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Why...Ill freaking tell you why

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The dont give a fuck, 90% of the teenagers I personally know dont even have a fucking drivers license, a checking account, a job. The new generation. I think they are called millenials. They are non motivated, synthetic drugged out fucking retards with no ambition, no honor, no interests, no hobbies, just play fucking video games and thier stupid ass ipod and texting on the mother fucking cell phone. DAMN!! Sorry to be so uptight about this but I have witnessed this in my own damn house with my step son. Something is wrong with our kids today... My 4 year old will NEVER be like this!!!!!! Oh yea, they are fucking lazy too.

hey you described me :D lucky i'll be the big 2-0 in a few months and you can catagorise me as something else! :D
"The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for
authority, they show disrespect to their elders.... They no longer
rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents,
chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their
legs, and are tyrants over their teachers."


"The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have
no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all
restraint. They talk as if they alone knew everything and what passes
for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As for girls, they are
forward, immodest and unwomanly in speech, behaviour and dress."

–attributed to Socrates by Plato. 4th Century B.C.E. ;^)
I mostly view a lot of what people have to say on the forum, gaining my own personal knowledge and making my own inferences on what people have to say. Personally, being 19, I love the whole topic. I'm actually trying to develop my own form of the Paracast in my neighborhood of the world! I'm working on a setup, involving my community, where people can discuss what's on their mind about the topic and also having news updates. This might sound like advertisement, but I'm trying to get more people around me to be more inquisitve about things within the paranormal field! It's a struggle, you mostly get shrugged off with a laugh or an awkward look.

For those that read this, and I hope I don't offend Gene! I hope to someone I don't, I am an avid fan of the Paracast! I've been listening to it for years now, but when you get the chance, check out my website:
The Paranormal Asylum
So far it's a solo project, but I'll do the best I can to inform the world about the unknown.
Please forgive the forth comming tyrade:
(1) If your Mrs already had the kid when you entered the scenario just think of it from his/her point of view! you regardless of intent and action are an outsider and threat.
(2) you can say what you like but I guarentee that your wife/partner will feel great resentment about the out come i.e her child forced out of the home.
(3) you might think you can lay down the law, but blood is thicker than water and you are mistaken in criticising the father openly no matter what an cretin he might be he is still the father.
(4) correcting past mistakes through future or younger children is a recipe for disaster.
(5) you had an oppertunity to put a fellow (young man) on the correct path, I respect your views in terms of respect and hard work, but you gave up! what kind of message is that?
Its not to late I suggest you have a very honest and open discussion with your wife/partner about the matter as I suspect a big part of the reason she chose to be with you is that she thought you would help her in terms of her child from a previous relationship (role model).
Just remember love is limitless

if you think what I have said is weak or sensitive then Fuck you
you reap what you sow
As a Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist, this undoubtedly takes the cake as the single most disturbing thread I've come across.
I LOVE IT! I think it's a GREAT rant!!! Cracked me up! There were things my father would do that irritated the CRAP out of me! On Sunday mornings he would wake up, walk down the hallway to my bedroom (where I was sound asleep), flick the light on, kick my bed and say "What are ya gonna do...sleep all day?" ...Then he'd say "Get up!..we gotta LOT OF WORK to do today!" This memory is deeply gouged in my memory banks. Or when he would make me watch him change the oil on his cars or make me change a flat tire while he watched and criticized!! FUN!!! Another one was when he would pick the HOTTEST day of the year for me to go out in our backyard and hoe the foot and a half tall weeds (which were rooted in hard rocky soil)! Oh yes, and my all time FAVORITE was when after I take a shower, I would have to wipe everything down til dry! I thought he was nuts! The names I used to mutter under my breath......
Now as an adult, I find myself wiping the shower door and sink before I leave the bathroom. Reason being because I have to clean it myself now. If you do this regularly, it makes cleaning the bathroom much easier in the future. When I had a flat on the freeway in the middle of a thunder storm and had to find the nearest exit ramp to where I glided to a safe place to change my tire.....it all came flooding back to me....my dreaded tire changing lessons! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have learned to be self sufficient! He passed away a couple years ago and all I have to say is..."Thanks Dad...I love you!" Cheers, D
And I'll tell ya what else, they don't appreciate a good beating either. What they need is a good dose of castor oil, then send em out to whitewash Aunt Polly's fence. It's all about respect. In my day we didn't waste time on things like recycling and indoor plumbing. We pooped out in the snow and we appreciated it. Kids these days with their hippie hopp music and color tv. Get a haircut.When I was a teen I spent every minute of sunlight in the coal mines and I was better for it.The other kids in school said I should have some fun once in a while or I may grow up to be angry and bitter, bah. I showed them.:mad:

Luxury ... Listen to what these guys had to go through ...

Ha! Ha! Ha!;) Hey Ufology....THANKS for this vid. Aaaaahhhh Monty!!! Those were the day's huh?! I seriously thought it was only MY crazy family that told these stories!!! I'm passing this onto all of my friends who have gracefully entered into their wisdom years!........Now....what were we talking about....Oh yes, kids and UFO's.....Ah, well there's a head scratcher...:p
Oh great! I had something I had to do right away and my wife was waiting. Then I went from Monty Python skit to skit to skit on youtube. Now I'm in for it. :p
Thanks alot! 8)
Lots of laughs and loads of issues!!!!

The one issue I thought might become apparent was WTF would anyone want kids to study Ufology? Why not just give them PCP and say go experiment and lose whatever thinking processes you might have been born with.

Seriously - it is good to learn how people amuse, abuse and destroy themselves by cultish behaviour and fooling themselves that there are easy answers like Alien Intervention rather than researching what humanity is capable of, and history has purposefully destroyed. As Dr. Janice Boddy of the U of Toronto said -"We have a global de-ifying thrust for materialism, what we need is a global re-ifying thrust for spirituality." Or something like that, my memory recedes with my hair.

Is there anyone making huge money and building a cult of alien abductees? Will such a cult ever rise to the importance of religions selling Alien Intervention - including Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity?

Cult De-Programming

The so-called Western guru tradition they refer to is just a superficial label. I could demonstrate how Unitarianism and Christian Science are similarly polysolipsist or panentheist in effect. Emerson, Whitehead and even Teilhard de Chardin are all part of the same line of thought as are old line Gnostic or Arian Christians and even many more mystical sects of Catholicism or Christianity including Carmelites, Quakers, Sandemanians and others. You must ask yourself if their purpose is really about stopping cultish or sheepish behavior. Is there an agenda? Why do we pay people to deprogram New Age philosophy-inspired people and allow so much Fundamentalist programming including even overlooking outright proselytizing in public schools and from the mouths of Presidents?

Their references to Krishnamurti having Messiahhood thrust upon him at age thirteen is contrary to my understanding of what Krishnamurti wrote under the name of Alcyon, and how he operated all his life. He also continued to work with people inside Theosophy despite rejecting the mantle of Messiah which they do get correct. In fact if they had any desire to be fair they would point out Krishnamurti was against having others tell you how to find your true and faithful calling. Krishnamurti was an ecumenical force majeure and any reader of his work would know his inclusion as part of the NONsense this dilettante is writing is gross and indecent at best. Real psychologists and scientists who wrote the excellent book The Wonder Child which should be mandatory reading for any parent, described Krishnamurti as something of an evolutionary fore-runner of what all of us should be. His involvements with Yogananda and Vivekananda or many other ecumenical groups including Joseph Campbell, Scholem and Carl Jung at Eranos, is well worth study. Here are some words by fair biographers on this great man that illustrate his aversion to dogma or any form of cult.

"Education had always been one of Krishnamurti's chief concerns. If a young person could learn to see his conditioning of race, nationality, religion, dogma, tradition, opinion etc., which inevitably leads to conflict, then he might become a fully intelligent human being for whom right action would follow. A prejudiced or dogmatic mind can never be free." (2)

Guess who I was thinking of when I wrote these words in the above thread.

The art of creating a cult is not even close to new, It was not new when Greece was a powerful force in a little part of the world we have been told was the whole of the world. Just trot out some half-known truths and history to people who don't know them. Add a pinch of secrecy and tell them they are 'chosen'; maybe get a song or mantra and a few mandalas from long ago to make a logo and letterhead with - voila! Some people will fool-owe you to the 'end of days'.
Ha Ha....So you think the current generation is a bit blitzed.

Life can be enigmatically non-linear. The vast majority of these "crazy kids" matured and went on to lead happy and productive lives. I know because I live in a city that was once chock full of them.

This somehow in spite of Timothy Leary. :confused:
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