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Your Paracast Newsletter — April 25, 2021

Gene Steinberg

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The Paracast Newsletter
April 25, 2021

UFO Disclosure and Other Hot Topics Discussed by Paranormal Documentary Filmmaker Ron James on The Paracast!

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present movie producer Ron James. Ron began his media career by creating and producing over 200 original DVD products in the fields of Paranormal, New Science, Nutrition, Metaphysical and Contemporary Spirituality. He has been doing research and making films surrounding the UFO question for over 20 years, and has produced over 400 hours of such content. He is also the on-camera host of many original programs, including "Bigger Question" and "MUFON TV," and has won numerous awards in the field and produced groundbreaking historical events such as "The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure," which was held in 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Ron has also been instrumental in the music productions of Alison Wonderland (Director VR), The Beach Boys 3D, Guns n Roses 3D, The Smashing Pumpkins 3D, and the HSN Earth Wind and Fire Live TV concert.

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After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on April 25: Documentary producer Ron James, host of "MUFON TV," returns to talk with Gene and Randall about pop culture, including the achievements of Elon Musk. He also explains how he got involved making documentaries about UFOs and the paranormal subjects. Gene explains what he was doing while UFO sightings have occurred in his vicinity, yet he never saw anything. In additions to his forays into the world of the paranormal, Ron works in new formats such as VR and Immersive Branding, designing immersive experiences such as the Microsoft Kinect Dome for the Super Bowl two years in a row. He has pioneered live interactive special projects for many Fortune 500 companies through his long relationship with Vortex immersion Media, Inc.

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Giving Away Too Much Information

By Gene Steinberg

Although there are probably millions of pages of UFO-related material made public from Freedom of Information requests, it’s not as if there’s a smoking gun in any of it. Sure, there’s information that those of us who follow the subject are glad to know, but there are no final solutions. There is no ironclad proof that ET is visiting us, or that there is any other credible solution to the mystery.

It’s almost as if we’ve all been inundated with all this material to obscure rather than reveal the truth.

It reminds me of some of those legal dramas I’ve seen on TV and in the movie theaters — at least when people routinely went to the multiplex — where a lawyer was trying to get evidence disclosed from the other side. So they’d be flooded with boxes and boxes of material, and they’d have to work day and night to find that telltale tidbit of evidence hidden in plain sight that would turn the case around.

Certainly the authorities who have released — albeit reluctantly — all those UFO documents can cite it as evidence that there is no secrecy. Look at all the material that’s out there!

Well, except for the fact that large chunks of the material in those documents are often redacted due to alleged national security concerns. All sorts to revealing information might be thus concealed, even though there are legitimate reasons to conceal that data.

But it may also be a scheme to hide the truth. I recall when one once regular guest, William Birnes, former publisher of UFO Magazine and co-author (with Philip Corso) of the controversial book, “The Day After Roswell,” would say that the UFO secret was hiding in plain sight.

While I’ve had my concerns about some of Birnes’ views, what he said made perfect sense. But it would also imply intent behind the way UFO information is being released. Would it not be better for the alleged holders of the “secret” simply not to reveal what they do not want to reveal? It’s not as if efforts to break through this secrecy have been successful.

Sure, I suppose one can rightly suggest that those Naval UFO sightings reports released in recent years, some with gun camera photos, are quite revealing. The do indicate that unknown aircraft, with supposed advanced abilities to maneuver, are being seen by qualified observers. That would surely indicate something really strange is going on.

But there have been compelling military sightings for many decades, back to the middle of the last century, without any final evidence to indicate the source. Beyond the occasional photo and radar readings, it’s not as if the mystery has been solved.

I realize that admissions by the U.S. government that UFOs — make that UAPs — are being taken seriously are promising. They raise hopes for eventual disclosure of an expected truth that we are being visited by intelligent creatures from other planets.

This offworld theory certainly seems credible enough from the standpoint of logic, if not from actual physical evidence. After all, science regularly discovers more and more possible Earth-like planets orbiting other star systems. Surely some of those planets have spawned life, some of it intelligent. If those inhabitants have perfected space travel, maybe they have decided to visit our corner of the universe and hang out. Or engage in regular surveillance for reasons at which we can only guess.

Maybe the authorities have recovered the wreckage of crashed spaceships and are busy probing the secrets of a highly advanced race. Maybe that’s what happened at Roswell, NM in 1947, but you wonder why we Americans should have all the fun?

If a spaceship crashed here, why not in other countries? Were we lucky enough to recover proof of ET’s failure? Do our visitors occasionally suffer from crashes, or was this a one-and-only tragedy?

The logical flaw here is why ET would allow its crashed aircraft to be recovered by primitive Earthlings? Wouldn’t they take measures to protect the evidence of their existence, and the evidence of their technology? Would they just allow it to happen?

Now I suppose one can suggest that attempts by ET to recover the wreckage would cause more trouble than its worth, since it might involve engaging in a hostile act to stop a recovery operation.

Or perhaps they don’t care. If we recover a UFO, fine. If we find crew members inside, they would surely be prepared to protect themselves, perhaps by taking their lives rather than be captured.

Certainly there are enough sci-fi scenarios from which to select to explain the means ET might employ in case their craft — or people — are captured by the locals. Choose the one you like, assuming any of that really occurred.

So far in this column, I have made the assumption that the authorities in the U.S. and other countries really know what’s going on, but have largely kept it secret for reasons of national security or for other reasons not revealed. Perhaps they have worked with our visitors on managing the secret until the time is right, or other goals have been achieved.

Or perhaps we are regarded as so primitive to ET, that whatever we do is not important to them. If hardware and bodies are recovered from a crash, that’s the cost of doing business. They put up with it, or engage in secret activities to recover the wreckage and proceed to wipe or alter the memories of those who are working on that wreckage.

In that event, the so-called Roswell spaceship may be long gone, only the authorities aren’t going to admit that fact. Or it was secreted away in a warehouse somewhere with the expectation that it will be worked on some day when our technology is advanced enough to discover its secrets. Only the bureaucracy hasn’t figured out what to do next, so there it lies, gathering dust.

That essentially mirrors the closing scenes of the classic film, “Raiders of the Lost Arc,” in which the recovered Arc of the Covenant is hidden away in dusty surroundings. Or the plot of the Sy-Fy TV series, “Warehouse 13.”

Or maybe the UFO secret has already been revealed, if we can find it among the mass of data that’s already out there. That is, if you believe such things are going on of course.

After all, despite the attractions of the ET theory, we still don’t have conclusive evidence of what the UFOs really are.

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J. Randall Murphy
.... despite the attractions of the ET theory, we still don’t have conclusive evidence of what the UFOs really are.
The thing about conclusiveness with respect to ontological ( what's real ) type questions, is that there isn't conclusive evidence that anything exists other than ourselves. Everything else could be an illusion. We got into this a little with Ron James on the last show ( which I really enjoyed ). So the fair minded position isn't to ask for "conclusive evidence" ( proof beyond all doubt ), but to ask for proof that is beyond a reasonable doubt.

The problem then becomes a matter of what we mean by "reasonable". Who's to decide what's reasonable and what's not? After all, what's reasonable to one person may not be reasonable to another. It's largely a matter of opinion. Fortunately there is a safety net, and it goes like this: "There is no argument that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there's also no argument that some opinions carry more weight than others."

When it comes to determining which opinions carry more weight than others, the process is fairly straightforward. Well informed, rational, fair minded opinions carry more weight than uninformed, biased nonsense. When the evidence for or against the reality of alien visitation is weighed in this manner, there's simply no question that the evidence for the reality of alien visitation outweighs the evidence against it.

However, simply having a better hand does not in and of itself mean that the hand is strong enough to be beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm reminded of the fairground strongman challenge at the amusement park, where the aim is to whack the thing hard enough that the weight goes all the way to the top and strikes the bell. Well, one person might do better than another, but if neither hits the bell, neither wins.

Hitting the bell with someone over the reality of UFOs is kind of like that, and personally I think that just like at the amusement park, the game is rigged to some extent. If it were a fair question, a well informed, rational opinion about the reality of alien visitation should hit the bell. But because the game has been rigged, and those who run the game simply raise the bell if someone gets too close, it's rare to win the prize.

Yet sometimes it still happens, and it's really nice when you can get through to somebody.
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