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We Need Some Business Advice!

Note: I have no idea what one person meant by saying their images were hacked and used on a porn site? Just what kind of photos does this person have on eBay? I have NO photos of myself, and eBay requires no photos of yourself. So I have no idea what this person is talking about. You do need a photo of the item you are selling. But if handbags and porcelain plates are the type of thing that arouses people on a porn site, then maybe we are in the wrong business!?

This happened on Etsy to many hundred sellers. What kind of images? Handmade good such as jewelry, supplies etc. On a porn site? Yes - hackers used these images as bait to get more hits for their site. So no, these were not images of people (for the most part and not "those" kinds of images). Idiotic, yes but if you sell online you have to be ready for some unexpected things.
Overall, I have to say that beyondthestargate's advice is right on and I especially like the blacklight marking system.
Regarding Facebook Yard Sales, there is one for my area. But I never had any luck. Most of the people were young housewives who were seeking really cheap used baby clothes and sundry other household family items at a steep discount. I tried to sell some very nice wood furniture but had no bites. I tried CRAIG'S LIST and got bites, but they were all con artists, e.g., "I will have a truck come by, pick up all the furniture and give you a certified check [That is always a give-away of a fraud because anyone can fake such a check. The Bank will turn on YOU when you try to deposit or cash it]". I ended up GIVING the furniture to an AIDS charity and taking a write-off on my taxes.
I had the same problem with craigslist i got a $2000.00 check in the mail that was a scan. but i\i have made over $1000.00 in 2 months selling furniture off facebook yard sales.
With Craigslist, I would only take cash, and look at the bills closely and even take them to a bank if I suspect anything.

Thanks everyone for the advice and counsel. Barbara spent a pleasant time looking it over and learned things from it.
She/they will do better on social media i think Gene, theres dozens upon dozens of groups to market in, and your [local] area is huge.