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Well Done David!


Skilled Investigator
..Listening to your interview with Marie D. Jones, I was pleasantly surprised to hear you expouse my personal revalation, that we are Spirits having a Human Exerperience, not Humans having Spiritual Experiences.

..As Quantum Physics shows, we are all just part of a greater whole. I won't begin to offer suposations about the nature of UFO's, but I will say that if more people would start to understand their own nature as part of the big picture, UFO's would probably stop being a mystery.

..For bad times I like the "Light at the end of the tunnel" analogy. The reason people don't see the light at the end of the tunnel is because we all walk down that tunnel backwards. It's only when we've stumbled and fallen that we turn around trying to get our bearings and see the light.

..You also spoke about the nature of computers being serial and not parallel. I would point out that that is probably the nature of the human experience as well; our spirits are parallel, but our brains are serial. So although we must percieve the world in a linear fashion, our spirit is not limited by the confines of time and space.

..Love the show, keep it up!

..And for God's sake, don't even talk about not talking about that "other" subject again. I was interested the first two times it came up, and satisfied with your conclusions. Don't let those bone-heads drag you guys down again.

-Mike <8]


Devil's Advocate
Just a quick aside, I can't help but wonder if you guys perhaps purposefully avoid it (I know people who do) or simply don't watch South Park with any regularity but there is an entire episode from a recent season (six or seven, I think) which covers EXACTLY what you have now thrice mentioned on the show, ie the concept that earth is the ultimate reality tv show. The episode focuses on the accidental discovery that this is the truth, which means everyone on earth now knows they're on tv, ruining the show. The aliens then decide to cancel the show (by destroying earth), so the boys go off to plead with the network execs. Hilarity ensues!

Sorry David, seems you're a bit behind on that one.

Actually, another aside: What's up your butt about Sci-Fi, David? I can understand you're being jaded from having worked in the television and film industry but you shouldn't let all that hollywood crap warp your perspective. Alot of hard science scientists will freely admit that they were inspired by Star Trek (and other sci-fi shows) to get into science in the first place. The guy who invented MP3 encoding got the idea from an episode of Next Generation for cryin' out loud! Don't throw the baby out with the bath water...


Skilled Investigator
..For my part, I've always compared Earth to a Freeway accident. Intelligent Species just can't help but slow down to stare at the horror of it all.

..Probably the first aliens to visit earth posted a beacon of some sort out by the Ort Cloud to warn off visitors from the toxic influence of the world of Man.

..I don't think He's against Sci-Fi so much as he's against resorting to references to it in discussions on the show. They've built a reputation for being serious and cracking wise probably makes him feel like they're lowering themselves to the level of some of the other shows out there.

..Just my observation.

-Mike <8]


Paranormal Novice
That's a very interesting theory MADMANMIKE, it makes a lot of sense that our souls are constantly learning, that would explain reincarnation, just hope that my next life is better than this one, well more money and more women anyway.


Skilled Investigator
..The key to getting through the rough times is to remember that the person you are now was built by the survival of those bad times. If you could change them, you wouldn't be you anymore.

..I learned Charity when after our first house burned down we couldn't open the door of the next house for all the boxes of fod and clothing that were given to us in the dark of night. If that house hadn't burned down, I wouldn't know how it feels to recieve so much from strangers, and wouldn't have the desire to help others in that way.

..Every experience, good and particularly bad happens for a reason and has a lesson to be learned. Sometimes that lesson isn't for you but for someone who witnesses or hears about the bad thing that happened, but rest assured that something positive will come from it.

..And if you want more women, figure out what it is they want and give it to them. Here's a hint. If you're trying to give them something and they don't want it, try something else.;)

-Mike >8]

David Biedny

Paranormal Adept
Mike pretty much got it - I happen to adore science fiction, it's just that I'd rather not frame specific references to physics in terms of Stargate (which Gene loves, but I cannot stand) or Star Trek, as I feel that this dilutes the factual points I'm often trying to make.

I grew up with a father who absolutely loved sci-fi, and my childhood memories are full of the genre in many forms (like going to the NY premiere of "Planet of the Apes", or having a film copy of "Rocketship XM" and the projector needed to watch it, which we occassionaly did in our basement). While it's true that exposure to the world of Hollywood has somewhat jaded me (so many people see George Lucas as a cultural hero, having worked at ILM and seen this situation from the inside, I'm less enthralled with Lucas than many), and that sometimes comes through in my attitude.

I realize that my ideas about the earth being a galactic TV show are not unique, sorry if my snark was misinterpreted regarding this point. I've not seen the South Park episode that makes use of this plot convention, but I'd be willing to bet it's not much like what I have in mind.



Devil's Advocate
You may not like Stargate personally David but you have to admit, it's cemented the idea of wormholes in the gestalt conciousness (even moreso than DS9). Plus it wraps up the whole ancient astronaughts/aliens as gods concept rather nicely too (all serious topics of discussion on the Paracast I might add)! So, I guess it's not so much a question of baby and bathwater but which babies and how much bathwater!

Don't get me started on Lucas. He was my idol til about the age of 18 when I first heard the names Leigh Brackette and Gary Kurtz. That's when the penny dropped.

As for the episode of South Park, I can assure you only that like most episodes of that show, it's fairly extreme in all aspects. Poke around on Youtube and I'm sure you can find clips from it.


Paranormal Novice
Here's my $0.02:
Is it just me or does Marie Jones really annoy other people as well. She speaks with the confidence of someone who has actually done the science, but it seems like she's only read a bunch of articles and books. It may turn out that she's absolutely correct about all the things that she talks about, but somehow I doubt that the people actually doing the science would agree with her interpretations.
Maybe I'm off base and just don't like her voice which is coloring my judgement.

Edit: I should also note that I haven't read her book yet and am basing my opinion on the two interviews I've heard her do.

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
"we are Spirits having a Human Exerperience, not Humans having Spiritual Experiences."

Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra are fond of that saying.

Capn is a South Park fan. Good. I seen that episode. Pretty good stuff.


Speaking of spirits and SciFi, I heard an interesting line in the show "Odyssey 5" from the sex addict scientist guy.

To paraphrase him, "I know that the afterlife will not be a problem for me, because I didn't remember anything about the time before I was born, so why would I think I'd remember or know anything when I'm dead?"

That's had me thinking a lot lately (especially after having attending a few funerals in the past 5 months).

PS. Just had an interesting thought for a future show.... a debate between a scholar that's pro Jesus existed and Archarya S. :)

Aaron LeClair

Paranormal Maven
"I know that the afterlife will not be a problem for me, because I didn't remember anything about the time before I was born, so why would I think I'd remember or know anything when I'm dead?"

Makes sense somewhat unless you consider that time might not be linear and that he relies heavily on his brain for his physical memories, which didn't record what happened "before" his birth.

Step "outside" the physical universe (or verses) and you step outside of time. Before and after becomes meaningless. Some think time is simultaneous and therefore we are multi-dimensional. The physical brain can only modulate, or translate so much.

If they allow debates on Jesus, I hope they have major insurance. Some fanatic out there will blow their homes up. Strange all the violence that occurs over religious differences. Even among those who believe to love your enemy, turn the other cheek, forgive, being non-judgmental etc. Strange world. Even stranger people.


Devil's Advocate
A.LeClair said:
Even among those who believe to love your enemy, turn the other cheek, forgive, being non-judgmental etc.
SUPPOSEDLY, you mean. Mind you there are differing opinions on that too. I once heard Alex Jones state that christians who felt that way were "not true christians" and that "it's an offshoot, it's a cult".

The irony floored me.