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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 20, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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January 20, 2019


Folklorist Linda Godfrey Explores Monsters and More on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present the return of folklorist Linda Godfrey, to talk about monsters and other strange beasts, including her own experiences over the years. In her current book, "Monsters Among Us," Linda explores the mystical, legendary, and scientific aspects of these creatures and the surprising secret portals and doorways some may use to enter our world. An author, investigator and artist, she is the author of 18 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. She’s also a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows, and lives in the Kettle Moraine area of SE Wisconsin with her husband and monster dog, Grendel.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 20: In which Gene and Randall continue to explore a variety of fascinating subjects. It begins with a brief discussion of Gene's interview with a noted former cybercriminal on our other show, The Tech Night Owl LIVE, and expands to the latest appearance on The Paracast by folklorist Linda Godfrey, who brought her fascinating collection of stories about strange creatures. Randall brings up the possibilities of alien mind control, in which a number of the UFOs we see are actually projections rather than solid objects. There's also a discussion about the "Project Blue Book" TV drama on the History channel in the U.S., which features a fictionalized version of the life of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. And where are the good UFO photos anyway?

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They’re Not Really There Folks
By Gene Steinberg

So much of the UFO mystery depends on reality, that the objects we see are physical spacecraft coming here from other planets. Even when different origins are specified, the reality is essentially the same.

There are other views about UFOs being generated by our collective unconscious, perhaps with our direct participation (co-creation). That doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t take on solidity; we’re dealing here with phenomena we have yet to fully understand.

But if you assume that we are dealing mainly with visitors from other planets, the next question is whether their technology would really resemble what we expect to develop in the foreseeable future. In other words, a “Star Trek” sort of craft that, despite being alien, basically represents an advancement of existing technology to allow for fast interstellar travel.

Yet I wonder: Just how far advanced is ET anyway? If they are perhaps a few decades or hundreds of years ahead of us, we’d comprehend their means of transport, more or less. But if ET has been here, off and on, for thousands of years, would their science and technology have undergone a steady development cycle? Would the 2019 starship be far more advanced than the model humans may have seen in Biblical times?

In the “Star Wars” universe, it seems as if there is never much progress in developing advanced technology. It’s mostly dealing with what they have. Even world-killing craft, death stars, are simply larger and more powerful constructions that employ existing means of propulsion and weaponry.

So maybe ET is just resting on its laurels, with science and technology having stalled. Perhaps they are content with what they have and do not see the need to advance any further, or perhaps there is a limit to how far any intelligent species can go. Or maybe, must maybe, they discovered all of that technology leftover from a long extinct species. The best they can do is maintain it.

Certainly scientists and engineers have at times suggested that we are close to understanding all of the mysteries of the universe. Well, except for the fact that one new discovery continues to begat another as we progress.

But what if ET has engaged in a linear development of technology across thousands of years? Would we even recognize its products? What if they perfected the means to easily manipulate energy with their minds, perhaps aided by microscopic supercomputers of incredible power. Or maybe it’s all a matter of evolution, assuming they moved past petty tribal warfare and despoiling their home world’s resources.

Consider how this possibility was dealt with in the 1997 film, “Contact,” based on the Carl Sagan novel. When the radio astronomer, portrayed by Jodi Foster, is given the chance to take a “trip” on a craft built with blueprints provided by ET, she finds herself in a place where she meets a being that is the spitting image of her late father.

She is told that she could not accept the alien’s true appearance. This is all done for her benefit, to make it easier for them to communicate with her.

It’s a worthy concept, and the ramifications surely deserve serious consideration.

So let’s assume, for the moment, that the source of the UFOs is an advanced civilization from another star system that is thousands of years ahead of us. Would it even be possible for us to recognize the products of their technology? Would they be able to reshape matter to allow them to instantly transport themselves from planet to planet, taking on whatever form needed to be acceptable to the local populace?

Sure, I’m thinking about the “Q Continuum” featured on “Star Trek: The Next Generation, “ and the sarcastic character, portrayed by John De Lancie, who continued to bedevil Captain Picard; well until that series arc was resolved.

Consider how humans of just a few decades or centuries ago would react to our technology. I often speak of taking the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone and sending it back, say, to 1492, in the days of Christopher Columbus.

What if Columbus somehow discovered a working iPhone, fully charged, which had been transported back through time? Even if he figured out how to turn it on, all he would see would be the contents of its internal storage device. There is, after all, no Internet with which to exchange data. It would probably be easy enough to figure out how to tap and swipe the touchscreen to see different images; well until the battery was spent.

But even if he gave it to the most advanced scientists and engineers of that era, what could they do about it anyway? Even if they split it apart, what would they make of its large battery and tiny printed circuits containing billions of transistors? Would it be a gift from God, or the product of the devil?

There has been plenty of speculation how we’d handle a crashed spaceship, perhaps the Roswell UFO. Even if it’s a physical airship of some sort, how would anyone in 1947 deal with it? If it’s not too badly damaged, could it be flown? It reminds me of the scenes in “Independence Day,” where a secret laboratory in Area 51 is visited, which contains a crashed but not too badly damaged alien scout ship.

The lead scientist, the eccentric Dr. Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner of “Star Trek: Next Generation” fame) admits that he and his crew just haven’t learned too much about alien technology despite having the craft on hand for several decades.

Even then, it’s not so far advanced as to keep it from being flown to the alien mothership so our heroes could beam a computer virus to confound the alien control systems. Forgetting the illogic of this plot device, that we’d be able to understand and interact with an alien operating system, it means that the technology isn’t so far advanced than we cannot understand at least some of it.

But if ET is thousands of years ahead of us, perhaps we’d never accept who and what they are. They would have to manipulate reality or deliver projections of recognizable spacecraft for our benefit.

That raises the larger question. If ET is deliberately manipulating our senses to spot physical spacecraft flitting about our skies, and occasionally landing, what is their motive? Is the interaction with humans just a psychological experiment of some kind?

And I repeat the same question: Could we even hope to comprehend alien logic, morality and motives?

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