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Your Paracast Newsletter — February 2, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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February 2, 2020


Active Paracast Forum Member Stonehart Joins Gene and Randall for Shop Talk

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This Week's Episode: In a very special "Shop Talk" episode, Gene and Randall hang with David Stone (stonehart in the forums) an active forum participant and a paranormal theorist. The wide range of discussions include current issues in the UFO field and whether it makes any difference. And what about the skepticism about the credentials of Luis Elizondo, the reported head of the Pentagon's Advance Aerospace Threat Identification Program? There are also forays into pop culture and a discussion about rock musicians that appear to be interested in UFOs by dint of their songs, and even a sighting or two.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on February 2: Gene and Randall welcome David Stone, an active forum member and paranormal theorist, to continue the discussion that began on the February 2, 2020 episode of The Paracast. During this episode, the discussion includes the possibilities of life in outer space, dealing with possible alien technology from landed spacecraft, and the possible involvement of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, in infiltrating and spreading disinformation among contactees and their followers. David also has some unfavorable things to say about Wikipedia, and its potential value as a mostly accurate information resource. And what about those skeptical factions that deliberately alter listings, over and over again, to fit their own beliefs?

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Just What is Out There?
By Gene Steinberg

There have been endless debates about the possible form an extraterrestrial may take. Sure, we’ve seen many variations on the theme in sci-fi movies and TV shows. But in large part, they are mostly humanoid, even if they have ridges on their foreheads and other accouterments of alienness.

Then again, it’s cheaper for a production company to just attach strange makeup and prosthetics to an actor’s face and body. Of course, there’s always motion capture, where a performer’s movements are traced to give a CGI creature a heavy dose of reality.

But earlier sci-fi movie fare went for the traditional “bug-eyed monster” in various shapes and forms. Gigantic insect-like creatures still show up occasionally. The 1996 popcorn thriller, “Independence Day,” featured monstrous creatures that were described as similar to locusts. In 2016, its less-successful sequel, “Independence Day: Resurgence,” depicted an Earth that faced a renewed threat. Maybe they should have left well enough alone.

Sometimes ET is presented as being based on pure energy, able to manipulate atoms at will. Consider the “Q Continuum” of Star Trek: The Next Generation as one example.

There are other variations on the theme depicted in sci-fi fare. Some of the lifeforms may be based on solid speculation of what may lie out there. Others are designed for the visual and visceral effects.

UFO sightings over the years have sometimes included small gray aliens with spindly limbs and large heads, and even good-looking Nordic types. But you wonder why other races are not often reported in reports of possible extraterrestrials.

The “grays” might even forecast our far future, where humans, freed of physical needs, allow their muscles to atrophy, while their heads expand in proportion to contain the vast increase in knowledge.

Indeed, if they come from our far future, we might be seeing our descendants of a few hundred thousand years from now.

Regardless, beings seen in connection with UFO sightings are, by and large, not dissimilar to us. The differences are easily explained.

If we are being visited by beings from another planet revolving around another star system, that they have taken on a humanoid form may well indicate that this is the norm for intelligent races across the universe. Or maybe such beings are the only ones to bother to look us up.

As scientists discover more and more exoplanets, some of which possibly contain at atmospheric makeup similar to ours, this theory makes sense.

But that assumes ET wants us to see them in their true forms. Beings not dissimilar to humans, flying about in recognizable spaceships, would surely be less frightening. How would humans react to giant locusts, vast multi-limbed creatures similar to an octopus, and other grotesque forms that wouldn’t seem so friendly, especially if they are as tall or taller than humans.

If we are being visited by interstellar beings, they might very well understand enough about humans to want to appear to us in a more acceptable form. No sense frightening people, especially if they mean no harm to us.

So what would they do?

Well, perhaps they would camouflage their true form in order to seem friendlier.

In the 1997 film, “Contact,” based on the Carl Sagan novel, signals from an alien race, traced to the Vega star system, are received by radio telescopes. To make a long story short, some of the messages provide the blueprints on how to assemble an interstellar craft.

The film’s protagonist, a radio scientist named Dr. Ellie Arroway (as portrayed by Jodie Foster) becomes a sort of test pilot. During what is meant to be a test flight, she encounters an alien in a familiar environment, but it appears to her in the form of her late father. The creature explains that this is being done to be more acceptable to her.

That makes perfect sense. The very possibility can apply to UFOs, that we do not see them in their true form. Indeed, they appearance itself may be little more than an illusion, a hologram of some sort, designed to divert our attention from the “real” phenomenon, whatever it is.

Regardless, if we are truly being visited by ET, or their arrival is still off in the future, we should be prepared for them, right?

I can’t forget one of the early scenes from the 1951 classic sci-fi flick, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” A human-like alien, Klaatu (portrayed by Michael Rennie) arrives in his saucer-like craft in Washington, D.C. The area is surrounded by the military, prepared to act if the visitor proves to be hostile.

In a telling scene, one panicked soldier accidentally wounds Klaatu. Let’s just stop there.

As far as the film was concerned, Earthlings were simply unprepared for the arrival of the aliens.

To take it to the real world, if there are contingency plans for ET’s arrival, nothing about it has leaked so far. But even if a small number of government agents were in the know, how would they possibly alert us as to what’s happening, particularly if it’s just minutes or hours from a mass landing?

Governments traditionally are poor at planning. They act crisis by crisis, and only after confronting a possible calamity. For example, were we at all ready for the outbreak of the coronavirus in China? As more and more people become infected, just how long will it take scientists to perfect a vaccine or some other treatment that would deal with the most serious cases.

Not a happy prospect, but it’s nothing unusual.

In recognition of our traditional lack of readiness for the unexpected, Nick Pope, the former UK Ministry of Defence official who once managed its UFO desk, has issued a warning to all mankind.

Pope says that the governments of Earth are making a “big mistake” in failing to devise contingency plans. Pope has even written up a document that is meant to be the basis of such planning (the original link appears to be gone though). It’s not that any government would actually pay him heed, but it does raise the question of what might happen when and if a real “first contact” occurs, a public event that is all too real.

One might hope that the U.S. Navy’s interest in UAP sightings will soon lead to such planning. But that assumes they’d conclude that ET is among us. And even then, it’s very possible that politics and turf wars, the usual behavior of Earth governments, will get in the way.

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