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Your Paracast Newsletter — June 3, 2018

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Gene Steinberg

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June 3, 2018

Take a Trip Around the World of the Paranormal with Greg Bishop on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cutting-edge commentator Greg Bishop, host of "Radio Misterioso" spend the episode discussing a variety of subjects related to the world of the paranormal. What, for example, is Greg's co-creation theory about UFOs and other phenomena all about anyway? Does it mean that he's unwilling to accept the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the answer to the UFO mystery? A wide-range of topics are discussed, including spirit phenomena and other weird events. And in a short pop culture segment, Greg mentions that the late comic actor, Mel Blanc, the legendary "man of a thousand voices," actually sang a song with the words "flying saucers" in the title.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on June 3: Enjoy a fun romp through the amazing world of the paranormal with Gene and very special guests Greg Bishop, host of "Radio Misterioso" and Miguel Romero (Red Pill Junkie). Greg presents an update about Richard Doty and his ever-changing stories, the latest news about Bob Lazar, alleged intelligence agency influences on such personalities as Chuck Barris (“Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”) and Candy Jones (“The Control of Candy Jones”) which dovetails into the contactee movement and whether any of these people had one or more genuine encounters with alien beings. And does witnessing a total eclipse give you an experience that in any way resembles a paranormal event? What about abductions, where memories of the event are easily recovered via hypnotic regression? Are the aliens so stupid as to make it so easy to recall those hidden memories?

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The Search for a Point of Reference
By Gene Steinberg

I know that almost every time I tackle the subject of whether UFOs come from other space, and ask some hard questions about the theory, some people act as if I’m claiming the moon is made of green cheese. I’m raising an issue that, to them, is an accepted fact, so I should get over it.

But discussions about more encompassing theories about the paranormal are nothing knew. I was discussing the possibilities with my old friend Allen H. Greenfield back in the 1960s. Our talks began one New Year’s Eve at a posh hotel in the heart of New York City. But you can date discussions on the matter by others probably as far back as the 1940s.

Maybe I am stuck in the old days, but the extraterrestrial theory was actively discussed then too. How little things have changed.

A lot of the strange things we see appear to be based on our cultural references. So we saw God and his angels in ancient times. Maybe leprechauns, fairies and other supernatural creatures during the Middle Ages, but when we see beings the appear to be from outer space, we assume that’s what they are. After all, we are advanced enough to be able to see exactly what is going on.

When we see flying saucers, solid aircraft, soaring through the skies, there isn’t the shadow of a doubt that aliens are among us. We see them, therefore they are there. Besides, they are sometimes tracked on radar and photographed. Sometimes those photos appear to show distinct objects that cannot possibly be conventional.

But I wonder why there are so few close-up photos. Most of what you see depicts distant lights in the sky, lacking much in the way of specific details. They could be anything, and the photos depicting objects that are clear and distinct may have been faked.

After all, how many really good UFO photos have emerged anyway? Thousands of sightings, some close up, but so few that appear to have been photographed in any recognizable fashion. Or do those cameras mysteriously stop working properly when in proximity to ET?

Consider the reports of attempts to photograph a UFO abduction in the act. Cameras, some capable of video, are set up, but they fail or are unaccountably turned off when the experience occurs.

Does that mean that ET doesn’t care to let us see who and what they are what they’re doing?

Curiously, the efforts by ET to conceal memories of such encounters don’t work very well. The experiencer sees an owl and its huge eyes, sometimes a clue that an abduction may lie hidden in their subconscious, ready to be recalled in full detail via therapy that may include hypnotic regression.

It doesn’t pass the logic test.

So we have highly advanced creatures, who have perfected interstellar travel, yet they are unable to control our primitive brains to fully suppress the details of an abduction. When they perform a physical exam, it is often painful. One would think that ET’s medical knowledge would be sufficient to make the experience painless.

Alien implants? Virtually invisible, perhaps undetectable. So what are those things that are sometimes recovered, or are intelligence operatives implanting the same sort of RFID chips that we use to track pets or cattle?

Now about those memories of owls with huge, penetrating eyes, sometimes referred to as “screen memories,” are regarded as evidence of a possible abduction. I’ve mentioned this to researchers from time to time on The Paracast, but what if the abduction itself turned out to be the actual screen memory, designed to conceal the real encounter, whatever it might be?

Indeed, is the UFO itself what was actually seen, or are we struggling to make sense of something that’s beyond our frame of reference? What if the visitors or the forces behind these experiences project such images to direct our attention away from the real event?

Perhaps that’s all our brains can process. Don’t forget those supernatural creatures we used to see, as certain then of the reality of the experience as we are now. The difference? We feel we are quite advanced enough to see what’s really going on. Our ancestors did too.

And our heirs, a hundred years from now, may believe the very same thing, only they might be witnessing something different, perhaps a phenomenon that reflects the culture of our future.

I am, obviously, hoping or assuming that we won’t obliterate ourselves in the meantime and that our civilization has a future.

I recall an article from sci-fi/paranormal writer/editor Ray Palmer in the 1960s, where he wondered whether a civilization on Mars, if it existed, would have its own UFO enigma to investigate. He had a point, that the paranormal represented a far more complicated scenario than we expect or believe.

At its heart, we view such occurrences as encounters that fit into separate categories. So UFOs are spaceships, near-death experiences and ghost sightings represent possible interactions with the afterlife, and such creatures as Bigfoot may represent actual creatures that live among us. At least when they aren’t visitors from other dimensions that accidentally popped into our reality.

What about the possible resemblances between UFO abductions and near-death experiences?

True, it is far easier to look for what you regard as the simplest explanations for the unknown. It’s no doubt more comforting than to be forced to confront the possibility that we are experiencing weird phenomena that is way behind our humble abilities to understand.

This doesn’t mean that extraterrestrials don’t exist. From what we have discovered so far about extrasolar planets, very likely they do. The issue at hand is whether or not they are here. Or even whether all of the UFOs we see are interstellar travelers, or combinations of different phenomena.

Life after death? Other than those NDEs, where the experiencer tells us what happened to them, there is no frame of reference. In other words, you’d have to die and return to life to understand what happens on the “other side.” But if it’s all the product of our imaginations, placed in an alternate state of consciousness, how can we possibly know?

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