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Welcome Jill Shelley - Dec 26 2019

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
JillShelley-01a.png Jill Foote-Shelley is the Lead Investigator & Group Founder of St.Croix Paranormal. Based out of Stillwater, Mn.they are the leading paranormal investigative team in the greater St. Croix Valley. St.Croix Paranormal was founded in 2010 by a group of volunteers who have the passion, knowledge and equipment to pursue the paranormal. During 2019 Jill bought the Boyd House, a location with a history of paranormal activity. Jill says, "The more we go there the more the activity increases." It is available for overnight investigations.

Other places she and her group has investigated include the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Carthrage Opera House, Paramount Theatre, Jesse Mounds Theater, Blackford Jail, Tomme hair salon, Fergus Falls asylum, Peoria Asylum, Roads Hotel, Klondike Hotel, Villisca Ax murder house, Eqyptian Theater, Randolf County Infirmary, Haunted Castle House, Pole Barn Dance Studio, The William Irvin ship, and several more including a number of private homes.
  • The Show will be recorded Dec 26, 5:00 PM CT | 4:00 PM MST
  • St.Croix Paranormal Website
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