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Your Paracast Newsletter — April 19, 2020

Gene Steinberg

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April 19, 2020


Discover Amazing UFO Encounters From "Down Under" with Australian UFO Investigator Ben Hurle on The Paracast

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This Week's Episode: Gene and Randall present Australian UFO investigator Ben Hurle of Victorian UFO Action . Ben joins us with a collection of UFO events from “Down Under.” From the city streets to the lonely back roads of Australia, he seeks out the cases, the witnesses and the investigators who live the UFO experience in the Great Southern Land. Ben tell us that he and his organization take a sensible, evidence-based approach to the UFO phenomenon. He focuses on fresh and possibly unheard of cases, and updates on Australia’s classic UFO encounters from the recent past. Australia has a rich UFO history that ranges from ancient aboriginal legends that hauntingly parallel the modern day UFO phenomenon to cases from the first settlement in 1788 right through to the present day..

J. Randall Murphy's Ufology Society International:
Victorian UFO Action:
Kevin Killan's Book:
After The Paracast -- Available exclusively for Paracast+ subscribers on April 19: Author and experiencer Kevin Killen, author of Ghosts and Me, returns to talk more about his lifetime of paranormal encounters, which began at age four and have . These episodes have involved not just ghosts but possible shadow entities. But first Kevin joins Gene and Randall to talk the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and its potential negative influence on our personal freedoms. Are the authorities taking advantage of the situation to further encroach on our privacy? Kevin, who works nights at a rehab center in Virginia, also provides more details on the various workplace hauntings he has experienced and heard about from his coworkers.

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ET, Higher Beings, and the Carrot and the Stick
By Gene Steinberg

If you can believe what flying saucer contactees and channelers have told us for many many decades, higher beings are here to help us rather than to harm us. They are extremely upset by our penchant for war, disrespect for Mother Earth, particularly the environment and endangered species, and so forth and so on.

One would expect, by dint of such pronouncements, that they are poised to act, or will be ready to act if we do something that really pisses them off.

Obviously the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people doesn’t have much impact. Ditto for the human-generated extinction of thousands and thousands of “lesser” species.

The harm to the environment? I guess that’s not the “X-factor” either. No, it has to be more.

Well, at least we haven’t used nuclear weapons in war, though the threat has not gone away. So maybe they will act at the stroke of midnight on that infamous nuclear clock.

Now it is perfectly possible that there is no reality whatever to those contacts and channeled communications. People are just making it all up for their 15 minutes of fame, glory, riches, whatever; assuming, of course, that they don’t have a few loose screws.

In the real world, however, most of those people never achieve much in the way of fame let alone fortune. Some may write a blog or two, or appear at a paranormal event or TV reality show and pretend to be someone important.

But after a while, when the expense of traveling hither and yon in search of fame becomes too much, what then? Do they just return to their mundane, boring lives?

So perhaps it is possible that these so-called experiencers are telling you exactly what they believe happened to them. When they claim to have encountered some sort of unknown intelligence, they are doing their level best to relate what really happened to them. When they assert that they have been selected — specially selected in fact — to deliver an important message to all of mankind, they believe it to be true.

Forgetting the fantastic nature of these claims, such pronouncements are quite logical. It’s common sense not to want war, famine, natural disasters, pandemics. A lot of people on our little planet can barely pay the bills, and that situation has only grown worse due to the coronavirus.

The other day, in fact, I read that about a third of renters in the United States — the richest nation on the planet they say — cannot afford to pay for their homes. And a reported 14% of workers are unemployed, although most hope to be back at work when the crisis subsides.

If those higher beings truly cared a whit about the state of humanity, wouldn’t they react in a more proactive fashion at the very first death? After all, life is precious and one would think that highly advanced intelligences who claim to care would do something about it.

Just saying things, and exhorting some people go around and admonish the rest of us to behave, isn’t going to cut it.

Some might suggest ET has a non-interference policy, that they, or it, choose not get involved in the affairs of another intelligent species, or a species they regard as primitive. But all it takes is a single UFO sighting to interfere. Even if it’s nothing more than something to speak about around the dinner table, that episode could change lives. Imagine the impact of relating the detail of encounter to other family members, friends, or the public at large.

How will people react?

And that’s just one sighting.

With thousands upon thousands of UFO books, magazine articles, blogs, forum comments, interviews, lectures, and other efforts to spread the word, the mystery has become an important part of our pop culture.

So there has already been a huge amount of interference by the presence of UFOs. Humans may not behave any better, but lives have been changed one way or the other.

I rarely think how things might have turned out for me if I hadn’t read a UFO book that I discovered on a coffee table at my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I was 11 at the time.

Sure, I was into sci-fi and horror films — the old fashioned kind where acting and atmosphere conveyed the feeling of menace rather than blood and gore. I hadn’t considered for a moment that there were real beings out there in the universe that might decide to pay us a visit, but it made perfect sense.

Now Wally hadn’t actually purchased the book. He borrowed it from the Brooklyn Public Library. It was the first and last time I noticed such a book at his home, or maybe I wasn’t looking.

But his wife agreed to let me take it so long as I returned it by the due date, which I did.

Over the years, Wally never ever evinced any real interest in UFOs or anything having to do with the strange and the unknown. He was basically all business beyond the usual spectator sports.

So was that book meant for me? Being over 11 years older, he held the cards in his relationship with his kid brother, and he enjoyed exposing me to radio and TV dramas with a horror, mystery or sci-fi slant.

Maybe he just wanted to give me nightmares.

In any case, it wasn’t long before I sought out more books similar to the one I borrowed, “Flying Saucers From Outer Space,” by Major Donald E. Keyhoe.

If you know much about my background beginning with my days as a teen UFO enthusiast, you’d see what evidently fueled it.

Or maybe I was just raring to go with the proper influence, which Wally, deliberately or otherwise, provided.

I do wish that I had the chance to speak with him about it. But the opportunity never arose for the remainder of his life.

Now some believe their lives are preordained, and that we have but minor influence on the outcome.

I hope not.

But I wonder about the people who do have encounters with the unknown, particularly when they involve some level of communication. Is some force moving them in that direction?

If such contacts are true — in whatever respect — does that mean that the ones who make that contact are really feckless, unable to put their words into action?

But if their efforts, such as they are, continue to fail, just what is the next step?

If we go too far — and we have no idea if there are any real (and not implied) boundaries that we must not cross — would they decide to take a more proactive approach?

And what, pray tell, would that approach involve?

For now, I’m not considering the scenario that formed the plot line for the classic 1951 sci-fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

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