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What to make of Major Ed Dames...

@Bonaventura | @ Decker

Thanks for both of your opinions and info there. So Tim Good is still in the Green because he's honest but has been, or appears to be misled rather than being an outright fantasy prone fabricator? Or does the report of seeing an alien automatically relegate him to Orange? I'd like to find more info on this alien in the lobby he reported seeing. If I were to seriously consider anyone about such a claim, it would be Tim Good. I also give Tim credit for updating the status of the MJ-12 documents in his sequel to Above Top Secret. So he's not above acknowledging mistakes and correcting them. Don do you know offhand if he also retracted the info from Kirkwood? If not I'll have a look at Beyond Top Secret to see what it says.
I'm afraid Tim Good is wackadinghoy, to use a medical term. Check out his Paracast appearance(s). Aside from the stuff about seeing aliens in hotel lobbies, there is his fondness for hoaxers (as Don says) and contactees, from Adamski on up.

As far as I'm concerned (and I've followed this field since the early sixties), the considerable orange and red that was there then has grown to cover almost all of the canvas.
I presume you meant the following incident:
Timothy Good said:
The second encounter took place in the lobby of a hotel in the middle of New York in February 1967, between a rehearsal and concert with the London Symphony Orchestra. About half-an-hour after I'd transmitted a telepathic request for definitive proof that some aliens were living among us, an immaculately suited man walked into the lobby then sat beside me. Following my telepathic request to indicate by means of a certain sign if he was the person I was looking for, he did so immediately. Neither of us spoke. It was a cathartic experience for me. - Timothy Good
Although I wouldn't say that Good's account above qualifies as definitive proof, I also don't see any evidence that Good is fabricating this incident either. I don't know what symbol Good expected to see, or whether anyone else knew about it, or any of those particulars, but if we assume that it wasn't something so common as to make sheer coincidence a likelihood, then I find it to be noteworthy. I mean you have to admit that if the same thing happened to you, it should make you at least take notice. What I don't understand is why he didn't pursue these encounters further. It would be interesting to have a more in-depth discussion with Tim about these incidents.
I think Good meant well but I think his research was sloppy. Many many Moons ago in my very early days I bought his book Above Top Secret. Later, one of his big "insiders" known in the book as Mel Noel I did a major expose on. Guy Kirkwood, aka Mel Noel, aka Noel Bryce Cornwall was/is a total phony ... FWIW I also think Good is too much of a believer.

I just did a comparison of Above Top Secret and the fully revised edition, Beyond Top Secret, the former of which has the Noel story you mention. However there appears to be no mention of Noel in Beyond Top Secret. I didn't read the entire book over again to be sure, but I checked the Indexes and references. He's listed in ATS not BTS and I saw no mention of the case in the USA section of BTS either. It appears to have been one of Good's revisions. I also noticed that in BTS Good is more careful to make it clear when someone is making a claim as opposed to citing evidence based on documents and such. Also, this is a far more in-depth look at the issue with far more references and reproductions of official documents than we see in other works.

IMO Kean's effort, although newer, still pales in comparison to BTS, not to mention some of the discussion we've had surrounding her citing the Costa Rican photo as a crystal clear photographic example, and I've not seen anything as substantial by Randle either ( not that I'm knocking either Kean or Randle ). The only mainstream publication that outdoes it that I'm aware of is Clarke's UFO Encyclopedia. Apparently Richard Hall also put together an extensive compilation that I'd like to get my hands on someday. Still, thanks again for your input. You're a fountain of knowledge as usual. For anyone else who is interested, I also ran across this tidbit by Stan Friedman on Noel that mentions you. Re: UFO Frauds - Friedman

Oh and on the whole issue of being too much of a believer: Music | Page 16 | The Paracast Community Forums :)
I think we have more "Blue" and "Green" than ever in the form of credible eyewitness testimony recorded and readily available. Assuming one filters carefully. What is being done with it is, IMO, another matter.

I am also guessing the state of on-site fieldwork is pretty lame.
Listen to "The Unexplained" with Howard Hughes, a Podcast based out of the UK that was once a radio show. In episode 12 titled "Major Ed Dames," starting at minute 40, Ed Dames claims in the year 2008, that a massive worldwide epidemic of "bird flu"is going to sweep the world. He claimed the disease will be so immense it would overshadow any sort of economic collapse the world would experience of the next 5 years. He said this in 2008, claimed it was already beginning to take place, this massive disease originating from bird flu. Clearly wrong.

It is quite obvious that Ed Dames has his own beliefs about things that might happen, which originate from real scientific, or in the case of murders, real detective evidence, and then proceeds to make predictions that he believes will come true, and then chalks it all up to remote viewing. This guy could not be more of a fraud. Just like every other apocalypse predictor, he is either insane himself or is a extremely weird version of a con-man. I think he is somewhat insane.
Same episode of "The Unexplained" with Howard Hughes called "Major Ed Dames", Dames claims that the first use of a nuclear weapon BY North Korea, will occur soon, and it sounds like he says from "Engel" North Korea. This is in 2008. That never happened. He made this claim around minute 44.
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Just so you know a DD214 is a record of military service no member of "Stargate" had ever publicly provided one.and no one on this site can prove that Dames ever was in the military only dames can by releasing his DD 214

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Having spent a little time looking into the topic and perusing some RV forums, I do know that he isn't taken very seriously, is well-known, and generally referred to as "Dr. Doom".

Does he have some remote viewing abilities? Quite possibly. He claims to have earned some military honors for his work.

If so, is he interpreting his data wrong? His "misses" are documented for sure. I do recall hearing him on an interview before where he explained the difficulties involved with associating dates with future RV information.

There's plenty of excuses why insights into the future can be off when you factor in the viewpoint that time is an illusion, multiverse theories, and the fact that our actions change the future. So yeah, I can see how an accurate prediction today could be a completely wrong prediction for tomorrow.

Is he a con-man? Entirely possible too - he wouldn't be the first and won't be the last.

My personal opinion is that he might have some skills, but if so he's got other problems that basically negate a lot of the words coming out of his mouth. Dr Doom has a case of paranormal boy who cried wolf.

I've looked into him on a minimal level, and I find this response to be the most reasonable and, probably, the most accurate of all the responses thus far.