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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 9, 2018

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
December 9, 2018

Scientist and Listener Mark Jackson Explores Common Sense UFO Theories on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present long-time forum regular Mark Jackson (who uses the name TDSR) in a listener roundtable, where he talks about his exploration of scientific UFO research and his views on the possibility that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. A resident of Austin TX, Mark began working in the environmental engineering sector in early 2000s. He spent 10 years developing and applying emerging technologies and advanced electrical field systems which were developed under the SDI program and brought to the commercial environmental sector. He is currently a senior systems analyst for the energy sector.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: http://www.ufopages.com/

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on December 9: As Gene and Randall continue to explore the work of Paracast forum members in researching and theorizing on the paranormal, we present Dejan Corovic (DROBNJAK in the forum). With an engineering background and marketing expertise, Dejan has examined data about UFO sightings for consistent trends. He also talks about ongoing research into the prospects of life in space and the possibility that one or more of those extraterrestrial races is already visiting Earth.

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Impatiently Waiting for ET
By Gene Steinberg

In the blockbuster popcorn movie “Independence Day,” released in 1996, extraterrestrials, essentially large intelligent insect-like creatures, came to Earth with evil intent. They wanted to exterminate humans and plunder the planet’s resources before moving on.

While the plot was typical of many “aliens attack Earth” movies, it owes something to “War of the Worlds,” in that the invaders couldn’t be defeated until an engineer, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, has an epiphany. He somehow infects the alien computers with “a cold,” a computer virus, which brings down the craft. In passing, the evil aliens in “War of the Words,” succumbed to a different sort of virus, one caused by germs.

But I wonder how alien invaders would be so stupid as not to prepare themselves to survive our germs. In addition, the screenwriters for “Independence Day” overlooked the fact that, in 1996, we weren’t using Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly to another computer. Besides, how could we so quickly discover enough about ET’s more advanced computer system to find a way to hack it? One would think the invaders knew enough to protect their onboard systems from such intrusions.

Indeed, Earth is saved because the aliens are stupid, not that we are necessarily smarter. Indeed, in “War of the Worlds,” the aliens just get sick and die without any effort on our part beyond hiding, hoping and praying.

Of course, we’d rather assume that an advanced race of star travelers would have somehow overcome our petty tribal disputes, and would be peaceful. That’s implicit in the messages that purportedly come from the Space Brothers when they meet or otherwise communicate with us.

Regardless of their intent, just how advanced would those extraterrestrials be anyway? I have speculated that if they are hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us, their technology would, as Arthur C. Clarke once said, appear to be magic. That’s the basis, more or less, behind the “Q” character in “Star Trek: Next Generation.” He, or it, is a being of pure energy capable of manipulating the elements to appear in human form and, in fact, anything at all. The ultimate shapeshifters. They are also not constrained by the need for physical devices on which to transport themselves from one planet to another.

But that assumes a steady progression in technological development. It may also be that, once a civilization is satisfied with its achievements, the state of progress slows considerably and they rest on their laurels.

You see that in “Star Wars,” where spaceship and weapons technology doesn’t seem to advance much, if at all. Those death stars are simply large constructs that destroy planets by massive, not advanced, firepower.

Even the legendary jedi knights always employ the same lightsabers and mind tricks. Nobody ever seems to come up with anything new. Instead, it’s a matter of instructing those with the “gift” of manipulating the force into how to use their abilities. Indeed, the process is so inconsistent that it’s hard to predict whether the student will be good or evil. For otherwise, how would there be an Anakin Skywalker or a Ben Solo to pervert their powers to perform acts of evil in the guises of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren?

The characters of “Star Trek” did appear to advance technologically as the series and its spin-offs continued. Not so much with “Stargate SG-1,” where the wormhole transportation devices named in the title were invented by a highly advanced and mostly extinct ancient race. These devices are simply used, and construction is based on existing plans, not on anything new. Technology in that series, by and large, is stagnant. Even when Earth people build their own spacecraft, it’s largely a matter of mimicking existing designs.

So what if the aliens were no longer interested, or capable, of scientific advancement? They exploit these achievements, but rarely consider whether there are superior and more reliable methods for interstellar travel. Maybe they, too, are using craft that was developed by an extinct species, and they are thus incapable of doing more than maintaining or duplicating the equipment.

If this is the case, perhaps the extraterrestrials that allegedly visit Earth aren’t so far ahead of us after all. They found something that works, and perhaps living in peace — if that’s what they do — largely removed the incentive for scientific advancement.

After all, many of our notable achievements are based on technology developed for war machines, filtered down and adapted for consumer purposes.

Indeed, is there a possibility that humans will, some day, if they can move beyond petty conflicts, find workable solutions to global warming, and cure most or all fatal diseases and conquer the ravages of old age, largely cease scientific development? We will just enjoy life and…

I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t that ultimately result in an extremely boring existence? What would all the former scientists and engineers, and lovers of new gadgets (like me for example0, do with their lives anyway? Would they just sit back and drink lemonade on their patios, go for walks in lush gardens, take trips to theme parks and have candlelight dinners? What about jogging and other forms of exercise and meditation?

What about exercising one’s mind? If crime no longer existed, there was no war or even political debate, would there even be a need for news outlets? What would the successors to CNN, Fox News and MSNBC present? News of births and weddings? What about entertainment, where some sort of conflict is the seed of good drama?

Would that be a boring existence, or a respite from the hassles of daily life? Without stimulation, would human intelligence simply decline? Would such a lifestyle actually make us more vulnerable to attack by extraterrestrial evildoers, because we no longer had the means to defend ourselves?

Despite the claims of contactees and channelers, we have no evidence whatever of what extraterrestrial life might be like. Even if they seemed nearly human in appearance, we have no idea if that’s how they really look. When they fill their conversations with platitudes of peace and brotherhood, is that really designed to lull us into a false sense of security?

But I wonder: Would you want to live the idyllic lifestyle I described above? Or would you want something, anything, to bring excitement back into your lives?

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