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Your Paracast Newsletter — December 1, 2019

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
December 1, 2019


Cutting-edge Conversation on the Paranormal with Red Pill Junkie on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present that inimitable cutting-edge thinker Red Pill Junkie (Miguel Romero). On this episode, RPJ opines on cutting-edge UFO research, and the frontiers of science and consciousness. In his own words, RPJ is an "Agnostic gnostic, walking conundrum & metaphysical oxymoron (with emphasis in the 'moron' part), [who] lives a double life: He is an outspoken blogger on the paranormal and a regular contributor for The Daily Grail, Mysterious Universe, and the Intrepid Magazine blog. He also collaborates frequently with The Grimerica Show podcast and, of course, has appeared on The Paracast over the years.

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International: Ufology Society International (USI) - Explore the UFO Phenomenon

William Puckett's Blog: UFO Reporting Center, Latest UFO Sightings & News.

Red Pill Junkie's Commentaries: red pill junkie, Author at The Daily Grail

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers: Gene and Randall present an extended segment with Special Correspondent William Puckett, who discusses another quartet of UFO cases. They include: Yet another UFO, this time a vertical bar of light, observed in a ring doorbell video. This one occurred on November 24, 2019 in Portland, OH, a report of a triangular multicolored light observed in Dallas, OR on November 21, 2019, very bright lights moving northeast in a straight line in Boulder, CO on November 25, 2019, and reports of 20 to 30 starlike objects moving northeast in a straight line in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. The last two appear to be among a surge of UFO sightings reported in the wake of the launch of SpaceX Starlink communication satellites that began in May of 2019. These satellites, in low orbit, are expected to begin to provide broadband Internet beginning in 2020. Astronomers are concerned that they will disrupt ground and space observations.

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Just Some More Shop Talk
By Gene Steinberg

When it comes to UFOs and related subjects, I sometimes think I’ve covered just about everything under the sun — and that’s just the beginning. Column after column, I’ve opined on topics that mainly interest me. Call it self indulgent, but I like to think I can do a better job of delivering a reasonably accurate recitation of the facts, along with my opinions, if I am curious about something.

On occasion, though, I’d rather focus on The Paracast itself, what we’ve done and what we’re planning.

Recently we began the sixth year of The Paracast+, our premium subscription service that, in part, answered your demands for an ad-free version of the show. We also deliver the episodes at a higher bit rate, copied direct from the original recordings.

There’s also the After The Paracast podcast, where you should expect the unexpected. Sure, we have added a regular weekly segment, the latest UFO sightings from Special Correspondent William Puckett. But we also feature what you might call “color commentary,” along with lots of interviews.

Sometimes After The Paracast features part two of that week’s episode of The Paracast, where the guest has kindly consented to hang with us for more discussion. At other times, we feature exclusive interviews.

So, on one episode a few years back, Nick Pope, the former UFO person at the UK’s Ministry of Defense, came on to talk about another passion of his: conspiracy theories. But rather than repeating the same ole, same ole, Nick presented a decidedly different point of view, in some cases favoring the conventional wisdom. This means that, when it comes to the JFK assassination for example, he accepts the official theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

And, as listeners to After The Paracast know, there are no commercial interruptions and it’s uncensored since we don’t have to worry about FCC regulations.

Recently, cohost J. Randall Murphy has begun to post some of his original musical compositions and performances in our Paracast+ library. And, yes, he plays all the instruments.

There’s a lot more coming, and you can get in on the fun by signing up. Just pay a visit to: http://www.theparacast.plus

Yes, we actually registered a domain with the “plus” label or Top Level Domain (TLD). It takes you to the page where you get sign up information and other particulars.

We also have another interesting domain, theparacast.rocks. Right now, it’s just pointing to the main site, but maybe we’ll do something a little more original, music related, of course.

But there’s a more pressing need. You see, our site, theparacast.com, is getting a little long in the tooth. It was designed by web developer Richard Gunn back in 2010. Since then, the only real change was to make it “responsive,” meaning it looks better on mobile devices, such as an iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy.

Well, partly, because the changeover was never quite completed.

At the very least, we’d like to see that portion of the work finished, so you can see the entire site in the proper format on a mobile device or desktop computer. The desktop version of the site could also use a “shave and a haircut.”

We’re looking for volunteers. If you have expertise in WordPress and PHP, we could use your help. Those of you who become part of the team will receive a lifetime subscription to The Paracast+ as payment, along with a plug for your design services. Well, maybe we can add a few things to sweeten the pot. I have some brand new books here…

If you are interested, please write us at: news@theparacast.com. A portfolio helps, so we can see if your work matches our vision for the site.

It should not involve reinventing the wheel, but we’re not going to refuse a full redesign of the site, but right now just sprucing it up will really help a lot.

In the meantime, The Paracast itself has been undergoing a transition, which happens when we switch cohosts with different ideas on what they’d like to do. You’ve already seen us expand to a wider range of guests, not just the regulars that appear over and over. Some of them may be unknown to you, but they are all knowledgeable about the paranormal. Most are younger than we are, which gives us all a chance to explore the future of paranormal research.

More listener roundtables will also be featured. A recent guest was Mark Jackson, known in our forums as TDSR (which stands for The Deep Space Resident). He’s a geologist who works in the oil industry, and he has an amazing knowledge of the UFO field and the many issues that surround research into that subject.

Indeed, Randall started out as a forum regular. He joined us on roundtables and later became a guest cohost. When Chris O’Brien decided to move on, Randall became our regular cohost, and he’s just great. His breath of knowledge about the strange and unknown is tremendous. He not only speaks knowledgeably about UFOs, but he is knowledgable about the frontiers of science, and the frontiers of consciousness.

As with many people intrigued by the paranormal, Randall is also a musician. Again, he’s begun posting his stuff in our Paracast+ library, and he also has a YouTube channel.

In the near future, in fact, we hope to do an episode of The Paracast that features a range of musicians that have been involved in the paranormal either as interested parties, or experiencers. Where there are no licensing issues involved, we’ll even play some of their compositions on the show.

You see, licensing music from the traditional sources, such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, is complicated and expensive. That’s true even if we only plan to play a few tracks. While I suppose we might get away with using some excerpts, I don’t want to just allow them to slip by. Other than those household names most of you would recognize, most working composers and musicians don’t earn a lot of money for their work, and they are entitled to be paid.

In any case, we are working hard to make The Paracast bigger and better, and we always welcome your suggestions about guests and the show itself.

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