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Your Paracast Newsletter — January 13, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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January 13, 2019


The Paracast Continues to Explore the State of UFO Research with Mark Jackson

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present a return appearance by scientist Mark Jackson (TDSR in our forums). During this episode, Mark brings us up to date on his ongoing UFO research, and his plans for the future, which include a podcast focusing on newcomers to the field, a place where they can spread their wings. A resident of Austin TX, Mark began working in the environmental engineering sector in early 2000s. He spent 10 years developing and applying emerging technologies and advanced electrical field systems which were developed under the SDI program and brought to the commercial environmental sector. He is currently a senior systems analyst for the energy sector.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

Mark Jackson's Site: https://deepspacepod.com

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on January 13: subscribers onJanuary 13: In which Gene and Randall take a brief excursion down a music-based memory lane before settling on a recent announcement of capturing repeating fast radio signals from another galaxy. A galaxy far far away? Well, the discussion moves to the possible meaning, whether it might have originated from an intelligent race, but that leads to the fatal flaw of this way of searching for extraterrestrial life. There's an extended discussion about extraterrestrial races, and how they might choose to interact with humans. Where does the UFO "cat and mouse" game fit into ask this? If a hostile ET wanted to conquer Earth, would they wait for us to begin to develop weaponry with the potential to harm them, or what?

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So is Your Friend Really One of “Them”?
By Gene Steinberg

In the 1984 sci-fi film “Starman,” directed by John Carpenter, a space being portrayed by Jeff Bridges uses a spec of DNA to recreate the body of a woman’s late husband. Echoing the plot gimmick of “Fugitive” and other films and TV shows depicting someone on the run from the authorities, the spaceman is seeking to reunited with his fellow beings.

Bridges delivered an Oscar-caliber performance depicting a being from another world awkwardly trying to adapt to Earth and its often strange customs. But it also brought to mind how such a scenario might play out in the real world.

With claims by some female abductees of possibly giving birth to alien children, there’s a theory that our visitors are attempting to create a hybrid race.

Before you get to such a possibility, it does seem strange that supposedly advanced ETs must force Earthlings to submit to sometimes painful and primitive tests in order to help them achieve their goals. You’d think that their science would have progressed to the point where invasive probes and even having sex with aliens would be totally unnecessary.

What about implanting a fetus, using a surrogate or perhaps taking advantage of alien technology to grow a perfectly-formed child in a lab?

Regardless of how it’s done, is it anything to take seriously?

In “Starman,” the alien and the woman he kidnaps form a close bond and make love. At the end of the film, he informs her that she is pregnant with his child. You would expect that a sequel might trace of life of that hybrid child and how he or she adapts to Earth. Also left unanswered is why the alien would choose to turn his companion into a single mother.

This plot development served as the inspiration for a short-lived TV series, in which the alien returns to Earth and meets his son. The show, which debuted on ABC in 1986, starred Robert Hays (best known as a down-on-his-luck pilot in “Airplane”) as the alien visitor.

If ET really and truly wants to introduce hybrids to our culture, what is the purpose? Would it make it easier for them to understand us by seeding our population with beings that, to all intents and purposes, appeared human and therefore would not be detected? Assuming the being is properly educated on how to interact with us, it could gather information about us in a very non-intrusive way.

This all could be a scientific experiment. Or perhaps ET is a dying race, and is here in the hope that, by combining its DNA with those of a similar race, humans, they could save themselves from extinction.

Perhaps memories of abductions are really so-called “racial memories” of the times long past in which ET actually visited Earth and manipulated, say, Neanderthals, to become what turned out to be humans.

This is part and parcel of some of the ancient astronaut theories, in which we are all part alien, and the flying saucers are here to observe our progress, such as it is.

If that’s true, would it mean that we’ve somehow gone astray, taking on evil ways, engaging in tribal warfare and, eventually, developing weapons of mass destruction? Does that mean this grand experiment is a failure? Or is this the natural state of evolution in which an intelligent race has to survive a painful period in their existence in order to progress to the next level?

That, of course, is not so different from what those who claim to be in contact with advanced beings tell us. We need to become a peaceful and loving people in order to ascend to a higher consciousness. But it’s not that many people listen, since things often appear to get far worse before they get any better.

But is it possible a more sinister plan is afoot?

After all, if ET is all-powerful and is capable of miraculous feats of science, why would they choose to deliver their message to perfectly ordinary people anyway? While these experiencers might gain bands of followers, at the end of the day they will mostly be scorned and derided by most people as cranks.

If ET really wanted to accomplish something beyond delivering fuzzy messages of peace and brotherhood, they could certainly get our attention, perhaps in the way Klaatu did in the classic 1951 sci-fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

After being pursued and gunned down by our military, Klaatu meets with a group of scientists from around the world, and conveys his message to them. Either shape up and fly right or be destroyed in the interests of galactic peace.

While the film served as an inspiration for some of the early contactee claims, such as those from George Adamski and Howard Menger, they deliberately overlooked Klaatu’s dire threat.

If ET wanted to convey such a message, or any message for that matter, there’s yet another method. If possible, they could follow the scheme employed by aliens in both “Earth Versus the Flying Saucers” and “Man of Steel,” by taking over our radio and TV transmissions, and broadcasting their message. In these films, there would be no language barriers since the message would be heard in the native language of any particular country.

The more frightening possibility is that ET is preparing to take us over silently. Rather than engage in the sort of mass destruction depicted in those “alien invaders on the loose” films, the hybrid race gradually assumes positions of power.

Obviously this is something that would have to be implemented over a period of years or decades. With more and more aliens in control, the day would ultimately arrive where we’d awaken and find ourselves coping with a new world order.

No shots would have to be fired, nobody would be injured or killed. It might occur gradually or or slowly, and at the end of the day, we’d hardly notice the changes until it’s too late.

Now we’d all prefer that ET, if it’s here, wants to help us rather than to harm us, but how could we hope to understand the motivations of an alien race?Even if they tell us they are peaceful, why believe them? Every Earthly despot says the same thing before they take over a country.

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