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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 21, 2018

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
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January 21, 2018

Greg Bishop and Don Ecker Discuss the State of UFO Research on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: In this special episode, Gene presents cutting-edge commentator Greg Bishop, host of "Radio Misterioso" and, as usual, he offers a freewheeling approach to paranormal mysteries. Greg will explain why he's not interested in speculation about possible extraterrestrial visitors as being the source of UFOs, citing the co-creation theory, in which the witness participates to some degree in the event. There will also be discussions on the possible implications of the Pentagon UFO study. Greg will be joined by the inimitable Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio. Both will present overviews of the contactee movement, as Greg previews a forthcoming book on the subject that he's written with Adam Gorightly, who often calls himself a "crackpot historian."

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Don Ecker's Facebook Page: Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on January 21: Before entering UFO discussions, Gene and guest Don Ecker, of Dark Matters Radio, talk about their experiences, such as they are, with jury duty. Ecker gives his unvarnished opinion that something of an “extraordinary nature” occurred in Roswell, NM, and he recounts meeting a witness, who hadn’t been previously questioned, who claimed he had seen alien bodies in connection with the crash. The discussion moves into possible reverse engineering of alleged alien technology, and if there’s any evidence of it. Ecker cites some aircraft that may contain such technology, and responds to Gene’s question about Col. Philip Corso’s controversial claims about passing out alien technology to private industry. Ecker also explains why he thinks the Roswell case will never be solved.

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About Those Endless UFO Debates
By Gene Steinberg

Although the discussions can become a little inflammatory from time to time, The Paracast forums tend to be more civil than most. But it’s also true that some debates appear to go on longer than they perhaps should and the arguments soon become repetitive.

So there’s the ongoing topic thread about whether or not UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. To many of you, this goes without saying. It’s been the most popular theory for decades.

It certain seems supremely logical. UFOs appear to engage in amazing pinpoint maneuvers that are way beyond that of conventional aircraft, or any conventional aircraft that we know about. So they must have been developed by a more advanced race, thus beings from another planet.

Where that planet is located is obviously an unknown. Sure, in the early days, it was thought that maybe Mars had conditions for an advanced civilization, but we’ve since learned that the red planet is just a barren world where the best we might discover are simple microbes.

Could there have been an advanced Martian civilization millions of years ago before conditions changed? I suppose one can speculate. What if we are descended from Martians who came to Earth when the atmosphere of their home planet dissipated? Or would they have first fled to the interior of their world for as long as possible?

Even if this theory had a ghost of a chance of being true, what about present-day UFOs? Where are they from anyway?

With discoveries of exosolar planets, some of which may be hospitable to life as we know it, it only raises the possibility that there are advanced spacefaring civilizations that may have found Earth to be a place of interest. The ancient astronaut theory suggests that they visited us long ago, and that their presence was chronicled in some sacred texts.

But if that’s the case, did they just hang around to observe us, or perhaps return every so often to check the progress of our civilization? Indeed, are humans the result of genetic engineering or interbreeding? Again, are we descended from extraterrestrials?

The problem with all this is that it can’t actually be proved. There are alternate explanations about the presence of aliens in our early history. Perhaps these are just myths meant to advance religious dogma or focus society on a set of moral fables. Perhaps they do represent encounters with God and other holy beings.

When it comes to the flying saucer mystery, the descriptions of possible evidence of advanced technology seem difficult to dispute. If they are physical craft, who sent them? Are they piloted by ET, or are the beings sometimes seen in connection with a sighting robots or cyborgs of some sort? Would an advanced civilization personally visit other planets, or would it be more practical to dispatch computerized systems to make the dangerous voyages across the stars, and experience all of it via some sort of virtual reality scheme?

We can only speculate.

Just as we can only speculate about aliens and alien motives.

Some speculate that our visitors aren’t travelers from other star systems, but flying ships that traverse dimensional portals, and thus are here from alternate realities. The images of a multiverse, with numerous versions of Earth perhaps, influence sci-fi stories and even some super hero TV shows. So we have such characters as Supergirl and Superman doing their things on Earth-38, whereas The Flash and the Green Arrow exist on Earth-1.

In the UK series “Primeval,” scattered dimensional portals served as way stations that allowed dangerous prehistoric creatures to pass through. It made for an often entertaining variation on the monster-on-the-loose theme.

A SyFy series reimagined the classic space opera and comic book character, “Flash Gordon,” as someone who visits another world via a device that allows one to jump off into another reality.

At the end of the day, that can’t be proven either. But if UFOs are from elsewhere, what that elsewhere might be is certainly open to speculation. I suppose it seems a lot simpler to assert that they are here from other planets, since we know there are other planets that might harbor life. Suggesting the existence of other dimensions is more problematic, although the multiverse is a theory posited by legitimate physicists.

But what about those endless debates about the origin of UFOs?

There’s a basic assumption that’s being made when you try to evaluate the possible source of mysterious aircraft, that you are seeing what’s actually there. As soon as you inject a subjective factor, that our human consciousness may participate or co-create the experience, all bets may be off. Maybe there’s something real out there, but how much of that reality is colored by our expectations and/or cultural conditioning.

We live in a sci-fi society steeped in Star Trek and Star Wars, so are we filling in some of the details to compensate when we witness something that is fundamentally unknown? Would our cultural conditioning of thousands of years ago reimagine that phenomenon as, say, an angel or a chariot of the Gods? In another era, would alien beings be perceived as leprechauns?

Surely we are not so primitive as to provide a fantastical or mythical interpretation of the UFO experience. What we see is clearly what’s there, right? How could we have anything to do with it?

But would a highly advanced civilization possess technology that we can even recognize? Would their implements of flight be recognized for what they are? Is it possible the UFO event itself is somehow camouflaging or concealing the real phenomenon, whatever it might be?

What about misdirection? Our eyes are attracted to something strange, whereas the actual event is happening elsewhere. It’s the magicians trick.

Again, it’s certainly far easier to assume that what you see is what you get. Indeed, many UFO investigators treat sightings as an external event, little different from seeing a car pass by or an airplane fly overhead.

As soon as you envision the witness as a participant in the sighting, all bets are off.

This is all idle speculation, of course. It may well be that physical aliens in physical airships are present, and that we will one day learn who and what they are and their purpose for being here.

Can we prove any of it? That’s where the presence of UFOs remains unsolved, maybe unsolvable. You can debate the possibilities endlessly, but it’s still just talk.

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