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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 17, 2023

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Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
December 17, 2023


Explore the Legend of the Philadelphia Experiment, Early UFO Culture and UFO Disclosure Possibilities with Maxim W. Furek on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present an encore appearance by paranormal researcher Maxim W. Furek, whose eclectic background includes aspects of psychology, addictions, and rock journalism. He has a master’s degree in Communications from Bloomsburg University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Aquinas College. The main focus of this episode is the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment, about a purported attempt during World War II to make ships invisible to the enemy, with results that went awry. Furek will also explore the pop culture of the early days of the modern UFO field, featuring such controversial characters as Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver. Furek has written numerous rock biographies, as well as paranormal-themes books, such as Coal Region Hoodoo: Paranormal Tales from Inside the Pit and Flying Saucer Esoteric. He is a contributor to Fate Magazine, Normal Paranormal, and Paranormal Underground. The book Flying Saucer Esoteric: The Altered States of Ufology cxplores the chronology of “flying saucers,” tracing historical accounts of theologians and astronomers who lived in the days Before Christ to the 2023 Congressional hearings and the Mexican alien corpses myth.

After The Paracast — Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on December 17: Researcher Maxim W. Furek is back to continue his conversation with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz. He focuses the discussion on such topics as Bigfoot, extraterrestrial and interdimensional UFOs, the death of print journalism, politically incorrect talk about fake news. You’ll also hear a surprising revelation about the alleged work of engineer John G. Trump, former President Trump’s uncle, who may have explored the purported technology behind the Philadelphia Experiment. Furek has written numerous rock biographies, as well as paranormal-themes books, such as Coal Region Hoodoo: Paranormal Tales from Inside the Pit and Flying Saucer Esoteric . He is a contributor to Fate Magazine, Normal Paranormal, and Paranormal Underground. The bookFlying Saucer Esoteric: The Altered States of Ufology cxplores the chronology of “flying saucers,” tracing historical accounts of theologians and astronomers who lived in the days Before Christ to the 2023 Congressional hearings and the Mexican alien corpses myth.

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An Adventure in Time on a Naval Destroyer
Tim R. Swartz

On the December 17., 2023 episode of The Paracast, our guest, Maxim Furek, spent a significant amount of time discussing the infamous Philadelphia Experiment. For those of you not aware what this was, it was allegedly a naval experiment in the early 1940s that started out as an attempt to degauss ships so they wouldn’t magnetically attract floating mines. Instead, it ended up causing the naval destroyer to inexplicably vanish, reappear in Norfolk, Virginia, disappear again, returning to the Philadelphia shipyard.

The genesis of the Philadelphia Experiment myth dates back to 1955 with the publication of the book The Case for UFO by the late Morris K. Jessup. Sometime after the publication of the book, Jessup received correspondence from a man who called himself Carlos Miguel Allende (real name Carl Allen).

In his correspondence, Allende commented on Jessup's book and gave details of an alleged secret naval experiment conducted by the Navy in Philadelphia in 1943. During the experiment, according to Allende, a ship was rendered invisible and teleported to and from Norfolk in a few minutes, with some terrible aftereffects for crew members. Supposedly this incredible feat was accomplished by applying Einstein's “unified field” theory. Allende claimed that he had witnessed the experiment from another ship and that the incident was reported in a Philadelphia newspaper.

Although no official information has ever been uncovered proving conclusively that The Philadelphia Experiment was ever conducted, the Navy has long denied it ever happened; there is evidence, however, that shows the experiment may have had its genesis as far back as the 1930s. Research was conducted on the nature of electromagnetic, gravity and invisibility at the University of Chicago around 1931 or 1932 under the guidance of Dr. John Hutchinson Sr., who was Dean of the University. This research may have been used for experiments that later became confused with the myth of a disappearing ship.

It wasn’t until years later, possibly with the release of the film The Philadelphia Experiment in 1984, that time travel became a part of the ever-expanding mythology. There is an interesting story involving the scientist Nikola Tesla, who was alleged to be involved in the early electromagnetic research in Chicago that may have introduced the time element to the narrative.

Tesla had such a run-in with the unexpected nature of electromagnetic fields in 1895. At that time, he was experimenting with highly charged, rotating magnetic fields when he was accidentally struck by an arc of almost 3.5 million volts of electricity. Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, said that he felt he was outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the past, present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electrical field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done.

An engineer by the name of Al Bielek would take the time travel scenario even further by claiming he and his brother were personally involved in the experiment and the disastrous outcome left them lost in time and space. From these frightening beginnings, the United States military was supposedly able to perfect time travel at a secret location at Camp Hero on Long Island, New York.

Bielek’s claims, of course, have never been verified. He did, however, make a variety of public appearances over the years to promote his strange experiences.

Time Travel and Mind Controls

Rumors have it that a direct result of what was learned from the Philadelphia Experiment could have been what in now known as the Montauk Project. Made popular by a series of books: The Montauk Project (1992), Montauk Revisited: Adventures In Synchronicity (1994), Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations In Consciousness (1995), The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection (1997), and Montauk: The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow with Peter Moon (editor) published in 1998. The others were written by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.

The Montauk Project has achieved a small degree of notoriety among hard-core believers. Claiming a direct connection to the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project tells a disturbing story of a secret government gone wild, fantastic exotic technologies and the manipulation of time.

The Montauk Project (also known as Project Phoenix) was a top secret black project investigating paranormal, psychic, and unconventional sciences. It was to include the most intelligent, respected scientists in the world, using the most sophisticated advanced computer equipment available.

The Montauk Project allegedly became a huge project branching off into many other smaller projects, including mind control, telepathy, teleportation, and time travel. This curious endeavor supposedly made its headquarters at Camp Hero, or the Montauk Air Force Station which was originally commissioned by the U.S. Army in 1942.

Project Phoenix was supposedly the follow-up research for Project Rainbow, or the Philadelphia Experiment. This research, located at Brookhaven National Laboratories (Long Island, NY), was lead by Dr. John von Neumann. The objective of Project Phoenix was to find out how the human mind works and why people could not be subjected to inter-dimensional phenomena without complications.

Dr. von Neumann allegedly used a vast database of Nazi psychological research that the allies had confiscated after the war. With these resources, he attempted to couple computer technology with sophisticated radio equipment in an attempt to link people's minds with machines. He succeeded to a point where he had made a virtual mind reading machine. The technology was also adapted so a psychic could think a thought and it could potentially affect the mind of another person, no matter how far away they were. The alleged discoveries involving mind/machine melding had alarming potentials.

In 1972, Project Phoenix was moved from the Brookhaven National Laboratories to Camp Hero. This choice was made based on the fact that the base contained a large Sage radar antenna which emitted a frequency of about 400-425 Megahertz (coincidentally the same band used to enter the human mind).

Massive mind control experiments began on humans, and over a few years the Montauk researchers had perfected mind control techniques and continued to study the far reaches of human potential. This research came to the point where they could amplify thoughts to where a psychic could create matter and manifest illusions. Through further study and the hypothesis that one could bend time itself, The Montauk Project opened the first controlled time portal.

The Montauk Project finally reached the climax when a time vortex was allegedly opened back to 1943, thus creating a time loop to the original Philadelphia Experiment.

As with the Philadelphia Experiment, The Montauk Project has become so muddled with myths and rumors that it has become impossible to separate fact from fiction. In fact, the amount of disinformation that has been spread over the years about the project leads me to believe that some kind of secret project was actually conducted at the base. However, its true nature has been effectively hidden by wild stories that have grown more bizarre with each new book.

Are the stories about time machines and exotic technologies simply wild fabrications of intelligence operatives who are trying to hide more mundane military projects? Or have there been actual technological advances in the science of physics and time travel? Who knows?

Only time will tell. And maybe not even then.

• • •​

Tim R. Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Mimics - The Others Among Us, America's Strange and Supernatural History, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!, and is a contributing writer for the books, Brad Steiger's Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places.

As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China. He has worked with television networks such as PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN, Thames-TV and the BBC. He has also appeared on the History Channels programs "Ancient Aliens,” “Evidence,” “Ancient Aliens: Declassified,” The UnXplained, and the History Channel Latin America series "Contacto Extraterrestre."

His articles have been published in magazines such as Mysteries, FATE, Strange, Atlantis Rising, UFO Universe, Renaissance, and Unsolved UFO Reports. He is also the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly email newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide.

Tim is also cohost on The Paracast, The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio, with host Gene Steinberg.

His website is: conspiracyjournal.com

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