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Your Paracast Newsletter — April 4, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
April 4, 2021

Explore Amazing Lunar Mysteries with Paranormal Writer/Researcher Constance Victoria Briggs on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present paranormal researcher and writer Constance Victoria Briggs, to discuss one of her recent books, "The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries: Secrets, Conspiracy Theories, Anomalies, Extraterrestrials and More." As a researcher of metaphysical, paranormal and cosmic subjects, Constance has come across stories and information about the Moon that tell us that indeed there is activity there, and there has been for generations. Her other books include: "The Encyclopedia of Angels," "Encyclopedia of God," and "The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World. She has been invited as a guest speaker on several radio shows discussing such topics as angels, extraterrestrials, ancient aliens, life-after-death, after death communication, out-of-body experiences, Moon mysteries and more.

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Constance Victoria Briggs' Blog: Constance Victoria Briggs – Author

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on April 4: Paranormal writer/researcher Constance Victoria Briggs returns to talk about unusual personal experiences, such as ones involving Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and a series of alleged channeling episodes. Constance also talks about the influence of channelers and the message they reportedly convey. In addition to authoring such books as "The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries," "The Encyclopedia of Angels," "Encyclopedia of God," and "The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World, she is a frequent radio/podcast guest and has been featured on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Midnight Society, The Leak Project, The Kingdom of Nye, Earth Ancients, Paranormal Soup, The Paranormal and the Sacred and others.

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A Good Contactee Hoax Never Dies

By Gene Steinberg

Sometimes our best-laid plans on The Paracast come apart. So back in 2013, we featured British UFO author Timothy Good, best known in the field for such best-sellers as “Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Coverup.” Since he cited Major Donald Keyhoe and Captain Edward J. Ruppelt as among his major influences in the field, we expected a fairly straightforward discussion of saucer lore.

Well, until he revealed that he was also a fan of the long-debunked claims of one of the early UFO contactees, George Adamski.

Now Adamski was one of a group of people who essentially claimed to have contacted actor Michael Rennie in the desert. Well, not quite Michael Rennie, but a long-haired version of the character he portrayed in the classic 1951 sci-fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Loosely based on a short story from Harry Bates, “Farewell to the Master,” Rennie was cast as an alien being, Klaatu, who came to Earth to warn us of the folly of our flirtation with nuclear weapons. Adamski’s version was named Orthon.

Adamski claimed that his flying saucer encounter occurred in the California desert on November 20, 1952. While he allegedly had several witnesses on hand, it appeared that they were not actually close enough to witness the actual event described in Adamski’s 1953 book, “Flying Saucers Have Landed.”

The success of Adamski’s book and its sequel, “Inside the Space Ships,” detailing his alleged voyages through space, helped inspire a generation of people claiming to have contacted so-called Nordic aliens, dubbed “Space Brothers,” who came to Earth to warn us of the folly of nuclear testings.

Now Adamski’s claims were quickly ripped apart by the so-called scientific elements of the UFO community. So his photographs of alleged spaceships were easily duplicated by the editors of a regional magazine, Yankee, by using a Chrysler hubcap, a coffee can and three ping pong balls.

One of the best sources of material that takes apart Adamski’s claims was the “Special Adamski Expose Issue” of James Moseley’s Saucer News magazine, published in November, 1957.

One notable quote came in the final article in that issue, in which one Lonzo Dove, described as an amateur astronomer, reviewed “Inside the Space Ships”:

“…If the Space Men really spoke as quoted therein, their wisdom reflected in their space-craftmanship is utterly contradicted by their spoken ignorance of even the basic principles of the sciences of astronomy, optics, and biology.”

Indeed, one of the most outlandish claims was that the being who contacted Adamski allegedly came from Venus. While scientists may not have known it then, Venus has a surface temperature of hundreds of degrees, a veritable hothouse and very much inimical to life as we know it.

Unfortunately, Saucer News never had a circulation sufficient to reach many of the people who were taken in by Adamski and others of his ilk. At best, that issue had a circulation of maybe a couple of thousand readers.

But the nail was really hammered into the coffin of Adamski’s claims with the infamous Straith Letter hoax.

So in 1957, Adamski reportedly received an unsolicited letter purporting to have been written by one R.E. Straith, representing a “Cultural Exchange Committee” of the U.S. State Department.

The letter endorsed Adamski’s claims, stating that public corroboration would be forthcoming. Adamski used the letter as evidence that the government supported his claims, and claimed familiarity with the agency.

The letter was indeed written on official government stationery, but it bore the distinctive writing style of a fairly well-known UFO personage, one Gray Barker. So it seems that Gray and his close friend, Jim Moseley, had gotten ahold of the letterheads from a friend. One night, after a binge of drinking and laughter, they sat down and wrote several letters to people in the UFO field, including Adamski.

The letters caused some level of consternation in government circles, and Moseley later admitted that the FBI investigated the matter before deciding not to prosecute anyone for stealing and misusing that stationery.

But Adamski’s claims were already discredited before he fell into the Straith rabbit hole.

Adamski died in 1965. But after all these years, he still has his followers. In addition to Good, we once received an inquiry from some of those people, asking to come on the show.

When I explained why we had no interest in dealing with Adamski and other contactees, they persisted. Well, until I sent them a link to the special edition of Saucer News mentioned above. They never responded.

That anyone would believe in the 1950’s sci-fi view of our solar system, that Venus, Mars, Saturn, and perhaps even the Moon, were inhabited by Nordic-type humans, seems surprising in this day and age. But it persists.

On this weekend’s episode of The Paracast, we feature paranormal author Constance Victoria Briggs, author of “The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries: Secrets, Conspiracy Theories, Anomalies, Extraterrestrials and More,” which contains dozens and dozens of short articles on such legends.

Among them are uncritical sections devoted to some of the more notorious flying saucer contactees, such as Adamski, Billy Meier and Howard Menger.

We have devoted quite enough time on The Paracast and in our forums to Meier’s outlandish claims and readily-faked photos. Menger is another story entirely.

Although Menger, once dubbed the “Jersey Adamski,” made claims of contacts with Nordics similar to those of his primary influence, he began to backtrack on them for a while beginning in the mid-1960s. Instead of meeting up with Space Brothers, Menger asserted that he may have been the innocent victim or subject of government experimentation.

That claim is not without logic, and it may well be that there was government influence involving other contact claimants in those early years.

As to Ms. Briggs, it is clear from my questioning on the show that she focused more on collecting stories than verifying them, although her book is still a pretty good read despite its flaws.

When it comes to Adamski and his fellow travelers, it doesn’t matter how often they are exposed as fakes. The claims will just reappear as if they were never really debunked. It’s very much the fate of those who fact-check and expose false statements from politicians. The lies will nonetheless persist.

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