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And if the car somehow hits someone when this driverless technology is working, can the injured party sue the person who didn't pay their bills?
If its working, it should not matter if you are sitting in the car or not... The famous "someone else" has to be responsible.
Yep, that is something that insurance companies have to sort out...
Indeed, that tech is not even close to this level-5. Scary shit, don't trust Elon. IMHO it takes another 20 years.
😁And we have to have the WW3..

But making rockets and planes driverless is easy compared to cars. Apparently Metro trains vary - I just visited one fully driverless in Denmark, but here they dropped the whole project now the second time.
Here driving around the Helsinki city used to be OK, but it has been politically made hell. Taking away lanes, ridiculous speed limits etc.
Metro works, but I can see its effect on architecture. Ugly, stuffed new neighborhoods near stations where you can see neighbours living room from your window. Its not like that where I live.

Bloody greens.