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Welcome Ben Hurle - VUFOA


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
BenHurle-01a.pngBen Hurle joins us with a collection of UFO events from "Down Under". From the city streets to the lonely back roads of Australia he seeks out the cases, the witnesses and the investigators who live the UFO experience in the Great Southern Land.

Ben takes a sensible, evidence-based approach to the UFO phenomenon. He focuses on fresh and possibly unheard of cases, and updates on Australia's classic UFO events from the recent past.

Australia has a rich UFO history that ranges from ancient aboriginal legends that hauntingly parallel the modern day UFO phenomenon to cases from first settlement in 1788 right through to the present day. Every region and every major city seemingly has a UFO history, and Australia is an ancient land - a place of ancient secrets and customs that interweave with it's inhabitants - creating a rich and unique tapestry of experience that is truly captivating.

  • Victorian UFO Action Website
  • The show will be recorded Friday April 17, 7:00AM ( MDT )
  • Post any questions or comments for discussion below

Gene Steinberg

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