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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 26, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
December 26, 2021

Explore the Amazing Mysteries at Marley Woods with Investigator Tom Ferrario on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz present UFO investigator Tom Ferrario, who first experienced a close encounter with a possible gray alien at the age of six. Tom was a key member of the late Ted Phillip's Special Investigations Unit known as S.I.U., which functions like the Navy Seals in that they are inserted into UFO portal areas armed with electronic and imaging equipment. A key research project was Marley Woods, a location much like Skinwalker Ranch, where all sorts of strange unearthly activity has been taking place. Ferrario has worked as a divemaster, machinist and electrical engineer on projects in the United States, China and Bermuda. He has been an independent UFO researcher who become a section director for MUFON. Later he would go on to be assistant state director for Missouri MUFON. He then co-founded the MUFON dive team with Debbie Zieglmeyer, after which he joined the late Ted Phillips on his Marley Woods research project.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on December 26: Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz continue the discussion with UFO investigator Tom Ferrario, first covering the strange mysteries at Marley Woods, and other possible portal areas where the paranormal reigns supreme, locations of frequent reports of UFOs, mysterious creatures and other strange phenomena. There is also talk about the possible changes in UFO configuration from structured craft, about visits by strange people that may be related to the MIB. And what about the work of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ted Phillips and Ray Stanford? Ferrario has worked as a divemaster, machinist and electrical engineer on projects in the United States, China and Bermuda. He has been an independent UFO researcher since 1969 and was a key member of ate Ted Phillip's Special Investigations Unit known as S.I.U.

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Did 2021 Make a Difference for UFO Believers?
By Gene Steinberg

Some years ago, I suggested that I wouldn’t be alive when or if the UFO mystery was solved. Even disclosure — in whatever form it took — wouldn’t come.

Year after year, people like me who follow the UFO mess would try to provide a reality check for folks who thought the answer was almost at hand. But look at the lessons of history and the unfulfilled hopes and dreams that the so-called Truth Embargo would end.

But that assumes that such a thing even exists, that there are people within the U.S. government who know — or suspect — precisely what’s going on but have kept it a deep, dark secret.

Assuming the dream is fulfilled, just how will it play out?

The common belief is that someone in authority, perhaps the President, will one day give an Oval Office speech revealing that Earth is being visited by a possible extraterrestrial intelligence. There might be an explanation of wshy it was kept secret, perhaps that the authorities were trying to figure out what was going on, and whether it represented a potential threat to national security.

As a formal speech, there probably will be no press availabilities, though you can expect the President’s aides will be questioned endlessly about what they know, and when did they know it. Here I would not expect absolute honesty, just excuses as to why it took so long to admit the truth.

Perhaps the best excuse is ignorance, that it took years to determine the reality behind the phenomenon and its potential cause. Of course, reporters may actually begin to do research and explore the thousands of incredible sightings over the years.

And what about Roswell? Have they really captured a flying saucer?

Those who believe in Roswell would expect some sort of admission. But it may well be that the matter will be given short shrift. No, the U.S. does not possess the wreckage of a crashed spaceship, and there are perfectly ordinary explanations for those claims having nothing to do with ET’s presence.

But basically, they can’t win. Whatever they reveal will be disbelieved by some. If it happens during the administration of President Biden, there will be many from the opposition party who still don’t believe his election was legitimate. So whatever he says will be disbelieved.

If it comes during the administration of a Republican President, perhaps the reverse will be true. There has to be some evil political motive to reveal something so outlandish. Maybe it’s all a ploy to expand the military budget to protect us against a possible war in space, even if ET so far seems not to have evil designs on us.

But the military-industrial complex will love it.

The problems with such scenarios is that they ignore what other world leaders might do. Nothing can stop Russia’s Putin or China’s Xi Jinping from trying to one-up the U.S. on UFOs. Nothing stops the leaders of the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand — a host of other countries — from disclosing an extraterrestrial reality behind UFOs.

Now I suppose allies to the U.S. might have been consulted, and there is a joint agreement about how to manage the phenomenon. It is naive to think that one country holds the cards when it comes to the truth. Any world leader can vie to be first among equals to disclose.

The same would be true for so-called enemies of the U.S. In fact, you’d think they’d rush to one-up other countries and get the truth out.

If there is something to reveal.

Consider today’s moves to investigate UAPs. The latest U.S. military budget sets aside funding for such an investigation. We have former government officials, including two CIA heads (Woolsey and Brennon), Presidents Clinton and Obama, and even Hillary Clinton saying, with similar language, that we ought to find to what’s really going on.

In fact, having such people suggest we need to know the truth about UAPs raises a very significant question or concern. Shouldn’t people in their positions already know? If not a President, what about a CIA Director? Isn’t this part of their mission to deal with foreign threats? There can hardly be a more serious foreign threat than the presence of extraterrestrials in our midst.

That raises another possibility: Could it be that the force behind the UFOs, whatever it is, has already communicated with Earth governments and worked out a deal with them? This would mean that ET holds the cards on disclosure.

So when our visitors, whatever they might be, say the time is right, disclosure will occur. If they say we aren’t ready, they aren’t ready for the truth to be outed, it won’t happen.

Of course, this assumes there is an intelligence behind the UFOs with which we can communicate, and that such communication has already occurred.

The impression created by the current investigations, however, is that we just don’t know what’s really happening, that we need to figure out some answers. But that assumes that, after over 70 years of their presence in our skies, we don’t have a clue.

Now it may well be that the authorities, even though it seems hard to believe, actually haven’t taken any of it seriously up till now. In the early days, Project Blue Book and its predecessors were set up to deflect any real investigations. The assumption was that there was nothing to it, and part of the program was to debunk or ignore the presence of strange flying objects. We could easily explain the unexpected cases if we had enough data to find the telltale evidence that would show it’s all conventional.

But that would mean that Roswell wasn’t a crashed spaceship. Maybe it was a Mogul balloon after all, or some sort of test aircraft experiment that went awry. Other mysteries in the early days are also easily explained if we actually put in the time to figure out what really happened.

That could all be an excuse, that we should have given UFOs serious attention, but there wasn’t enough evidence to demonstrate the presence of unknowns in our skies.

On the other hand, if UFOs aren’t spaceships, but represent some previously unknown phenomenon, perhaps the multiverse, time travelers, the collective unconscious and other politically incorrect possibilities, none of the new investigations will accomplish anything useful.

In other words, nothing is going to change. There will be no disclosure, and I’ll live out my days watching the wheels go by without getting any answers.ffects, something too often ignored by researchers. So maybe there has been a little progress after all.

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