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Your Paracast Newsletter — April 8, 2018

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Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
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April 8, 2018

The Possibility of Ancient Aliens Explored by Rev. Dr. Barry Downing on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and special guest cohost Don Ecker present Rev. Dr. Barry Downing, author of two works on the presence of alien visitors in ancient times, “The Bible and Flying Saucers,” (1968) and “Biblical UFO Revelations,” (2017). He has been a consultant in theology for the Mutual UFO Network since 1972, and has published a number of articles in UFO publications. He is listed in “Who’s Who In Theology and Science,” and has appeared in several of the History Channel “Ancient Aliens” series. Dr. Downing is pastor emeritus of Northminster Presbyterian Church, Endwell, NY. He earned a degree in physics from Hartwick College, a divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on April 8: Gene and guest cohost Don Ecker welcome veteran UFO researcher Tim Beckley, the publisher of the Rev. Dr. Barry Downing’s newest book, “Biblical UFO Revelations.” Tim explains how he first met the author and how he came to publish the book. Tim also briefly talks about yet another book he is publishing, about possible hostile UFOs, before the discussion focuses on the Men in Black. In a curious twist, Tim also recalls what he calls “the curse of APRO,” about his sometimes less-than-friendly encounters with the late Jim and Coral Lorenzen’s UFO group decades ago and a curious episode of possible synchronicity. Gene wonders if we would be capable of actually seeing advanced alien technology in its true form.

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UFOs Around the World
By Gene Steinberg

After reading maybe hundreds of UFO books over the years, it’s understandable that I might have become America-centric in exploring the subject. When it comes to government investigations, it’s very much about the U.S. Air Force, the CIA, FBI and other agencies. When it comes to possible UFO secrecy, well it’s a decision clearly made by the powers-that-be in the U.S.A.

It reeks of Jingoism, that the solution to the UFO mystery is being kept a secret by American authorities, almost in isolation to the rest of the world. It’s also illogical, since UFOs aren’t restricted to any single country. Some of the most puzzling sightings occurred outside of this country’s borders, and they have been covered by the press and in books and magazine articles over the years.

We know that UFOs have been investigated in the UK. Author Nick Pope, when he worked for Her Majesty, handled the UFO desk for a while. Some still believe he acts under their authority, though it’s probably more about protecting the secrets to which someone in his position is routinely exposed, which is just about being a patriot and obeying the regulations to which he agreed.

What about Russia? Does Vladimir Putin allow information about sightings in the country he rules get out? Well, there have been several books on the subject, including “UFO Case Files of Russia,” by Paul Stonehill and Philip Mantle, which was published in 2010.

Since Putin used to work for the KGB, he certainly knows about keeping secrets, and you’d suspect any really significant UFO evidence is being kept under wraps.

But what does Russia’s dictator think about the possibility that we might be under visitation by extraterrestrials, or confronting another sort of unknown phenomenon? Wouldn’t he want to make sure nobody else on the planet is privy to the data he possesses? If there is direct evidence, in the form of captured spaceships and aliens, he’d surely want to control the message.

When we think of crashed UFOs, the story mostly focuses on Roswell, although the facts of that case have become less certain in recent years, very much as the result of new research from the likes of Kevin D. Randle and Nick Redfern.

What about the Varginha, Brazil UFO episode of 1996, in which an alleged UFO being was captured by the authorities? All right, according to Randle, there isn’t much in the way of significant evidence to demonstrate that the case is genuine, but if it is largely based on fact, it would certainly confirm the supposition that such incidents aren’t confined to a single country.

All right, nothing that I’m writing here should come as much of a surprise to anyone. UFO are not confined to a single country and thus different governments very likely take their own approaches to investigating subject, if they choose to afford it any special attention. This also means that they may act separate from other countries. If UFOs are from outer space, they may possess technology that would place any country on top militarily; well, if the technology can somehow be reverse engineered.

If such craft are powered by some sort of free energy that threatens to put the oil companies out of business, at least potentially, a country that depends on that energy source to feed its population, would want to keep it secret. A country that has little or no native energy resource would want to get ahold of such technology and exploit it.

Certainly the battle over recovery of alien technology would cause all sorts of potential conflicts. Well, if any individual country possesses such technology, even if its engineers and scientists can’t make sense of it yet.

One other possibility is that a number of countries might be working together to attempt to discover what the UFOs are about. The U.K and U.S. for example, and American military personnel reportedly turned up in Brazil to look into the Varginha case.

None of that should be surprising either.

Of course, it would be really encouraging to see the U.N. take responsibility for managing UFO research, so the information is freely available to all governments. But that is unlikely to happen in this world, where even close allies might have reason to work together to keep the UFO secret under wraps.

A lot of this depends, of course, on UFOs being extraterrestrial in origin, and that at least some or all of the governments of Earth have evidence that this is so.

But I can also see potential sources of conflict for all of the obvious reasons. Indeed, is there any evidence that such things are happening? Not that I can see. While a small number of countries might be able to keep secrets, imagine dozens flailing about attempting to micromanage the truth about UFOs. Could it be kept under the wraps, hidden from the media or other outsiders? Do all countries have an equal ability to handle top secret data?

Obviously not!

This doesn’t mean there are no UFOs, or that UFOs aren’t from other planets. But it’s not at all likely that all countries could work together to investigate the phenomenon and share the data.

Or maybe there’s good reason to cooperate. What if it were discovered that ET is not terribly friendly towards us. Sure, cases of possible hostility have been infrequent, and at least some may be matter of self-defense.

But not all.

In that case, all of the countries of Earth would be forced to work together in hopes of devising a way to protect the population, or perhaps, if a takeover or total annihilation were inevitable, do their best to lessen the pain.

But I’m just speculating here. I’m skeptical that any one country can control the UFO secret, if there is a secret, hard as they try.

If ET is planning an invasion, well, I suppose I can always hope that death will be quick and painless. Or maybe potential dominance by extraterrestrials will be a far better solution than the one we have now.

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