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What do you guys think about the flat earth theory?

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Skilled Investigator
Missed the point. You may prefer to believe that the Earth is flat, but in this physical reality that we share, we have collective beliefs that all of us agree to, like gravity or the necessity of oxygen, and one of those is that we live on a near-spheroid planet, spheroid by the required nature of the way objects of size form under the laws of the universe we live in? Are you living in a world where gravity or oxygen (or a spherical planet) is not present?

You've made up your mind, enjoy your path.
No I haven't. On the contrary you and others who haven't addressed my questions have made up your minds no? Why on God's flat earth (kidding!) would they pass their destination of LA to land in Alaska? Woman gives birth to a premature baby girl on a Taiwan to Los Angeles flight | Daily Mail OnlineAnd how will this eclipse shadow coming up in a month move eastward?

My mind is not made up , it's open and waiting for more needed info. Help!


Skilled Investigator
Okay, it's too difficult to explain but Im pretty sure I got my answer as to how the shadow will move opposite most lay people would assume it should travel. So never mind! If anyone else reading was also confused about the eclipse's shadow I can explain. So never mind!

And I guess there could be a good reason why that Taiwan flight stopped up in Alaska though maybe no one will ask the airlines or anyone that could answer that one so who knows


Paranormal Novice
it is fishy ,all the things that were supposedly were make believe are actually or were actually real ,there were really dragons and giants in the early days when they dug up giants bones ,it completely reaffirmed David and Goliath these were the MEN OF RENOWN or the nephelim offspring of angles and human women .they say the dinosaur never existed but they are finding bones of them ? they say that they have been burried for millions of yrs ,WRONG not millions of yrs only a totla of 7,0000 yrs from beginning to end


Skilled Investigator
I should state now for the record I'm leaning back towards globe theory. Alaska is in fact on the way to LA from Taiwan on a globe. Lol, don't people know they're working with flattened maps of a globe that skew the actual paths drawn? I can't believe I assumed whoever peddled that so called evidence would do so only after double checking info. The amount of time spent on producing these videos/blogs used to do a due diligence would have saved them from wasting it. Same thing with flights in the southern hemisphere. Unless all the airlines are lying about their southern hemisphere flight times only possible on a globe model and every day we're just not being told of all the angry customers spending numerous extra mystery hours flying across long FE distances, I'm finding that flight paths around the world, and I've checked a lot, all point to a 3d map. And the FE proponents say they just haven't figured out the FE map quite yet to explain the strange flight paths. Maybe they should try plugging the coordinates into a globe map!

So now out of frustration about all the time I wasted on this I'm tempted to call this a disinfo psi op used to discredit conspiracies in general which I can feel working cuz now I'm exhausted and I don't know if gray aliens ghosts reptilians or big foot could ever rejuvenate my taste for the unknown. It's like a big elaborate magic trick where you have no chance of following the magician's hands.


Paranormal Novice
if people believe in the flat earth theory then they have some real issues ,in theory they open up a package of M&Ms and throw away all the Ws thinking the earth is flat is just as believing there were never any M&Ms in the package at all lol there are no seasons on a flat earth


Paranormal Adept
One thing is for sure. We won’t have to worry about any utopian societies as long as there are flat earth believers are around.

Michael Allen

Staff member
There is no "Flat Earth Theory" -- it is psuedoscience.

Scientific Theory (definition): a coherent group of propositions formulated to explain a group of facts or phenomena in the natural world and repeatedly confirmed through experiment or observation.

I am afraid the huge overwhelming evidence confirms that no coherent group of flat earth propositions exist.