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Your Paracast Newsletter — February 10, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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February 10, 2019


Catch Up on the Very Latest Developments in Ufology with Alejandro Rojas on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present UFO researcher Alejandro Rojas, who returns to The Paracast to talk about such matters as the controversial claims of Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb that our solar system has been visited by an alien ship. The ins and outs of the History channel’s “Project Blue Book,” and its mixed reception in the UFO field, are also discussed. And what about using hypnotic regression to help unearth hidden memories from possible UFO abductees? Alejandro is well known in the Ufology community for his longstanding positive contribution to the field including his many media and conference appearances. His most visible contributions are with OpenMinds TV.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

OpenMinds TV: Alejandro Rojas | Openminds.tv

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on February 10: In which Gene and Randall briefly discuss how a show intro is sometimes devised on-the-spot, focus briefly on the “Project Blue Book” TV and its possible availability outside of the U.S. Somehow singer/songwriter Carole King’s 77th birthday is mentioned. Gene questions the decisions on the part of some basic cable and broadcast networks to require you to login with a cable or satellite account to watch shows on their sites. The main focus is on hypnotic regression, especially as it’s used to ferret out possible UFO abductions, and the reliability — or lack thereof — of human memory.

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t
By Gene Steinberg

The stage magician will perform much of his or her trickery through misdirection. Take a look at their fingers, while something else is going on elsewhere to make it appear magical. Even the most incredible stunts, such as inserting a huge blade into the box in which the subject — or victim — is presumed to be lying, has a predictably nonviolent explanation.

As a teenager, I sometimes played with simple tricks using products I bought at a local toy store. At least when my allowance was enough to cover the costs. It was a casual interest. I didn’t pursue it towards discovering the secrets behind some of the more elaborate stunts.

I did, however, learn a few of the tricks of the ventriloquist. I was able to keep my mouth from moving noticeably while my “dummy” was talking. Well, most of the time. On the other hand, one of the most famous practitioners of this art, Edgar Bergen, always allowed his mouth to move while his dummy, Charlie McCarthy, was speaking. It may be due to the fact that became popular as a radio performer, where the visual cues, or lack thereof, didn’t matter so much.

But for the sake of this column, I’m more focused on the possibilities of another sort of misdirection, that involving possible flying saucers from outer space.

The usual assumption is that eyewitnesses are observing genuine spaceships in their actual form. If they seem to disappear suddenly, well perhaps it’s because they sped up so quickly that they were out of sight in an instant.

Of course, that leads to speculation as to what sort of technology our visitors might use to accelerate so quickly. Assuming it was possible, wouldn’t it cause harm to the beings inside?

Or maybe the ship is equipped with its own gravitational field with which to somehow insulate its occupants from the stress of rapid acceleration.

Perhaps the UFOs aren’t accelerating at all, but just popping in and out of our reality or dimension. Despite the improbability of the concept outside of the world of science fiction, author/researcher Kevin D. Randle told listeners to The Paracast on our February 3, 2019 episode that he romanticized the time travel concept.

But, sure, if UFOs travel through time, their arrival and departure might very well be instantaneous. There is, of course, the danger of the paradox often referred to in sci-fi literature. If a time traveler somehow changes the past, even by a tiny bit barely detectable, that action may cause drastic changes in the future. An unexpected witness catches a brief view of the time-traveling “waverider,” and the experience thus changes their direction in life.

I can think of pivotal moments in my life, where I made a decision, not really a major decision, that had such a major impact. Imagine if I could undo or change a few actions that had unexpected consequences, and my life might have taken a completely different direction.

But the details of some of those actions will await another more appropriate time.

Whatever UFOs might be, are we actually seeing them in their true form? It’s hard enough for humans to accurately describe an unexpected event. Eyewitnesses to an auto accident, for example, might provide completely different descriptions of the actual mishap. I can tell you a story or two about that.

Certainly if UFOs have a form that’s totally alien to us, witnesses might try to interpret its presence in a form they understand. That description might very well be influenced by the culture of the day. So nowadays the form of some sort of aircraft wouldn’t be unexpected. In ancient times, flying chariots?

In either case, it will be related to something we know.

But humans are egotistical enough to think that we have already discovered at least the basic details of the universe around us, and it’s just a matter of filling in some fine details. Consider that famous quote from the 19th century, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

It appears, however, that the true source of that quote was a 1899 issue of Punch, a humor magazine. But I suspect there are scientists who believe that today, at least until something altogether new is discovered that only makes our universe more complex than ever.

I sometimes think that our malleable reality is such that, as we consider new concepts, sometimes the universe is altered to match that concept in some way. So we are forever creating new realities, which may be part and parcel of the concept of co-creation when it comes to UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

The reason we can never get to the bottom of the mystery is that we’re not supposed to. It’s the search for the unknown that’s all important to expanding human knowledge.

So does that mean there are no spaceships or time-traveling devices in our midst? And if that’s the case, just what are we seeing anyway, and why have millions of people been witness to such phenomena?

But few scientists doubt that vast numbers of planets in our universe are inhabited, and that some of those inhabitants might have developed advanced civilizations and the technology for interstellar travel. It stands to reason that some are far ahead of humans and thus might be able to cross vast distances from one solar system to another in a matter of hours or days rather than decades or centuries.

When they reach Earth, just what would their motives be? Would they have some sort of non-interference prime directive as described in “Star Trek?”

Probably not, since they do not appear to have taken any measures to hide themselves. Maybe the regard humans as too primitive to respect, just as we don’t mind if some monkeys see a top secret aircraft undergoing test flights.

If the UFOnauts, or whatever they are, want to stay hidden, I would expect they’d have some sort of cloaking device to make it so. Perhaps they really don’t want us to see what they are really up to, so they project a holographic image to divert our attention.

It would be their variation on the stage magician’s repertoire of trickery.

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