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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 15, 2019

Gene Steinberg

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December 15, 2019


UFO Investigator and Author Thiago Luiz Ticchetti Discusses Amazing UFO Contacts in Brazil on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, author of "UFO Contacts in Brazil." Brazil" is one of the countries with the highest UFO incidence in the world. The cases occurring in this country are among the most spectacular in Ufological literature and this book will bring the reader some of the most fascinating close encounter cases, many never published in English before, with many details, photos and illustrations. You learn about some of the most compelling cases during this episode. Ticchetti has been studying UFOs for more than two decades. He is co-editor and columnist for Brazil's UFO Magazine, a columnist for UFO Truth magazine, and is the author of nine books on UFOs.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on December 15: This week Special Correspondent William Puckett continues to present recent and vintage UFO cases. They include a report from Worcester, MA on December 7, 2019, involving a bright floating object that morphed into smaller shapes, a white "streaked" object found in a photo background from Ocala, FL on December 9, 2019, a case from the 1970s, near Fort Bragg Army Base, NC, which may involve missing time, and the sighting of a multicolored star-like object seen in Kona, HI on December 8, 2019. Skeptical paranormal researcher Bryan Bonner, from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society joins in the discussion of these reports, and then talks with Gene and Randall about examining the credibility of some sightings and exposing fakes.

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Going Nowhere
By Gene Steinberg

When I was growing up as a street kid from Brooklyn, NY, I became interested in flying saucers. Rather than participate in sports, other than passively in front of the family “tube,” I became an avid reader of saucer books. Well, science fiction and fantasy too.

Even though Captain Edward Ruppelt, as head of Project Blue Book, renamed the phenomenon Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), in part to reduce the ridicule attached to the topic, I mostly stuck withs flying saucers. I didn’t worry about people thinking I had gone off the deep end.

I just accepted that reality and moved on.

By the mid-1960s, as one of the early participants of the teen Ufology movement of the time, I started to realize that research was going nowhere. Early researchers and book authors, such as Major Donald E. Keyhoe, said we were being visited by spaceships from other planets, and that, as they say, was that.

In the early days, a main candidate was Mars, until scientists knew better. Of course I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of an ancient Martian race, or visitors from the stars, lurking beneath the surface of the red plane away from prying eyes.

It really didn’t matter so long as it was determined that we were being visited by an advanced intelligence from outer space. From there, you could let your imaginations roam, as I did.

When Allen Greenfield and I hatched the alternate reality theory during a long late night discussion at a New York City hotel, we treated it as something original, or at least different.

The main starting point was that UFOs are generally seen within the Earth’s atmosphere, not in space. There might be many reasons for this, of course. Perhaps “they” were using caves or oceans as a base. That might explain sightings over oceans.

So why travel from another planet, in our solar system or elsewhere, every time they wanted to pay us a visit. It would be best if they had already set up a base of operations.

Alternate realities meant that they phased in here, or however you want to describe the process, so it wasn’t necessary for a long voyage. Call it the multiverse, but the theory goes that one might pass through a portal from there to here and back again. It might be deliberate, it might be an accident.

Would that mean our doppelgängers occupy alternate Earths, as depicted in comic books and TV?

There are a multitude of theories, but it’s all theoretical. Nobody has proven any of this, nor that UFOs really do come from another planet, wherever its location.

Over the years, there were hopes and dreams that we were getting somewhere in solving the mystery. But as the 60s turned to the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc., nothing much happened to give us solid clues as to what UFOs really were.

Into the void one might even speculate about less-than-physical answers, such as a collective unconscious. Maybe we were interacting with a phenomenon that manifests itself in accordance with our cultural memes of an era. So spaceships make perfect sense, at least for now.

Even if UFOs are physical in some sense of the word, that doesn’t mean that we can even see them in their true form. That could be the result of a deliberate action — to make them seeming less jarring to us — or due to the limits of our five senses. So we fill in the blanks.

Now our science fiction depicts space travelers, in our future or during the present day, as using physical spacecraft. Star Trek imagines the 23rd century, but the Enterprise and other vessels are not so alien to us. Ditto for Star Wars.

But even Star Trek has depicted beings who don’t even need spaceships, beings so far advanced that they can alter reality, or beam in and out of any location with the snap of their fingers. The “Q Continuum” is an example.

But that’s the exception that proves the rule. Two hundred years from now, we will continue to manufacture physical goods using more advanced technology. There will still be a physical spaceship, a physical control room, physical crew quarters, and a replicator to cook a meal for you.

That’s just sci-fi. Can we even begin to envision how far humans might progress over that period, if we don’t destroy ourselves in the process before then?

Consider the advances of the past 150 years, for example. Start with a horse and buggy and using a teletype machine to send a message. If you want to talk to someone, yell really loud and hope someone who hear you.

Many of our present-day inventions are natural advances in early technologies. Motorized vehicles. The telephone and telephone networks becoming more advanced. Cellular technology means you don’t need wires. Some day you might even be able to power your computer, your stove, your refrigerator, using wireless technology. Cords and plugs, cables and jacks, they’ll all be gone.

Take this another 200 years forward, and imagine the speed of our technological growth continuing to increase. Can we even imagine where we’ll be by then? Star Trek’s version of our future might actually be ancient history by then.

Now consider a race of aliens whose civilization began not thousands of years ago, but hundreds of thousands of years ago. Would they even need to use spaceships? Even if such beings remained physical in the traditional way, instant travel from one place to another might be commonplace.

You can consider the possibilities used in sci-fi, such as wormholes, stargates, or just having the ability to bend reality to your will when you take a trip.

But the UFOs we report never seem that far advanced compared to our present day achievements. They are always a step or two ahead, but they are steps that we can potentially take. Call it inspiration.

In all this, however, we aren’t getting any closer to understanding what UFOs are all about. The recent stories of the U.S. Navy’s interest in UAPs, which appears to be the politically correct term for the phenomenon these days, don’t take us any further in knowing what’s going on. It all seems about doing the same things over and over again. It’s as if Project Blue Book never existed.

It may spark public interest in the subject, of course. But when you look over the record of the past 70 years or so, what significant new evidence have we gathered about the saucers anyway?

When I say we are essentially going nowhere, there doesn’t seem to be much to disprove that statement.

I’d love to be proven wrong. At one time I thought we’d have some solid answers before I departed this mortal plane. Now I’m not so sure. Then again, maybe we were never meant to know.

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