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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 6, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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January 6, 2019


Meet the Man Behind the UFO Today Site on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall introduce Yovav Gad A.K.A. “The Web Machine,” who established the UFOToday.com site in September, 2016. Yovav created the web portal as a front stage for UFO enthusiasts, authors and whistle-blowers to post articles, opinions, theories, sightings and real life experiences to help reveal the truth about unidentified flying objects and visitations from extra-terrestrial origins. During this episode, you'll learn about Yovav's views about UFOs and whether he believes they are alien visitors. You'll also discover something surprising about him, something your humble Paracast hosts did not expect.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

UFO Today: Out of this world news, UFO reports, extra-terrestrials, astronomy and latest in science.

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 6: After providing some introductory material on the Raëlian movement or religion, holding that humans may be the result of genetic engineering by ET, Gene and Randall also focus on many aspects of possible aliens and alien visitations. Topics include why ET might visit Earth, whether ET has any sense of morality as we understand it, and the possible impact. Are we being subjected to psychological experimentation by ET? Or is it possible that the force behind the UFOs left us years ago, and that current sightings all have conventional explanations?

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So Where is ET Anyway?
By Gene Steinberg

Those of you who read my columns regularly know that I do not necessarily subscribe to the theory that UFOs have extraterrestrial origins. It’s not that I disbelieve in aliens. Certainly discoveries of numerous extrasolar planets, some possibly with conditions that favor life, clearly indicates that ET may be plentiful in the universe.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that “they” are here watching over us, or just paying a visit. But if ET is out there in many forms and from many places, I’ll accept the possibility, since so many of you already do.

If ET is really here, the next logical question is when they arrived. If you can believe all those ancient astronaut theories, it was in Biblical times. Some hold that the heavenly beings we encountered, as described in sacred texts, were actually visitors from other planets. A more primitive society might indeed regard them as god-like in their capabilities.

This is not to say that there is no God as we envision such a being. Even if we have been visited by ET, that doesn’t necessarily change the fundamentals of our reality and our universe.

So if ET was around then, just what did they do? Did they just observe us, or interact somehow to fulfill their mission? Now we should never assume that there is any sense of morality or a prime directive that would govern their contact with what they’d regard as a primitive species.

Even in the Star Trek universe, Captain Kirk would disobey the prime directive when it was essential to the plot. Federation adversaries, such as the Klingons and Romulans, clearly had no comparable directive on which to base their behavior, other than, of course, to conquer and rule.

That said, if ET is truly alien in its appearance, there is no possible way to predict its behavior, or its intentions towards us.

Some believe that we are the result of genetic engineering by an advanced species. If that’s the case, clearly the results of that experimentation had imperfect results. Or perhaps we are just being allowed to go our own way regardless of the consequences.

But if ET seeded humans or created us via genetic engineering of an existing species, you’d think they’d be here for the long haul. You’d think that they would be observing the results of their experimentation, perhaps intervening when it was necessary.

Maybe. Or perhaps they are so busy managing terraforming programs throughout the universe, that they only leave computers or robots behind for surveillance. Indeed, it may well be that the UFOs we see are not actually piloted by anything other than cyborgs. The real living beings are elsewhere, if they even exist anymore.

But that even raises yet another question: If ET merely came here to visit us, to interact with us, but had no other designs on our civilization, would they have stayed for thousands of years? Is it possible they left long ago, that our current visitors represent different civilizations from different planets?

Some suggest that there are no UFOs anymore. Sure, they arrived in decent numbers during and after World War II, and perhaps the early sightings, particularly the classic cases, were real in the sense that we were witnessing alien aircraft of some sort. After completing their mission, they left.

But thousands of UFOs are still being reported every single year around the world. What are we seeing nowadays anyway?

While this may seem an unlikely theory, is it possible that every single sighting reported since ET left us decades ago has a conventional explanation? It may well be that some of them are actually test aircraft of one sort or another. That is also a possible answer for some of the UFOs reported in the early days, beginning in 1947. A few errors in reporting and perception might take a conventional object or phenomenon and turn it into something alien.

Notice that I’m avoiding the possibility of hoaxes. Sure they happen, perhaps more frequently nowadays with YouTube and the ready availability of CGI apps for personal computers. Even a teenager with artistic abilities can do wonders in creating videos with believable flying saucers.

In the old days, fakery was more difficult, and I suspect pretty much all of the major photos that depicted conventional objects, such as models held aloft by a thin wire, were easy to expose. What’s more, making up a fake sighting without any visual evidence isn’t terribly hard for someone who has actually read the literature and is well informed about the basics of common sightings.

Indeed, I can cite one really curious occurrence, which I’ve mentioned before on The Paracast. It involves my late friend Jim Moseley, often referred to as Ufology’s court jester. While he had an abiding and serious interest in the subject, he was not above playing a prank now and then.

So in January, 1966, Jim telephoned a small suburban police department and reported a UFO. It happened on or about January 11, but it had a very strange result.

Stay with me now.

The police happened to be located in Wanaque, a sleepy town in Passaic County, New Jersey.

Now you probably know the result already, even if you had to Google the event. Yes, there was indeed a UFO sighting that evening over the reservoir in Wanaque. Not long thereafter, Jim gathered up a small group of his friends, including your humble host, packed us into his large Pontiac, and drove us to the scene for some direct research.

I can’t say that we learned much. My only recollection about the visit was that I should have worn a thicker jacket. Walking above the reservoir, I felt the cold chill of winter, and I was shivering badly. I couldn’t wait to return to Jim’s car and I urged him to turn on the engine and run the heater at full blast.

Coincidence, synchronicity, or did Jim just happen to stumble upon something strange? I wouldn’t pretend to know the answer. Perhaps it was just the luck of the draw.

Regardless, none of this detracts from the high strangeness of the UFO phenomenon. If we assume for the moment that the force that generates these sightings is still here, do you ever wonder why its technology inevitably seems but a few steps beyond ours? From the great airships of 1897 to the present day, the changes in the appearance of UFOs never seem to stray beyond things that we can readily recognize, things that we can imagine our scientists and engineers developing in the not-to-distant future.

Is there a message inherent in the way UFOs appear? That, of course, assumes that ET, or the force behind the phenomenon, is still present and accounted for.

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