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Your Paracast Newsletter — February 7, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
February 7, 2021

Experiencer Tom Warner and UFO podcast host Martin Willis Discuss Incredible UFO Abductions on The Paracast!

The Paracast is heard Sundays from 3:00 AM until 6:00 AM Central Time on the GCN Radio Network and affiliates around the USA, the Boost Radio Network, the IRN Internet Radio Network, and online across the globe via download and on-demand streaming.

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present a very special episode featuring Martin Willis, of Podcast UFO, and experiencer Tom Warner, author of an autobiography, “Beyond the Stars,” who reports he and four other families were abducted by a UFO on September 1, 1969, when he was just 10 years of age. As he explains during the episode, this was not his first nor his last paranormal encounter. Martin has been fascinated with the subject of UFOs since his youth, yet he was on the fence about the subject until he experienced a personal sighting in 2006 in Carmel Valley, CA. That sighting solidified his belief that Unidentifiable Flying Objects really do exist. Tom is a self-taught watercolor artist and was named to the American Gallery Greatest American Painters, winner of James Weldon Johnson Literary Foundation Legacy Award for stellar contributions to Literature and the Arts.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

Martin Willis' Podcast UFO: Podcast UFO – A Weekly Live Recorded Podcast and Blog on UFOs

"Beyond the Stars" by Tom Warner: https://tomwarnerbeyondthestars.com/

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on February 7: We are rejoined by Martin Willis, host of Podcast UFO, and paranormal experiencer Tom Warner, who tells of his encounters in his autobiography, “Beyond the Stars.” During this episode, Tom details experiences of precognition, which included dreams of a serious traffic accident that occurred when he was 17. He goes on to describe incidents where he was able to actually save the lives of some people, and the ongoing emotional impact he still feels when he talks about it. Martin feels certain that we are not alone in the universe, and thinks it is possible that some small compartmentalized part of our government may know that and keeps it from us. Tom was inducted in the Great Barrington Historical Society Museum Berkshire UFO, and was recently featured on a Netflix show, the reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries,” Episode 5, “Berkshires UFO.”

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Fifteen Years Later

By Gene Steinberg

It may not be a big deal, but I didn’t expect to be hosting and producing a paranormal radio show — ever! In fact, I didn’t expect to return to broadcasting after working for years as a freelance writer on consumer electronics.

It all sort of came out of the blue.

So one day in 2002, I got an email from a would-be producer who planned on starting up an online radio network focusing on shows covering Apple, Inc.

I’m not at all sure how he found me; maybe it was because he heard me on the occasional radio interview show on which I appeared, or knew, from the bios in my books, that I had a broadcast background.

In any case, I didn’t hesitate. I knew was the right move, so I leaped at the opportunity without much thought of where it would go.

The original show that became known as The Tech Night Owl LIVE debuted in October 2002. It happened before there was such a thing as a podcast, so the show was live-streamed via Apple QuickTime, and the recording was posted for download. After a year or so working live, I opted to record the episodes, since it gave me more flexibility on attracting a wide range of guests.

In passing, I should mention that I finally left the network because the production crew failed to follow up on Apple’s original podcast initiative. So I quit and went out on my own. I quickly arrange to post the show as a podcast via iTunes and other sources. Within a year or so, the network shut down, so I knew I made the right move.

The show built a following, and I worked with a number of guest commentators to provide insights on the industry. On occasion, I even presented executives from Apple, Microsoft and other companies, but they were clearly there mostly to repeat the company line with rehearsed answers and not actually respond to anything more than basic questions.

One of our regulars, outspoken tech pundit David Biedny, appeared every few weeks for an episode in the “Zone.”

It was late 2005, and one day, after I finished recording David’s commentary, we chatted for a bit, and he happened to mention his interest in UFOs and his large collection of paranormal books.

Over the next few weeks, we kept talking. And out of those conversations, plans were hatched for the radio show that became The Paracast.

Well, that wasn’t its name at the start. I suggested Paracast World, and we were going to use it until the recording of the very first episode. But one of the guests for that show, my late friend Brad Steiger (our other guest was Jim Moseley, another friend who is no longer with us), suggested The Paracast was a better, a snappier title, and so it came to be.

The first episode of The Paracast was streamed via Apple’s QuickTime on February 28, 2006. The podcast version, based on the streaming file, was posted soon thereafter.

And so it began, week after week, never missing an episode. And we got email, lots of it, from listeners who embraced our offbeat approach. Well, offbeat in the sense that, unlike most paranormal shows, we didn’t just bring on people with wild claims, listen and egg them on to tell more tall tales.

Instead, we actually asked serious questions, and some of those questions were appropriately critical as we probed some of the more extreme claimants. We also confounded some of our critics with post-game segments, where we commented on a guest. Sometimes those comments were none-too-favorable, and I realize some listeners didn’t like it because we were not exactly giving the guest a chance to respond in real time.

Then again, if those guests didn’t appreciate what we said, they were free to return for another interview, and we’d have a face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) conversation about the same issues, with nothing held back.

By early 2010, after confronting some personal issues over the previous few months, David left the show. He wrote a very straightforward email, posted in the forum, as to why. He has since tried to attach a level of drama to his departure, but I don’t take any of that seriously.

After auditioning some new “guest cohosts,” Chris O’Brien, author of the Mysterious Valley books, decided to join us. Around this time, The Paracast was invited to join the Genesis Communications Network (GCN), so the show would be distributed to actual terrestrial radio stations.

In other words, The Paracast became a syndicated program. At a time when traditional radio networks were failing or merging, this was a stroke of luck.

Now it does bring with it some negatives. In the U.S., network radio and TV means lots of ads, and we have no control over the ones selected for the show, except for the first minute of each station break, where we can run our own. We also have to follow FCC regulations about using mostly family-friendly language.

By 2014, I made an extra deal with GCN. They allowed me to offer an ad-free, audio-enhanced version of The Paracast via subscription. Thus began The Paracast+. We also added the After The Paracast podcast, which serves as both a wrap-up show, and an outlet to feature extended interviews with Paracast guests.

In 2018, Chris left the show to pursue other opportunities, and J. Randall Murphy, a UFO researcher, experiencer and musician, took over as permanent cohost. Randall also became Project Manager, and helps to recruit guests.

On February 28, 2021, The Paracast will broadcast its 15th anniversary episode, and we’re working over the guest list now. So stay tuned!

And we have great hopes for our 20th anniversary episode, in 2026!

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has put real strains on the budgets of many people, we’ve also slashed the prices for subscriptions to The Paracast+ up to 40% and more. And we still have a small supply of coupon codes to offer for a free download of the James Fox UFO documentary, “The Phenomenon,” via Vimeo, which includes three hours of extras. It’s available for five-year and lifetime subscriptions as long as the coupon codes are available; they are intended for a one-time use.

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