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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 3, 2017

Gene Steinberg

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December 3, 2017

The Extraterrestrial Theory for UFOs Debated on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Chris present a special episode featuring a “great debate” on the merits of the extraterrestrial theory for UFOs. It’s the prevailing theory, that we are being visited by beings from other planets. Does that theory hold up, or are there other valid possibilities as the source of the UFOs?What about hidden civilizations on Earth, other dimensions? You’ll hear about the ins and outs of the evidence and the issues that cause some to doubt that ET is here. The possibilities are vigorously debated by four long-time UFO researchers who are regulars in our forums, featuring Thomas R Morrison, Robert Brandstetter (forum name: Burnt State), Jason (forum name: marduk) and Mike Jones (forum name: mike).

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers on December 3: Gene and Chris continue the fascinating debate about the reality of the extraterrestrial hypothesis to explain UFOs, with Thomas R Morrison, Robert Brandstetter (forum name: Burnt State), Jason (forum name: marduk) and Mike Jones (forum name: mike). What about military disinformation, the military-industrial complex, and such controversial figures as Bob Lazar? What about discoveries of advanced propulsion systems, such as antigravity? What about data collection methods, and ways to remove false positives in order to isolate the possibly genuine UFO cases?

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A Curious Chance Encounter
By Gene Steinberg

During my travels last Friday, I stopped by a fast food restaurant for a quick and cheap lunch. Unfortunately the tables were almost all filled, and so management suggested that I share the remaining table with another customer. We both agreed, and thus we sat down to consume our meals.

My unlikely companion was a man in his mid-70s, of medium height, with short white hair and a closely-cropped mustache. His clothes were casual, and he looked about as normal as normal can be.

We began to talk, and I was surprised that we had an awful lot in common. We were both users of Apple products, such as iPhones and Macs, and were former members of a local Mac user group. His political views and mine were very much in alignment, and that’s a rarity in Arizona.

I mentioned, if gingerly, my interest in UFOs and other things that go bump in the night, and he shared his background as an engineer who had worked for a number of years for a private company involved in aerospace.

In fact, he claimed that his initials, and those of many of his coworkers, were engraved on one of the moon landers.

Understand that he was, to me, a total stranger, and we were just talking, so I didn’t make an effort to attempt to verify this claim by asking him to identify himself beyond his first name, John. He appeared to be about the right age for someone who was a young engineer when America was fully engaged in lunar exploration.

The conversation continued, and I tossed in yet another tidbit, mentioning that one of the larger UFO groups (MUFON of course, but I didn’t mention the name) held a symposium this past summer focusing on an alleged secret space program.

My companion gave a knowing smile as he mentioned that there are spy satellites, but he also implied that there was something more that he could not talk about. I tried to probe, but he reminded me that such matters are kept secret.

I asked him if he had a security clearance, and he said he did during the time he was employed in the aerospace industry. He retired more than 15 years ago, he said, but he continues to honor that agreement. It was clear that he would not say anything specific, other than to imply that he had secret knowledge about the space program and black projects.

Or maybe he was just putting me on.

I cited some of the claims about the secret space program, that we may have set up bases on the Moon and on Mars. I also mentioned other claims that our military might be working with extraterrestrials to maintain these black projects, and he only smiled softly. He remained guarded, not conveying any specific knowledge.

He just listened.

Once again, this man was a total stranger. I never saw him before the restaurant management paired us at the last remaining table to share a lunch. It almost seems as if this encounter might be something more than a mere coincidence.

During the course of the conversation, I did observe his intelligence and his straightforward, sincere demeanor. He didn’t convey the impression that he was someone with a tendency to boast. He spoke in a soft voice and I sometimes had to strain to hear him.

Indeed, he treated his profession as something perfectly ordinary. He didn’t tout any specific accomplishments during his career, beyond having his initials placed on that lunar craft. He also expressed his deep paternal pride in his son whom he said had served during the first Gulf War. He went onto explain that he prospered in his golden years as the result of some strategic investments. But he lamented the fact that he hadn’t asked his stock broker to acquire more stock in Apple Inc., which has shown a tremendous amount of growth.

As I said, he seemed totally normal in nearly every respect. Maybe too normal?

It’s even possible that I might have actually met him before, during one or more of the public meetings of the Arizona Mac User Group (AMUG). But, as I said, he wasn’t someone who drew attention to himself. His clothing was neat but nondescript, and, despite his age, he walked with a sure step.

Our meals finished, he got up. We shook hands and went our separate ways.

To be sure, I had loads of questions aching to be asked, but he made it clear in his reserved manner that he had no intention of dropping any further hints.

Now when we first sat down, he did admit to being a regular at that restaurant, so I suppose it’s possible I might see him again if I came by at the noon hour on another day.

You might suggest he was just humoring me, enjoying a private joke at my expense by implying that he had knowledge of things that he could not talk about.

I know some of you might even suggest this was a case of synchronicity, that two old men seeking a place to eat just happened to come upon the only empty table. Or could he have been a plant sent there to meet me?

As a practical matter, most of the time when I visit a fast food restaurant, I usually sit in the corner or just return to the car to eat. I’m not one to actually attempt to speak to total strangers. Indeed, that was my intention this time, and except for the fact that the place was unusually crowded, this “chance” encounter might never have occurred.

Most of you know that I’m very much a skeptic, and I don’t usually analyze chance events to find something significant in them. Over than our aligned interests, there’s no reason to think that he actually possessed any significant information about our space program beyond what an engineer might know in the course of his work.

Maybe he was intuitive enough to drop hints that implied greater knowledge than he really possessed. As I said, he didn’t provide any meaningful details beyond the claim about his initials being on a lunar lander, along with those of other scientists and engineers who had worked on the project.

It was surely an enjoyable conversation regardless. If I do see him again, and I have my doubts, I will make an effort to expand on our conservation.

For now, make of it what you will.

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Maybe similar Gene and reminded me of late John Keel work with his encounters. Hope you run into him again Gene and it sounds like a great story. Next you will get odd phone calls.:D
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