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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 4, 2022

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
December 4, 2022

Discover the Secrets of Bigfoot and Rumors of a Secret Space Program with Darcy Weir and Brandon Thomas on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present documentary filmmaker Darcy Weir and Brandon Thomas, creator, producer and host of a podcast known as Expanding Reality. Darcy's latest film is: "Secret Space UFOs: NASA's First Missions." Secrecy regarding UFOs during our early space programs takes center stage in this film as researchers present the facts with expansive UFO evidence presented on each space research mission, including astronaut space activities. Covering NASA's very first designated astronaut missions to their first manned capsule missions in space, and all anomalies that presented themselves to our astronauts. Brandon is a seeker, philosopher, musician, rancher, avid idea hunter and lover of all things fascinating. He has a long term obsession with interesting people and out-there ideas.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on December 4: Brandon Thomas, creator, producer and host of Expanding Reality, returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about such topics as the reasons for his getting interested in paranormal encounters, the possibilities of ancient civilizations and whether we are living in a simulated reality. Brandon's His now impossible-to-ignore feeling that the picture of reality authoritative figures were painting, did not align with his observation of life around him. This has presented Brandon with an interesting set of lenses to view the world through. He shares his massive heart and love for all life with his wife on their ranch in north Texas. He had his first spiritual awakening ignited by the book "Conversations with God" and his introduction into Unity Consciousness.

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The Paranormal and A Simulated Reality
By Gene Steinberg

One of my favorite films, released in 1998, was about the ultimate reality TV show. In “The Truman Show,” Truman Burbank is living in a simulated small town, where he has unknowingly spent his entire life as the star of a live TV show. His every move is captured by a network of hidden cameras and broadcast as the ultimate C-SPAN project.

Everyone in his life, from his friends, coworkers and even his wife, are actors portraying roles. Worse, they are all in on the scheme, sometimes devising outrageous workarounds or excuses to explain to poor Truman why he can’t leave the place and discover the rest of the world.

Forgetting the fundamental illogic of spending perhaps tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars to finance such a venture. Forget about adapting to changing technologies and staging a live TV show that survives for over two decades. It’s just plain fun to watch.

In perhaps his best role ever, the actor portraying Truman is Jim Carrey, who almost completely sheds his over-the-top slapstick persona and conveys just the right amount of innocence to make you almost believe he’d fall for this scam. But he slowly discovers that there is more to his reality than the powers-that-be want him to know.

While I suppose a real-life “Truman Show” might just be possible in theory, today’s reality shows are more down-to-Earth. In “Survivor,” for example, a group normal-looking people become castaways on an island, where they are pitted against each over to overcome a serious of challenges. If they succeed, they win a million dollars.

Sounds like a great gig if you can get it, and while I think such a show could become stale after a few seasons, it has somehow become one of the longest-lasting reality shows on American TV. Believe it or not, it started in the year 2000.

Of course creating artificial realities is part and parcel of the world of entertainment, and we understand it’s all restricted to a carefully controlled setting. Even reality shows aren’t really based on reality. The raw plots are carefully scripted for maximum entertainment value. The better for high ratings and ad sales.

Like professional wrestling for example.

So where am I getting with this pop culture discussion? Well, have you ever considered the possibility that we are all — yes all eight billion of us — unwilling participants in a reality show? Imagine some advanced race creating an artificial environment in which we all reside. They watch and observe how we behave, but sometimes they throw some flies in the ointment, such as strange phenomena, to confuse and befuddle us.

In other words, UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts and all the rest might indeed by artificial projections, holographic in nature perhaps, that are presented for our benefit. Or confusion.

When people claim to be in touch with higher beings, extraterrestrials, such as grays, reptilians and Nordics, they aren’t really interacting with living beings. They are, instead, subjected to projections or they are perhaps having their memories manipulated with false images.

But what about the vast universe out there, the exoplanets and stars and galaxies that we detect from far distances with orbiting telescopes and other probes? Are they all fake too?

Imagine a race of beings with the technological sophistication to create an entire universe, and manufacture events strictly for their benefit, their observation, their amusement, or perhaps a combination of all three.

Yes, I realize I am positing a possible concept for God. But instead of the spiritual being embraced by most organized religions, I am speculating about an advanced race of physical beings of some sort with extraordinary powers and abilities. That, of course, doesn’t mean there is no God. Rather I am considering something with a more direct influence on our affairs.

Yet another possibility is that our reality is nothing more than an elaborate video game. This would involve an expansion of our own virtual reality hardware, in that we can not only see and hear our surroundings but smell and touch and even suffer from pain artificially administered.

Of course, entering virtual realities is not an unknown quantity in the world of fiction. “The Matrix” movies are key examples. The physical beings lie in stasis and power the computers that create the faux reality in which they live.

Yet another possibility about executing an unknown reality is the theory of the “collective unconscious,” as theorized by psychiatrist Carl Jung. He used it as an explanation for what he considered the flying saucer myth. We collectively create the phenomenon. A variant of the concept is co-creation, but the end result appears to be the same.

So why do I bother considering solutions to paranormal phenomena that are not what we regard as physical events in our physical reality?

Well, part of it is that such phenomena do not always behave in ways that make sense. So Bigfoot suddenly disappears, UFOs flick in an out of visibility, and similar occurrences, seem to indicate that something might be afoot that’s stretching our reality.

Possible explanations include the multiverse. There are many realities, and it’s possible to travel from one to another via a dimensional portal. The transfer might be accidental or due to deliberate technological actions. Either way, we are expanding our concepts of reality.

Yet another possibility to explain the instant appearance and disappearance of someone or something is a time machine. So the humans of the far future have devised devices that transport them to the past. Or maybe an advanced civilization that existed on Earth thousands of years ago has journeyed to the future to observe their destiny. Perhaps they all come here as undocumented immigrants, migrating here to escape the horrible conditions in which they live.

Of course, it may be true that all such reality-bending concepts are just nonsense. Maybe it is true that, when UFOnauts or supposed alien visitors tell experiencers where they come from, that they are physical beings from another planet, that’s precisely what they are.

Indeed, we don’t have to posit extraordinary concepts of reality to explain what’s going on. But when events seem to exceed our understanding of our physical universe, you have to wonder.

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