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Weird occurance



When I was 17 I was working at BK and I got involved romantically with my 30 year old manager. It was very nice for the 8 months that it lasted. I spent the night at her trailer one night, and after a round of fooling around we both fell asleep in her bed. I woke up at about 3 in the morning out of the blue which is by no way weird in itself. I was not on any booze, meds, or drugs at this time either. I was up for about 5 minutes just laying there thinking about stuff and I could see her kitchen very good from my vantage point. All of a sudden all and I mean all of cabinets in the kitchen opened up at the same time. I froze and just stared totally freaked out. A few minutes later they all just closed by themselves in unison just like they opened. I was freaked out but thats all. I did not feel cold, no voices, no nothing. My woman at the time did not wake up even though I tried to wake her up. I even slapped her a few times across the face and she kept sleeping. I finally got dressed, scampered out of the trailer thru the kitchen of course, and drove home. I told her about it the next day and she thought I was crazy. I lost contact with her after a while and have no clue where she lives now. All I can say is it was strange and a bit scary.


Paranormal Novice
It is a well known fact that evil spirits move around most at 3 am in the morning, and yes they even seem to take into account daylight savings.


Seer of All Things Spooky
what is it with cabinets? i can't keep mine closed either. The previous owners even put some kind of child protection latches on there to keep them shut. Almost every day, at least one is open in the morning, or if I leave the kitchen, and return. They all close well, so it's not that they're just not catching. It drives me crazy, tho!