

It should be a familiar tale by now. Former Senator Harry Reid arranged for the funding, and also arranged for his friend and contributor, the ever-mysterious Robert Bigelow, to receive most of it.

In a world of cost overruns and shady contracts, $22 million is a drop in the bucket. In the government’s vast budget, it’s little more than a rounding error. But we all know what happens when Bigelow is involved. He keeps most of his research to himself.

But the cast of characters we met, more or less, was itself intriguing. We learned how the person who claimed to have headed the project, one Luis Elizondo, was now working for former rock star Tom DeLonge, and the “To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences.”

It didn’t end there. Every few months, there were more reports of military UFO encounters with the promise that something big might be happening. It didn’t help, though, to observe alleged gun photos from military planes that were little more than blurs of light. But the Times, the Washington Post, Politico and other respected news organizations clearly took it seriously. Even the Fox News conservative firebrand, Tucker Carlson, who was host to Leslie, Elizondo, Nick Pope and others during his nightly prime time show.

Rather than yell at these guests, his shtick, he treated them and the subject with absolute respect, no silly jokes, no insults. It was a surprising performance to be sure, but it also indicated that Carlson took the subject seriously. Imagine if he acted this way with his other guests on his controversial show.

It’s not that there hasn’t been a tinge of scandal, what with the recent report that Elizondo may not have actually been the head of AATIP, although he did have a Pentagon job. The doubt was raised by a skeptical blogger who based the story on a letter from a government spokesperson.

But the situation is even more muddied than that, with a previous letter stating precisely the reverse. So was this yet another example of a military coverup, disinformation, an innocent error — what? Maybe Elizondo’s military employers decided it was best that he be disavowed. Shades of “Mission Impossible”!

I’m not going to weigh in on this controversy beyond that. The dust may settle soon enough. I’m more interested in the fact that, at long last, UFOs are being taken seriously by esteemed representatives of the mainstream media. What’s more, the usual complaints of “Fake News” are largely silent.

Don’t forget when Secretary Hillary Clinton discussed her abiding interest in UFOs — all right UAPs — during the 2016 campaign for President. I don’t recall soon-to-be President Donald J. Trump interspersing any tin foil chatter between his endless “lock her up” chants.

When asked about UAPs, Trump’s current press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said she knew nothing about it but would ask her boss. It was a typical excuse and, as you would expect, she had no followup. There were just too many more “important” things for her to spin.

In recent days, the President has boasted of our return to sending humans to the Moon. Or maybe it’s going to be Mars, or both. He just doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind.

Regardless, if there was a secret to reveal, he’d love to do it. Consider when heretofore classified documents about the 1963 Kennedy assassination were unsealed. President Trump was happy to announce it, but wait a minute! It wasn’t exactly all documents. Some would still be kept secret.

As you can imagine, it’s easy to become confused with the constant flurry of claims, counterclaims, and reported misstatements and outright falsehoods.

But I’m not about to say any more about politics. There’s just too much of that already.

In all this, UAPs have clearly become respectable. Is this all part of a deliberate process to reveal some deeply held truth?

Those who care already know that scientists have discovered the presence of thousands of exosolar planets — worlds revolving around other star systems. Some of them may indeed harbor the conditions to support life, maybe even life as we know it.

While it would take a close survey to know for sure, and that may take decades or more to accomplish, assumptions are being made. The main one is that life may be abundant in the universe, which confirms the possibility that there may be many advanced civilizations, some of which may have have perfected interstellar travel.

Those who believe UAPs are spaceships are feeling vindicated. See they ARE out there, which means some of them may very well be here right now!

The current state of affairs may be no accident. It might be part of a systematic program of gradual disclosure. One fine day, the people of Earth will go about their business with the full knowledge that ET is here. Now when will dinner be ready?

As listeners to The Paracast know full well, I remain skeptical that UAPs are of extraterrestrial origin. The solution to the enigma may, itself, be far more mysterious and even stretch our understanding of the way things are.

Regardless of how it all turns out, we may be at the start of a great adventure, but many of my contemporaries in the field are no longer around to experience it. Or maybe they are just watching us from somewhere out there enjoying it all.

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