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WTF Happened To Joseph Farrell?


Paranormal Novice
Kind of funny how this started off as a Farrell thread and then derailed to a "F**k Trump" thread. I thought, at least I believed, that the paranormal would be the "safe haven" from politics. Hell, if someone leaked that Bigfoot votes Republican maybe we'd get more coverage on that...

Aside from politics, Farrell has stated (majority of the time) that his conclusions were "high-octane speculation." At least he's honest about it rather than some others who believe what they spout as the ABSOLUTE truth. It seems the man has a different viewpoint from you. You can't trust them all or any of them for that matter. I'm with you in the aspect that I liked Farrell's books and where he went, but that's where he went in the end. Akin to John Lear's belief that there are millions of "people" living on the moon you just have to decide for yourself what seems plausible and what's not plausible.

I hope no one takes offense. Seems like we're all on the edge at this point in time.Wizard_Lizard.jpg