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Your Paracast Newsletter -- August 22, 2009

Gene Steinberg

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Your Paracast Newsletter

August 22, 2009

The Paracast Hosts a Father/Son Paranormal Talk Show Team

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This Week's Episode: Paranormal talk show hosts, investigators and experiencers Paul and Ben Eno discuss their ongoing research.

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Coming August 30: Karl Mamer, of The Conspiracy Skeptic, confronts Gene and David with his disbelief in the strange and unknown. You’ll also hear a reality check from long-time researcher Jim Delittoso with regard to his comments about a photo allegedly featuring former Vice President Dick Cheney observing a UFO at a secret military base.

Kal Mamer's Site: The Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast

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But Can You Really Believe Those Claims?

The other day, I got a letter from an old, dear friend, Jim Moseley, Editor of "Saucer Smear." Now Jim is often regarded as the unofficial court jester of the UFO field, and his biting wit and penchant for perpetrating some notorious UFO hoaxes over the years surely go a long way towards confirming the prevailing point of view.

But Jim is surely a man of contradictions. At the heart of his long-time interest in the field is a deep curiosity about the strange things that we have been seeing in the skies ? and sometimes on the ground ? for so many years. He definitely believes something strange is going on, but he also doesn't suffer fools gladly, and he is extremely skeptical about some long-standing cases, such as the Roswell affair.

If you've heard his occasional guest shots on The Paracast, you know most of this already, so you can imagine why I wasn't surprised to get that letter, which consisted of a printout of a recent issue of this newsletter and a few handwritten annotations that Jim placed at appropriate points in the text.

Without going into anything more than basic detail, it is clear that Jim doesn't take the claims of the late Colonel Philip J. Corso very seriously. In the book he co-authored with Bill Birnes, "The Day After Roswell," Corso claimed to have acted on behalf of the Army to distribute artifacts of alien technology, specifically wreckage from the spacecraft recovered at Roswell, to private industry.

This is an extremely controversial issue and one that continues to pique my curiosity. It's all-too-easy to dismiss the claims out of cloth. Certainly a number of respectable UFO researchers have poked holes into Corso's theories and, in fact, his work background as cited in the book. Problem is that Corso was a highly-decorated military officer and a war hero. Whatever quibbles one might have with the book, and its flaws are well known and, in large part, acknowledged by Birnes when you ask him a few pointed questions, I am very troubled by what it signifies as far as our history is concerned. That's why I've mentioned the subject on several occasions in our weekly newsletter.

Whatever doubts you might have about Corso, get ahold of a copy of James Fox's great UFO documentary, "Out of the Blue." Pay particular attention to the brief interviews with Corso, who comes across as a straight-ahead retired military officer who appears totally credible. You can, I suppose, suggest that he made it all up, that perhaps he was looking to make a cash killing to enrich his family as he approached the end of his life.

Now it's evidently quite true that Corso wasn't exactly a nice guy. He was regarded by some as a troublemaker, and that can be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. However, there's nothing in his background to indicate that he'd just make up a story of this scope out of whole cloth. That, as the pointed eared guy in that TV show and movie series often stated, is illogical.

Let's forget, for the moment, whatever concerns you might have with the story. Sure, maybe it doesn't seem sensible that we could truly reverse engineer highly advanced technology that may be hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us. Maybe integrated circuits didn't originate, or at least achieve their final state of development, as the result of something built by ET.

However, I'd very much like to know if there is some inner truth about the Corso affair. It's just too damned hard to dismiss.

Gene Steinberg
Co-Host, "The Paracast"

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