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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 22, 2023

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
January 22, 2023

Paranormal Podcaster/Researcher Peter William Shelley Reveals Foreign UFO Cases, and a Famous Hoax, on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz introduce researcher and podcaster Peter William Shelley. Born in San Jose, California, hey has had an active interest in UFOs and the paranormal since the 1960s. While still a child in 1969, he had a UFO experience that convinced him that the phenomena was absolutely real. In the late 1970s, he moved to Los Angeles and worked in cartoon animation as an artist. Ultimately, he was employed at Hanna-Barbera Studios and worked on such TV series as “The Godzilla Power Hour” and “Jana of the Jungle." An avid listener to podcasts on UFOs and the paranormal, he became dissatisfied with the quality of many shows (except ours of course) and in 2020 started his own podcast on YouTube called “Shadowy Spectrums." His main focus consists of cases outside of the U.S., and he talks about the stories of Ghost Rockets back in the 1940s, and the infamous UMMO UFO hoax that persisted for several decades before its creator exposed it for what it really was.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 22: UFO researcher/podcaster Peter William Shelley returns to explain to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz why he is skeptical of so-called abduction claims, giving some examples. In connection with the wide use of hypnosis in abduction research, Gene discusses his early experiments with hypnosis, revealing at least one partly-successful attempt with a post-hypnotic suggestion. The Pentagon UFO/UAP study is also explored as Shelley reveals his skepticism that it'll amount to anything positive in learning the UFO secret. He is host of "Shadowy Spectrums," which focuses on sightings in the rest of the world. So far, he has interviewed UFO and paranormal researchers from Sweden, Spain, Chile, Hungary, Japan and Argentina. Currently he resides in Bogota, Colombia, where he has lived for more than 10 years and works as an English teacher.

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Not What It Seems to Be
By Gene Steinberg

As if seeing odd things flying in our skies over the years hasn’t been strange enough, an unknown number people have claimed to have been in contact with the crew members. Some, involving encounters with Nordic-type aliens in the desert and elsewhere, are easily disputed.

Others, involving possible abductions, aren’t.

While it didn’t begin there, the September 19, 1961 encounter involving Betty and Barney Hill appears to be a progenitor for the typical UFO abduction experience. They are returning from a vacation when they see a UFO. Two hours of time are missing, but between conscious memories and hypnotic regression, they recall being taken aboard the craft and meeting alien beings.

The case became the subject of a best-selling book published in 1966, “Interrupted Journey,” from John G. Fuller. A movie version, “The UFO Incident,” starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons, was released in 1975.

So what did happen? Was it all true, that the Hills were kidnapped by ET? Or was there something else involved?

One theory I’ve mentioned from time to time is the possibility that the Hills, an interracial couple, were subjected to some sort of government experiment. Consider the potential struggles they might have faced in the early 1960s, before the Civil Rights Act was passed. They also lived near a military base.

Now we know that the U.S. government was not above conducting mind control experiments on the people. Let’s not forget a top secret CIA project, MK-Ultra, where LSD and other drugs were used for gathering information and engaging in psychological torture. Evidently the program, beginning in 1953, lasted until 1973.

Or so they say.

Thus MK-Ultra was happening at the same time that the Hills had their classic UFO abduction experience.

So what really happened? Was it all or mostly as the Hills recalled, or were they the unwilling pawns in the CIA’s questionable efforts at experimenting with American citizens?

The latter idea is highly disputed. I met Betty Hill a couple of times in the mid-1970s, and she seemed perfectly sincere, someone to be taken at face value. Her niece, Kathleen Marden, is a hypnotherapist and abduction investigator, and she can cite chapter and verse as to why the case should be regarded as a genuine UFO encounter.

I am not apt to say she is wrong, although it must be hard not to be emotionally attached to the incident since it involved a close family member. Perhaps, save for possible misinterpretations of the details, it is pretty much as described.

Indeed, over the years, there have been countless cases for abduction researchers to explore. There are consistencies, even among people who don’t know one another, and are not fully versed on UFO lore. Marden and others use what I’d call a “fact,” a detail about such encounters that is not publicly described, to confirm that they are dealing with a genuine experience.

On The Paracast, we interviewed such well-known abductees as Calvin Parker and Travis Walton. I also had private conversations with others who reported such experiences, and I had to be impressed by their sincerity. Whatever happened, clearly they believed all of it.

The question is of course, whether any of it can be taken at face value.

On that question, I’m just not sure. It’s not as if there’s physical evidence, beyond possible implants here and there. Even then, there’s little or no indication of possibly advanced technology that can’t be duplicated on Earth.

So what is going on anyway?

Aside from possible government mind control shenanigans, an outrageous assault on individual freedom, it is possible that some or all of those abductions aren’t what they appear to be either.

Consider the curious episodes of abductions reported by author/experiencer/podcaster Heidi Hollis. During her appearance on the January 8, 2023 episode of The Paracast, she spoke of being abducted by the military and other strange encounters.

So she said that she found herself somewhere else, apparently a military facility, captive to these individuals for awhile, only to awaken in her own bed.

The obvious conclusion is, of course, that these experiences might have all been dreams. Vivid, yes, but still dreams. Being immersed in UFO and paranormal lore, this is certainly a possibility. Still, Hollis insists that the experiences must be genuine physical encounters.

Is there any evidence that this is the case? Clearly we only have her testimony to evaluate. Nobody was there to witness what happened. And even if she is describing an external experience, who is to say it wasn’t drug induced?

But why would she be singled out for such mind control experimentation? Is it a possible result of her position as a public advocate for UFO reality? Would that attract government spooks to seek her out and test her reactions?

It’s hard to say. And even if some outside force did kidnap her for several hours at a time, who is to say that the experiences were accurately described? It is a known fact that some medications can cause hallucinations.

But I know nothing of Hollis’ medical history.

The long and short of it is that the UFO abduction experience is messy from any standpoint. Does it make sense for extraterrestrials to repeatedly kidnap humans and subject them to possibly painful tests? What’s the point?

If generic material is needed, it can probably be gathered simply and painlessly without going through all this nonsense. Of course that would require respect on the part of our visitors, and they may regard humans as little more than primitive animals, to be treated no better than we treat the creatures around us.

Other theories have it that there is a core set of experiences involved, but that the interpretation that it’s related to the flying saucer mystery is wrong. What people encounter may be seriously colored by the culture in which they live. Had it happened a few hundred years ago, it would have involved supernatural beings, not entities from other planets.

What this means is that, although there is a genuine UFO mystery that continues to perplex us, actual physical contact is a rarity at best. Abductions and channeling experiences have nothing to do with it.

In other words, I don’t subscribe to those theories about ET creating a race of human/alien hybrids to take us over. Evidence for such a potential happenstance is shaky at best.

But if we are being taken over, considering what a mess humans have made of Planet Earth, perhaps that would be a good thing.

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