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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 14, 2018

Gene Steinberg

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January 14, 2018

Former Intelligence Agent Walter Bosley Offers Insights on the Pentagon UFO Study on the Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and special guest cohost Alejandro Rojas of OpenMinds.tv present Walter Bosley. He’s an author, blogger, former AFOSI agent and a former FBI counterintelligence specialist. He has researched mass shootings, breakaway civilizations, lost civilizations and more. On this episode, Walter will discuss the recent revelations about an unannounced Pentagon UFO program and its implications. Is this story part of a program of perception management about UFOs and possible disclosure? Walter uses his intelligence background to provide unique insights into what might be going on. He’ll also join Alejandro in a discussion about the possibilities of a secret space program, and just how advanced it might be.

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OpenMinds.tv: Openminds.tv | Exploring UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on January 14: Gene and guest cohost Alejandro Rojas, of OpenMinds.tv, briefly discuss the appointment of a new Director of Research at MUFON before recounting Leslie Kean’s recent appearance on cable TV, including Fox News and CNN. Briefly addressing the polarized nature of political conversation, Gene suggests fact-checking sites, such as PolitiFact, where false and misleading claims can be analyzed. Recalling Walter Bosley’s suggestion that the key figure in the Pentagon UFO study, Luis Elizondo, might be a government plant involved in perception management, Gene wonders whether it’s possible to know one way or the other. What about the possibility of gradual disclosure of the UFO secret, and is the U.S. government passing off black funds to private companies to shield the existence of ongoing UFO investigations from Freedom of Information requests?

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UFOs and the Spook Factor
By Gene Steinberg

Almost from the beginning of the modern UFO era, it was widely believed that the governments of Earth were engaged in conspiracies to hide the truth. Pioneer UFO researcher/writer Major Donald E. Keyhoe warned his readers about the evil “Silence Group,” an alleged government body that was protecting the secret of the flying saucers, that they represented the presence of alien visitors.

Over the years, some people interested in UFOs were concerned about the potential presence of covert operatives meant to spread disinformation and, in general, wreak havoc in the field. If true, was it part of an active effort to keep the public from discovering the truth?

Certainly Keyhoe was sometimes suspected of being a military plant, engaged in misleading the public, to deflect attention from the “real” UFO secret. Although his motives may have been pure, he may have unwittingly participated in conveying this impression, by populating the board of his UFO group, NICAP, with former military officers.

His decision to appoint Vice Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter to that board was an especially suspicious act, since that individual was the first head of the CIA. But he and Keyhoe were reportedly old friends, classmates at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland.

As I said, it may have been an innocent choice, and Keyhoe believed that Hillenkoetter’s presence would add credibility to NICAP. But it just raised more suspicion.

Some alleged government plants were unlikely choices. Take my old friend James W. Moseley, who once adopted the theory that the flying saucers were secret test aircraft and thus totally mundane. During the time that he had a fake feud with his close friend, Gray Barker, they conveyed the impression that there was something suspicious about Jim’s behavior, and thus he might be working for the silence group.

That impression was buttressed by the fact that Jim was the son of a former prominent military official, Army General George Van Horn Moseley. But Jim went rogue early on. In the 1960s and 1970s, I’d visit him regularly, and on a few occasions, he read letters his father had written to his mother when he was a teenager, that Jim needed to be sent to a military boarding school to straighten him out. But it never happened. That alone convinced me that he couldn’t possibility have any secret government connection.

During the 1980s, the UFO field was monitored by an especially curious character, one Richard Doty, then reported to be a special agent for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). While stationed at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, Doty claimed to have engaged in creating hoax documents and feeding fake news to UFO researchers.

Doty is certainly an eccentric character, though his AFOSI affiliation appears to be genuine. He was reportedly involved in hoaxing one Paul Bennewitz. Doty supposedly attempted to make Bennewitz believe that an alien invasion was imminent. Doty created fake documents and even broke into Bennewitz’s home.

After all this harassment, Bennewitz’s paranoia led him to a mental health facility.

Was Doty a rogue agent, or did his commanders request that he engage in such disreputable practices? Was he possibly involved in the mythical MJ-12 documents?

I’ve contacted Doty a few times over the years to see whether he’d come on The Paracast and answer some questions. He has so far avoided such a commitment, though his most recent email to me indicated a possible half promise at some uncertain time in the future.

More recently, we learned about the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the so-called Pentagon UFO study in which $22 million of Department of Defense “black money” was reportedly outsourced to Robert Bigelow. The Pentagon official heading the project, Luis Elizondo, worked for years at various intelligence activities. He left his job last year and went to work for Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science as Director of Global Security & Special Programs.


Even though Elizondo is supposedly no longer associated with the government, is it at all possible that he is still quietly doing the bidding of his former commanders? That’s a suspicion voiced by former FBI and AFOSI agent Walter Bosley in his recent appearance on The Paracast.

Bosley suggested that Elizondo’s role might be one of “perception management,” which implies that he is engaged in attempting to help direct the flow of public information about UFOs.

Certainly any former intelligence officer would have to observe his commitment to keep silent about government secrets even after quitting or retiring. But does that mean that such an individual might choose to remain an agent or become a plant or some sort? Did any such people infiltrate civilian organizations that might be engaged in UFO research?

One could, I suppose, suspect Bosley and others too, including Nick Pope, who formerly managed the UFO desk for the UK Ministry of Defence.

They will certainly admit there are secrets they cannot disclose. But does that also mean that they would be prohibited from revealing an ongoing government connection?

It’s certainly room for paranoia, but all of these people might have the purest of intentions. They are trying to do good work and are not working for the government. Indeed, to believe there are such disinformation specialists, you have to assume that the Department of Defense is engaged in an active program to control or at least redirect the flow of information about UFOs.

If that’s true, is it possible that there is a program of gradual disclosure, designed to make the public accustomed to the reality of the presence of extraterrestrials? Are other motives afoot, such as to prepare us for the threat of an alien invasion?

There are all sorts of intriguing and perhaps frightening possibilities. But I caution you that I am not suggesting that Elizondo, someone I do not know, or Pope or Bosley or others are engaged in perception management, disinformation, or some other potentially insidious activity.

At the very least, it’s good to see fair and balanced coverage of the UFO enigma for once. Just the other day, I caught a brief segment featuring journalist Leslie Kean on conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s Fox TV program. It seemed clear that Carlson took the subject seriously, or at least treated it as an important topic.

It almost makes me hope that, whatever the truth about possible covert government activities in the UFO field, you can finally witness coverage of the subject mostly free of references to little green men and other tired tropes.

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At the very least, it’s good to see fair and balanced coverage of the UFO enigma for once. Just the other day, I caught a brief segment featuring journalist Leslie Kean on conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s Fox TV program. It seemed clear that Carlson took the subject seriously, or at least treated it as an important topic.
It's kinda freaking me out that I've had to listen to conservative shows to hear some of the better coverage of this story - Glenn Beck of all people did one of the best interviews so far with Luis Elizondo here:
I'm convinced that the New York Times article about the AATIP and the first two video clips are just the beginning of a long and carefully planned series of press revelations. Leslie Kean talked about another major upcoming article currently underway on The Unexplained (this is an excellent interview btw), and we haven't even seen the third declassified video yet. This is going to be a big year for ufology.