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Your Paracast Newsletter — April 26, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
April 26, 2020

The One-and-Only Don Ecker Offers a UFO Reality Check on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present the irrepressible Don Ecker, host of host of Dark Matters Radio, who brings us up to date on some of the key investigations he’s conducted over the years. Don first became interested in the UFO question in 1966, when along with several other people he was witness to a sighting of the enigma. “It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I realized then that there was much more to this than the authorities were letting on.” He has written numerous articles for the definitive UFO publication, UFO Magazine, as well as articles for international publications, the United Kingdom’s Fortean Times, Omni, the Compuserve System, and the ParaNet Computer Data Base.

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Don Ecker's Facebook Page: Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio

After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on April 26: In Part II of an interview that began on the April 26, 2020 episode of The Paracast, veteran UFO investigator Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio, returns to focus on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, and a possible conspiracy theory of how it all got started. Do the edicts about staying at home, wearing face masks, and “social distancing,” staying six feet apart, present a potential threat to personal freedoms? Don muses about political outcomes before returning to the UFO field and whether proof of their reality might be handed off to private industry to shield that evidence from Freedom of Information Act requests and other attempts to discover the truth. And where is the next generation of investigators willing to put in the hard research to follow through on the evidence?

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So Does ET Even Care?
By Gene Steinberg

A common sci-fi trope in movies over the years was to make extraterrestrial visitors evil. They came here to invade us, for one reason or another, and our primitive scientists and engineers had to figure out a way to survive against all odds before the closing credits.

At the core of this approach was very much an unfortunate part of our own civilization. We are traditionally suspicious of outsiders, whether from another neighborhood, another city, another state, and certainly another country.

Many of our great wars have pitted one country against another, and the reasons why are not part of this discussion, although a lot of it is territorial.

When evil intentions are passed off to visitors from another planet, well it’s just an expansion of the same motives of supposedly civilized beings around the universe. Instead of trying to conquer others on their own world, they choose, instead, to conquer entire planets. It’s just a matter of scale.

So in that respect, it’s hard to see the alleged morality of, say, “Star Trek” and the various Federation versus Klingons/Romulan, etc. conflicts being any different in the scheme of things than stories involving warfare among nations on a single planet.

Since we have no proven knowledge of the true motives of an extraterrestrial race or races that are presumed to be visiting us in flying saucers, we are left to speculate.

Even when so-called “higher beings” exhort us to behave ourselves, that’s no actual evidence of greater morality. It could also be done to lull us into a false sense of security, so we willingly submit ourselves, potentially, to domination by evil aliens.

It would certainly use fewer resources. No shots need be fired, not even as a warning of their unbridled power. Just create the climate where we let them have their way with us.

I think of the TV series, “V” in its two incarnations. In both cases, it was about first contact with an extraterrestrial race, the Visitors, who arrive in the form of attractive humans and claim to be here to promote peace and brotherhood.

Except that their appearance is a disguise, hiding the evil or reptilian forms of beings who are here to take over and enslave us.

Of course, the visage of the evil reptilian has its religious connotations, of spawn from the Devil from Hades who are here to do us harm.

Then again, depending on your point of view, allowing any extraterrestrial race to assume control of planet Earth, in a peaceful or hostile manner, has its own unsavory implications.

After all, aren’t we civilized enough to plot our own destiny? Why submit ourselves? Then again, billions of people on this world are already subjugated by authoritarian rulers. Or maybe there’s the lull of security in at least knowing where they stand, that things aren’t about to change significantly one way or the other.

Now when it comes to ET ruling Earth, or at least having a vested interest in our affairs, there are various ways to look at the situation.

One is that an advanced race of aliens arrived here in times past and seeded Earth with their genes, or the genes of a race manufactured in their labs. Or perhaps they interbred with “the daughters of men” and spawned the human race.

They hang out here to watch our progress, but seldom engage in any direct interference into our affairs.

Maybe that’s how intelligent life expands in our universe. All were seeded by ETs from the dawn of history, a way to spread their seed, or fulfill plans that we can only guess at.

As a practical matter, I can see where people might want advanced beings to take over. It’s not as if humans have done a terribly good job taking care of Mother Earth.

Sometimes it seems that things are only getting worse.

But I suppose there could be a seminal event in the advancement of an intelligent civilization, where it reaches the point where drastic action must be taken in order to prevent armageddon.

Have we reached that point yet? I suppose those of you forced — or persuaded — to stay at home at go out wearing face masks and engaging in social distancing due to the coronavirus, might sometimes feel as if this is truly the end of the world.

The signs appear to indicate that the pandemic will abate before long, after hundreds of thousands of humans have died, and we will slowly go back to our daily routine. Well, maybe it’ll be a changed routine at first, but the trend will move in that direction.

Right now, with our civilization on the ropes, evil ETs might have the perfect opportunity to conquer Earth. It could be done in a covert fashion, or out in public, a massed landing of beings that claim to have come here to save us from ourselves, embrace peace and brotherhood, and join the galactic federation.

I can imagine that hundreds of millions of humans might willingly submit to subjugation, especially if they were led to believe that we would all fare better if we allowed someone or something else from out there in the heavens do what’s necessary to straighten things out.

On the other hand, belief in benevolent space people doesn’t really hold up terribly well under circumstances such as these. There are so many pivotal points in human history where ET might have intervened at set things right, putting us on the righteous path.

But they do nothing.

Or maybe there is a real non-intervention policy of some sort. Sure, they allow themselves to be seen flying about, but they do not engage in any overt behavior to change anything beyond those tiny steps.

Perhaps watching our reactions to their presence serves as scientific experiments of some sort, but there is never any intent to get more deeply involved.

Or perhaps they are waiting for us to either destroy ourselves, or figure it all out and follow the dreams of that famous John Lennon song, where he sang, “Imagine all the people, Livin' life in peace.”

Call me jaded, but I’m not expecting things to change all that much, at least during my lifetime.

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