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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 21, 2024

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
January 21, 2024


Discover the Shape of UFOs with Chris Evers, Owner/Editor of Outer Limits Magazine, on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz feature Chris Evers, owner and editor of Outer Limits Magazine a six times a year online publication dedicated to the paranormal world which we live in. He has had an interest in the UFO subject since his own strange experience in 1974. He is author of "THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME From Elsewhere:" Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Flying Saucers, Orbs, Cigar-Shaped, Flying Triangles, V-Shaped or Cross-Shaped, or even the alleged Adamski Venusian craft, the world of Ufology has seen them all. Why have ther been so many different shapes associated with the world’s greatest unexplained phenomena? Do they all come from th same manufacturing plant based on a planet many light years from Earth? Will the truth ever be known? Evers presents mysterious tales and stories surrounding many of the above types of craft. Some will be well known accounts, which you have likely heard of; while many will be presented to you for the first time in this the authors first book from Philip Mantle's Flying Disk Press.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 21: UFO researcher Chris Evers, owner/editor of Outer Limits, and author of "THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME From Elsewhere," returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about a number of topics related to the phenomenon. There will be a focus on possible UFOs in Biblical times, whether they are angelic or demonic. And what about alternate theories of the phenomenon, such as interdimensional transport and time travel. And are some UFOs hostile? What about military orders to shoot them down if they come too close? In addition to publishing Outer Limits Magazine, he presents his monthly podcast 'Signals' on the Paranormal Panorama Network, in which he interviews many of the worlds noted investigators of the unusual, the unexplained and the downright weird. Chris has had an interest in the UFO subject since his own strange experience in 1974. An experience he is still seeking the answer to, for over 50 years. He resides in the city of Kingston upon Hull, in the East Yorkshire area of the UK, with his wife of 26 years Jeannette, and their cat Phoebe.

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The Non-Psychic Report
By Gene Steinberg

In the 1990 fantasy film, “Ghost,” a neighborhood psychic discovers she doesn’t have to do cold readings anymore. She can actually see dead people. Well, one dead person, someone who was murdered and is seeking some answers about who hired a criminal to take him out.

As crazy as the concept might seem, the woman who played the psychic, Whoopi Goldberg, demonstrated she was more than just a quirky standup comic. She won an Oscar for the role.

In our real world, rather than the reel world, there are psychics or fortune tellers, in most any neighborhood. While many people believe they are getting thoughtful, compelling readings about their personal problems, or are perhaps communicating with a departed loved one, the practice is basically regarded as entertainment. Meaning that you probably shouldn’t take it seriously.

That said, The Paracast has heard stories about psychics who do not need to resort to trickery to provide real information that confirms their abilities. Maybe they can tell someone things that others do not know about them. Maybe they can predict the future in a way that far exceeds the possibility of chance.

At the same time, we have had a few psychics on the show over the years. The results were mostly a mixed bag. Some will say something that appears to have the veneer of accuracy, but it’s a question whether the information goes beyond a simple good guess.

At the same time, people that I take seriously continue to swear by some of these people, so I continue to offer an open invitation for someone to come on the show to demonstrate their abilities.

Just recently we had one of those people, one Christopher Harmon, join the discussion to see how he fared against the uncertain results of the few who previously participated over the years.

He attempted a remote viewing of my home office, and came back with results that bore little resemblance to the fairly simple environment in which I work. It has a single desktop computer, an Apple iMac, some mics, a portable mixer, headsets and a few odds and ends related to producing The Paracast.

Instead Harmon described a room that could only befit a dedicated computer hacker. You’ve seen them on TV, with a wide desk atop which are several displays placed side by side. But that is not me; it has never been me. Even in the days when I was writing computer books, I seldom had more than two desktops in operation at any one time.

He took a chance at a psychic reading, and seemed to fare a little better. His basic descriptions of me and cohost Tim Swartz seemed close to the mark, but it’s not that you can’t find plenty of information about us, though some of it is heavily infused with fiction.

In two areas, he seemed right on, however. So Harmon told of me being close with a grandfather, and that I had a luxury car in the 1980s.

I suppose he might have referred to Morris, my material grandfather, who came to the U.S. from Russia in the early 20th century, worked as a tailor with his brothers, but never quite mastered English beyond a few words. Nonetheless, I did feel close to him in my youth, because he was calm and friendly. But my mastery of yiddish was nearly non-existent, so we never really communicated.

That said, there is nothing unusual about children being close to their grandparents.

The same can be said about his other pronouncement, that I drove a luxury car in the 1980s. In short, there were plenty of cheap leases for more expensive transportation, with low down payments. So getting such a vehicle would often come with a lower monthly payment than a traditional car loan. So it’s not such an unusual happenstance, and doesn’t appear to indicate that he had any psychic powers to speak of.

Here’s the link to the episode, if you want to check this out for yourself: October 15, 2023 Christopher Harmon with Tim Swartz — The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio

That said, it also appears to be true that psychics have gained enough presence nowadays that larger companies have set up shop using the same schtick as is used for other online pay-per-minute consultation services.

So the other day, while watching a cable news show, I saw an ad about getting psychic readings from some company in California. I won’t mention the name, though you can probably guess after reading a few sentences — assuming your haven’t heard the ad already.

Long and short, they offer to have a psychic do a telephone reading of you at fees that approach that of what a lawyer would charge for a consultation. I’m serious, and maybe I’m in the wrong business. They have three tiers, with prices to match. So a basic 20-minute reading is $20 for new customers, and a top-of-the-line session is $80 for new customers. After that you pay rates starting at $4.00 per minute, going up to $8.50 per minute for the more experienced practitioners, those who are “best for those with big questions.”

Now the marketing approach seems a little overwrought and it seems that the company is getting some blowback for outrageous claims. The original ads mentioning accurate psychics have now begun to focus on the emotional satisfaction of having sessions with a member of their crew.

They boast that 98% of job applicants are rejected. I suppose that may be true, but if it’s all about cold readings, it may be a matter of which ones are the best verbal performers.

I want to be fair, though. Tim and I have separately approached them and asked if they’d supply one of their best psychics and submit them to a test on The Paracast. As you might expect, they haven’t replied.

The fine print on their site does say it’s entertainment. That means it’s not to be taken seriously. But if you have to max out your credit card to spend a reasonable amount of time with them, you will suffer unless you have another credit card or plenty of money to spare.

Now I am not against psychics, Credible people I know have had positive experiences with one or more of them. The offer to put someone boasting of extrasensory abilities to the test on The Paracast is still open.

I’m just not positive about the prospects that any of them would be willing to accept the challenge. But we’ve had a few come on the show over the years, so maybe I should be less negative about the possibilities. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

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