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Your Paracast Newsletter — June 24, 2018

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Gene Steinberg

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June 24, 2018

Fortean Researcher Loren Coleman Explores Bigfoot, Mysterious Deaths and More on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Coming June 24: On an anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting, Gene and returning guest cohost J. Randall Murphy host cryptozoologist and Fortean Loren Coleman. Loren discusses the weird deaths of paranormal authors, Ufologists, Mothman-linked folks, Superman personalities, and celebrities. Do these clusters of deaths have any significance, or is it all about coincidence? Will those copycat hangings involving such notables as fashion designer Kate Spade and comic actor Robin Williams continue? What about the reality behind such creatures as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Thunderbird? Loren is founder and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

International Cryptozoology Museum: International Cryptozoology Museum

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on June 24: Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy, inspired by the episode of The Paracast that featured Fortean researcher Loren Coleman, cover a variety of topics that begin with whether Bigfoot and UFOs are physical realities, or something else. What about the elusive nature of the evidence, and the areas where such phenomena appears to occur more frequently. Is it about the so-called publicity flap, where one or more strange events cause people to pay attention and thus have additional sightings? vens. Randall recounts his early days as a UFO research, and what continues to drive him to explore the subject. What if you could go back and undo an important event in your life, or someone else’s? What would the consequences be, or is that change just how it was meant to be all along?

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Through the Sands of Time
By Gene Steinberg

One theory about UFOs has it that we are being visited by time travelers, people from our future who are here to just look around. Or maybe they need to alter some key event that will cause troubles in their own era.

Such possibilities have been explored in a number of TV series and movies. But in one of the most famous stories, “The Time Machine,” travel was done the opposite way, exploring the far future where innocent humans, the Eloi, are essentially slaves to the evil Morlocks.

On the surface, there’s a rough resemblance between these two races and Richard Shaver’s deros and teros, except that the latter, the good people, were also skilled in using the advanced technologies of the ancients. Curiously, Shaver often claimed that “The Time Machine” was actually based on the deros and teros.

More often than not, however, a time travel attempt is from the future to the present, or the past, using advanced technology to allow people to return to the time and place of their choosing. In the DC Comics superhero TV show, “Legends of Tomorrow,” a ragtag group of hero wannabes travels through time (and space) to right wrongs, but more often than not leaves a residue of unplanned changes behind with unpredictable consequences.

Some might wonder what might happen if tragedies of the past were somehow prevented, or would fate somehow intervene and make it occur differently? So if John Wilkes Booth didn’t assassinate President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, would that murder still occur, only at a different time and place involving a different shooter?

Regardless of whom you believe to be responsible for killing President John F. Kennedy in 1963, was that event inevitable? If he hadn’t gone to Dallas, would something else have occurred to end his life?

Or if he did survive, would he have been reelected? After all, he wasn’t exactly healthy, and would his then-secret sex scandals eventually do him in?

If JFK did serve two full terms, would there have been a Vietnam War, or would he have pulled out, as he appeared to want to do, before things got out of hand? What about the consequences of not losing over 58,000 soldiers? Lives that ended would continue and there would be an uncountable number of critical life changes that might have altered the future, our present, in ways we couldn’t conceive.

Would his brother Robert have been elected President to succeed him?

And what about Vice President Johnson? Would his unsavory actions finally do him in?

How about Richard Nixon? Would he have just faded into obscurity had he not had the chance to run for President in 1968?

Perhaps as important to many was the murder of Beatle John Lennon in 1980. Had he survived, would the Fab Four have reunited at some point in time, if only for the occasional concert or to cut a new album? Would the magic return?

There is a book, from occasional Paracast guest Bryce Zabel, speculating what might have happened had The Beatles not broken up in 1969.

Obviously I’m writing here about just a few of many key historical events that very likely would have changed the world in ways we cannot imagine. Even a relatively small change, making a left turn rather than a right turn to avoid a fatal traffic accident, could have a critical impact on history and our own lives.

Or perhaps changing time somehow splits the universe in a way where the altered version of history exists in one reality, and the one we inhabit stays intact. So there is no change that we can perceive, but even if we were also transported to another reality, our memories would reflect those differences.

It’s all so confusing and it’s certainly true that comic book, movie and TV presentations of time travel usually make it very simplistic. Sure, Superman saves Lois Lane from the impact of an earthquake caused by Lex Luther in “Superman: The Movie,” but if the events had proceeded unchanged, what would have happened to the Man of Steel? After a normal grief period, would he have reconnected with his old girlfriend, Lana Lang?

Or perhaps the outcome is less complicated. Any alteration of our past due to the accidental or deliberate meddling with the time stream proceeds as it was meant to be.

After all, isn’t time itself an illusion?

To take the purest approach, changing time would be a dangerous thing to do. If UFOs from our future are here just to observe us, wouldn’t that be sufficient to keep things as they are?

Well, not quite, because the presence of UFOs has changed the lives of uncounted numbers of people.

Perhaps there’s a time authority to keep uncaring scientists, or evildoers, from messing with time. Perhaps the technology that allows one to perfect time travel also makes it possible to predict potential outcomes. That way, if the script is followed — and the process might also be managed by an advanced computer — no harm is done.

Then again, have you ever wondered what you’d like to change in your past to undo a wrong, to live a happier, more productive life? Is there a critical event that led you to pick a mate, end a relationship, accept a job or choose another means of employment that you’d like to change?

What if it were possible for your subconscious, with all your memories intact, to replace the subconscious of a younger version of yourself? If you had the chance to basically live much of your life over again, how would you change things?

Or would the fates lead you to make the same decisions, because that what was meant to be?

And if you did make critical changes to your life, would they have the positive effect you dreamed about, or result in even more grief? How would the altered version of yourself impact the rest of the world, and would the conditions that improved your existence have an opposite effect? Or would it make things better?

The mere thought of time travel raises all sorts of intriguing and even downright dangerous possibilities. But if reality is really just an illusion anyway, why should it even matter?

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