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Your Paracast Newsletter -- January 23, 2010

Gene Steinberg

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Explore the Scientific Investigation of Hauntings on The Paracast

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Sunday, January 24, 2010: The Paracast, with Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, covers a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions across the planet.

Set Up: The Paracast hosts interview long-time researchers in the field, to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives.

Join Gene and David as they explore the realms of the known and unknown, and hear great stories of the history of the paranormal field in the 20th and 21st centuries.

This Week's Episode: Paranormal investigator David M. Roundtree, of the New Jersey Paranormal Resource Group, explores the complicated subject of hauntings and the hard evidence he's collected to demonstrate that such things occur.

David Roundtree's Site: http://www.spinvestigations.org/</p> Reminder: Don't forget to visit our active Discussion Forums for the latest news/views/debates on all things paranormal (and note our new Internet address): The Paracast Community Forums. We've just completed a major redesign to make our community even easier to access, with more convenience features to boot.</p> Do All Paranormal Events Have the Same Cause?

There are so many categories of research into the strange and unknown that it's often hard to identify them all. I's near as difficult, perhaps, as keeping track of the product lineup of a typical TV maker and figuring out the differences.

So, for example, you have the UFO field. But there are loads of subcategories, with some people specializing in probing abductions, others military sightings, and so on and so forth. When it comes to other areas of the paranormal, there are ghost hunters, researchers into reports of strange creatures, such as Bigfoot, and, once again, the list goes on.

On this week's episode, we feature David M. Roundtree, an investigator who focuses on hauntings, who presents an idea that, while not unique, doesn't get a whole lot of serious consideration. If there's any truth to the concept, which is actually being taken seriously by mainstream science, a fair number of the events we cannot understand might be subject to one very logical explanation.

I'm talking about wormholes, which are defined, according Wikipedia, "a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be, fundamentally, 'shortcut' through space and time."

So imagine an alien species using wormholes to quickly travel from one star system to another without having to confront such conundrums as the speed of light and other troubles that threaten to make travel through normal space extremely difficult to accomplish over long distances. But please don't get me started about warp drive, OK?

Now a wormhole doesn't necessarily have to exist somewhere in space. Certainly there have been a number of science fiction movies and TV shows depicting wormholes on the surface of a planet. If such things are real, perhaps there are places where living things can somehow move between here and there accidentally or via a deliberate action of some sort. What's more, the wormhole doesn't have to be a natural phenomenon, but something generated if you have the proper technology with which to make it happen.

Yes, I realize I'm perhaps straying beyond the edge of reality here, but let's take the idea a little bit further. What about using wormholes to travel from one time period to another? This is the main focus of the British TV series "Primeval," where frightening creatures are beaming into and out of our reality each episode. And, by the way, I understand the series will be back for a fourth season in the near future, in case any of you are fans.

The presence of wormholes can accommodate a whole range of paranormal occurrences: Consider alien visitors, cryptozoological events, but what about what we call ghosts or apparitions? Might it be that we are merely seeing, courtesy of that wormhole, events that are transpiring in some past or future time? So when ghostly soldiers appear to haunt the scene of a past military conflict, what you are actually seeing are the actual images rather than ghostly visitations from the afterlife. Maybe that's why these apparitions, spirits, or what have you seem divorced from our reality.

I know I risk taking a simplistic approach to all these uncanny events. It may well be that they all have distinctly separate causes, from ET traveling through normal space, to our dead relatives returning to keep tabs on us. But a unified theory has a distinctly logical ring to it, don't you think?

Well, maybe this is a subject that's just too crazy to talk about any further.

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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