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Why do some people see UFOs, others not...


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
A very interesting article. I wonder if they could use this knowledge to gather antimatter for antimatter type propulsion systems? If every proton is filled with them, then there is literally all we could ever need right here on Earth. All we need to do is figure out how to filter it out the anti-protons ( which are in virtually every atom ), and we'd have the ultimate fuel!


Skilled Investigator
I joined a few forums including this one in recent years to find answers to this because I’m a repeat experiencer.

It may be that we are meant to gather data from experiencers over time to help us understand the bigger picture.

We’ll eventually answer this question, but it will probably take a very long time. Too often we block the information right under our noses because of what seems to be a lack of trust.

Researchers and scientists don’t take experiencers seriously. Most act like the only ‘credible’ experiences are from military pilots...and given enough time...even they are deemed ‘suspect’ of not telling the truth or mistaking what they saw.

If there is ‘video’ of the event, (Dorothy Izaat, Liam Freeney, the Navy, Peter Slatterly, Jeff Willes, Damien Nott, myself and others have experienced repeat events we’ve filmed) the responses get even crazier....

The focus switches from asking questions to immediately attempting to ‘identifying’ the object as something mundane...thus denying the person who came forward had any experience in the first place. All the details are never regarded and lost. The ‘details’ are where the answers are.

We won’t learn anything if we continue ignoring them.

Accumulating data from all types of experiencers over a period of time...asking questions and avoiding the need to drive a specific immediate answer will eventually reveal more clues as to why this happens.


Skilled Investigator
Hey, I thing the big issue here is still that please come forward with your experiences.

I have se the same UFO now twice, but I'm sceptical its ET. With COVID, I don't get out much, so who knows.

My advice to everyone, is that you do have the phone with you. take photos and video. Try to hold the phone agains some solid object when you take the photos, so it won't shake. If you are bit nuts like me, byu a little tripod from china, and have that in your pocket for the next encounter... :)